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2018/19 Playoff Highlights


     GM Shawn Set to Complete Dream Season

Although statistically GM Shawn hasn't officially won the NHLP's 29th Cup, the 14 year veteran will gladly wait on that one point to see his team's logo replace that of the Memphis Machine (Jr) as the reigning NHLP Champions.  For Shawn it will be his first Cup, winning in his 3rd NHLP Cup appearance, the first for Halifax, after Shawn's Seattle team and New Orleans both lost in the Cup finals in the past 5 seasons.  With Bergeron, Pietrangelo or Schwartz getting one point, the GM will make it official.  Krug is also on the Destroyers roster and is the only other player Shawn is facing, also in the Edmonton Oil (Scott) roster.  The Miami Surf (Charlie) are the third team in the finals, a first ever appearance for GM Charlie who is in his 19th season as a GM.  Subban is set to win back to back Cups, the 10th player in league history to do so.  Subban was a Cup winner on the Memphis team last season.  Killorn will also join the list of what will be 26 NHLP players to have won two Cups, first winning in 2015 in Hartford (Andrew).  Bergeron, Krug, Pietrangelo, Schwartz and Point, rounding out an awesome lineup for the Destroyers will all be first time NHLP Champions.  "There isn't a weak player in this lineup" said Muddy Capone, "A team like this is one of the all-time best teams to ever win based on the strength of name of the weakest player."  It has been a dream season and although it doesn't feel like it, as it was tense, it was the completion of the first wire-to-wire NHLP win.  The CTR Yearbook stated at the start of the season, Halifax would be the seasons favorites to win, based on having an unprecedented three Waivers to start the season.  It was Shawn who made all the moves to make it happen and is so deserving of his first Cup after losing a critical game in each of the past few seasons that would have won the GM his first Cup.  Shawn is slowly becoming one of the most feared GM's in the NHLP and his track record is starting to speak for itself.
  6th Straight Different GM to Win Cup

Starting with GM Scott's 2014 Cup win, the past 6 Cups will all go to different GM's.  This ties the longest streak in NHLP history, never having 7 straight Cups going to different GM's.  Next season GM's Marcel, Charlie, Matt, Joel or Ryan will have to win to keep the streak going.  "The parity amongst the NHLP GM's is showing" said Muddy Capone, "With every GM at least a decade of experience in, each Cup becomes even harder to win." 


Updated After Games Completed:  Game 0
First Round At a Glance...(Click for Playoff Page)
Seed Team Score
Central Conference Champs
2* #6 - Miami Surf (Charlie)
East Conference Champs
2 #4 - Halifax Destroyers (Shawn)
West Conference Champs
2 #16 - Edmonton Oil (Scott)

Updated After Games Completed:  Tuesday  - Unofficial Results - (CTR 2-1, 15-6 71%)
Second Round At a Glance...(Click for Playoff Page)
Seed Team Score Score Team Seed
Central Conference Finals
2* #6 - Miami Surf (Charlie)
7 6 #11 - San Fran Titan (Scott)
East Conference Finals
2 #5 - New York Islanders (Ryan)
5 15* #4 - Halifax Destroyers (Shawn)
West Conference Finals
3 #20 - Portland Winter Hawk (Scott)
0 14 #16 - Edmonton Oil (Scott)

* - Predicted to win Division (*Beside Scoring - Tiebreaker Guaranteed)
Scoring Underlined - Series Official, Can't Score More in Round
** - Predicted to Go to NHLP Finals
*** - Cup Favorites

How GM Shawn Built the Halifax Destroyers
Trade (Matt) Trade Deadline Subban Schwartz Pietrangelo Point Killorn Bergeron Krug
Trade (Jr) March 2 Matthews Subban Labanc Schwartz Pietrangelo Point Killorn
Trade (Matt) Feb 22 Crosby Krejci Matthews Subban Labanc Schwartz Pietrangelo
Trade (Matt) Feb 21 Crosby Krejci Matthews Subban Labanc Johnson Muzzin
Winter Meeting - Minors Crosby Krejci Matthews Subban Parise Gardiner Pearson
Waiver Dec 12 Crosby Krejci Matthews Subban Parise Gardiner Myers
Trade (Chad) Nov 26 Crosby Gostisbehere Krejci Matthews Subban Suter Coyle
Trade (Scott) Nov 24 Crosby Gostisbehere Krejci Matthews Subban Suter Stepan
Trade (Matt) Nov 24 Crosby Couturier Gostisbehere Krejci Hamilton Matthews Subban
Drafted 7th Crosby Draisaitl Couturier Gostisbehere Krejci Domi Hamilton

