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2019/20 - NHLP's 30th Anniversary Season Highlights


   Bryce Takes Over as 40th NHLP GM

After an extensive search for a new GM the league has officially announced GM Bryce will take over the franchises in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Portland.  Bryce now becomes the 40th GM in league history, the first since GM Mark in 2012-13.  The NHLP is entering its 30th season and the GM's throughout the league know what Bryce will face in his first year.  "It is really difficult early on" stated Muddy Capone, who has seen many GM's come and go over the years, "Many new GM's have difficulty in the early years until they start to understand the player values and how they relate to the many facets of the league."  All GM's hope Bryce is a huge asset for the league which functions best with 12 GM's.  Bryce will take over NHLP teams who have combined for three NHLP Championships, including Las Vegas who won Cups in 1995 and 1998 under GM Leo and Portland who won the 2007 Cup, GM Chad's second.  GM Vinnie left Bryce with a difficult spot to start, drafting 8th, 33rd and 35th overall.  "Bryce is going to be tested early" said GM Scott, "I wish him all the best and hope he has the success this league seemingly has never had from that twelfth position."  Welcome to the best hockey pool in the world. Good Luck!
Matt Starts Cup Holder Versus Washington

The third season of the Cup Holder Pool (CHP) is set to launch Wednesday, October 2nd as Matt starts off defending his Championship with his St Louis Blues.  Everythign went right for Matt last season on his way to a 380 point win, the largest win of all NHLP sides.  If everyone is back, Jr and Scottie are needed to pick expansions teams from the 6 available teams, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, New Jersey, NY Rangers or Vancouver.  Of course if any new people join, they too select a team from this group all on a first come first serve basis.  It is hard to get a game for the Cup and if the Blues win their opening game they are set to play Dallas, who Jr, Scottie or anyone new can start with. 







Cup Holder Pool GM's Total Transactions After #165
Actual -2700-121  Andrew 49 395
 Chad 42 225
Scoreboard  Charlie 13 275
Schedules  Joel 23 225
Injuries  Jr 23 405
Transactions  Marcel 25 225
NHLP Injuries  Matt 51 225
Sides  Ryan 15 225
Drafts  Scott 57 250
Champions  Shawn 33 225
The Halifax Destroyers (Shawn) win the 29th NHLP Championship  Tyson 14 225
2018/19 Season  GM 0 0
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