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2019/20 - NHLP's 30th Anniversary Season Highlights


 Gives a Little - Gains a Lot

GM Scott said he always prided himself on squeezing every little thing out of each player during a Waiver but admits he just can't compete with GM Andrew's new game.  "The guy squeezes orange juice out of lemons" said Scott after seeing Andrew latest Transactions.  The Hartford GM acquired the Waiver for another Waiver and picks then added six different picks in what amounted to traded Hoffman, Buchnevich and Shaw for one point.  "It is fun" said Andrew, "If you work hard enough, every player you drop has value to someone."  The Whalers ended up adding Perron, Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Shattenkirk and Eberle who join Tavares and Rielly.  This was the third straight Waiver a GM brought up identical players with Hyman and Rust being brought up twice before the duo Shattenkirks.  The site is updated with GM Jr having the next Waiver next Saturday.
GM Bryce Makes First Ever Transaction

The reactions around the NHLP were positive with GM Bryce's first ever Transaction.  The GM moved out the Waiver instead of taking a leap of faith and giving the Waivers a try, stating "I didn't see much of interest in the Minors."  Instead of using the Waiver, Atlantic City moved back, adding picks which included a couple in the first round and a Waiver from Hartford (Andrew).  "It is a learning curve" said Muddy Capone, "GM Bryce is taking a lot in."  Unlike other pools the youngster may have been in, the NHLP moves fast, live, and on the fly.  An injury at midnight, with a player out for the season, may need to be acted upon by the noon Waiver deadline the next morning, or a teams season can be severely damaged.  "Everything, every night, is impacting the league in some way" said Capone, "Just the life of being an NHLP GM."  




Cup Holder Pool GM's Total Transactions After #165
Actual -2700-121  Andrew 0 225
 Bryce 0 225
Scoreboard  Chad 0 225
Schedules  Charlie 0 225
Injuries  Joel 0 225
Transactions  Jr 0 225
NHLP Injuries  Marcel 0 225
Sides  Matt 0 225
Drafts  Ryan 0 225
Champions  Scott 0 225

GM Jr is already getting at it in the chat room with his plans for the Waiver, a full week away.  No doubt Memphis plans on being busy and improving the Machine on Saturday.

   Shawn 0 225
2018/19 Season Tyson 0 225
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