As it was Reported Nov 24th

NAILED IT - Matthews and Subban Now Destroyers

"You work with what you got" said Muddy Capone.  The NHLP Yearbook knew nothing more than GM Shawn made a "Monster deal".  The Yearbook didn't even know it was Shawn's team in Halifax, but we know now it truly is a monster in every way.  The Destroyers sent Draisaitl, Domi, 24 points and a first rounder, #14 for 29 to Indianapolis (Matt) for Matthews and Subban, two current injured players.  The huge deal shocked many NHLP GM's.  GM Jr stated that "You have to shop those guys" while GM Scott echoed that sediment.  Both GM's felt GM Matt could have gotten more.  "How he also didn't get a Waiver shocks me" said Scott.  It may be argued many ways on who won the deal.  Halifax did pay 24 points and 15 spots in the first.  If Matthews has a relapse with his gimpy shoulders, Matt might look like a genius.  Matt did state that "Matthews can't stay healthy" and that factored into him pulling the trigger.  Some GM's apparently were in on Matthew's as Matt stated GM Andrew tried very hard to get this same deal, "But was offering nothing good".  Now the Matthew's risk belongs to Halifax who still have three Waivers and Crosby to build around, although the Pens don't look anything like a team bound for the playoffs, as the one-third season mark approaches this week.  GM Shawn stated "If I can get Crosby and Matthews in first round, we could be scary, but the often injured Matthews is a risk" the GM said, adding "This might be the year to risk it all."  The Halifax GM went on to say he is not sure about using the Waiver and both Waivers are in play.  Both Halifax and Indianapolis are now in third place in the divisions.  Props to the Yearbook for hitting a grand slam on this deal.  "Knowing Shawn had the Waiver, we assumed Halifax was making the deal" stated Capone.  "Knowing the deal went down at 3:30 AM, led us to believe it might be GM's Vinnie or Matt involved" Capone dissected, "But not hearing anything from Matt didn't give us all the confidence it was in-fact one of his teams."  Capone went on, "Next we had to decide what players and points from the fourth through sixth place teams could make a monster deal, the lone wording we had to go on, leading us to Matthews and Subban, one or both."  This is a very huge deal.  Those players can still be involved in the biggest deals later this season if Halifax falters, which seems so very unlikely.  The GM now has Saturday to make a Waiver pick, further strengthening, what appears an unstoppable force.  The only thing that can stop an unstoppable force is an unmovable object.  That is now the object of every other GM in the NHLP.  Build something unmovable to match up with something unstoppable in Halifax.


The 29 NHLP Cup Champions

GM Andrew (6) - '97, '99, '02, '04, '13, '15 (8th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 23rd & 25th Cups)

GM Scott (5) - '92, '03, '06, '11, '14 (3rd, 14th, 16th, 21st & 24th Cups)

GM Chadwick (3) - '00, '07, '16 (11th, 17th & 26th Cups)

GM Tyson (3) - '10, '12, '17 (20th, 22nd & 27th Cups)

GM Jr (3) - '01, '09, '18 (12th, 19th & 28th Cups)

GM Norman (2) - '93, '94 (4th & 5th Cups)

GM Leo (2) - '95, '98 (6th & 9th Cups)

GM Raymond (1) - '90 (1st Cup)

GM Edward (1) - '91 (2nd Cup)

GM Lee (1) - '96 (7th Cup)

GM Marcel (1) - '08 (18th Cup)


29th Cup?



This list isn't about the playoff MVP, but that player who isn't a star that got his name on the NHLP Cup.  When you can't find a suitable name, you know the GM built a truly winning team.  GM Shawn doesn't have a name that fits this list on his roster, but we will pick one.

1990 - Petr Klima
1991 - Bob Probert, Kevin Hatcher
1992 - James Patrick, Ulf Dahlen
1993 - Glen Wesley
1994 - Oleg Petrov
1995 - Sylvain Cote
1996 - Robert Svehla, Vladimir Konstantinov
1997 - Darren McCarty, Martin Lapointe
1998 - Dave Manson, Jason Woolley
1999 - Dave Reid
2000 - Lubos Bartecko, Rob Zamuner
2001 - Martin Gelinas?
2002 - Sean Hill
2003 - Derek Morris
2004 - Curtis Brown
2006 - Matthieu Schneider?
2007 - Trent Hunter
2008 - Brian Gionta?  Wow!
2009 - Brian Rolston?
2010 -
Niklas Hjalmarsson
2011 - Andrej Sekera
2012 - Tyler Kennedy, Jannik Hansen
2013 - Bryan Bickell?
2014 - Charlie Coyle?
2015 - Jiri Sekac
2016 - Craig Smith?

2017 - Andrew Cogliano?

2018 - Calle Jarnkrok

2019 - ?


Cup Holder Pool GM's Total Transactions After #165
Actual -2700-121  Andrew 49 395
 Chad 42 225
Scoreboard  Charlie 13 275
Schedules  Joel 23 225
Injuries  Jr 23 405
Transactions  Marcel 25 225
NHLP Injuries  Matt 51 225
Sides  Ryan 15 225
Drafts  Scott 57 250
Champions  Shawn 33 225
This is what we are all after.  Dethroning the Champions.  Tyson 14 225
2018/19 Season  GM 0 0
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