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2019/20 - NHLP's 30th Anniversary Season Highlights



Costly Injuries Causing Mayhem

There has been no shortage of huge NHLP injuries this season, most recently Hamilton, Rielly and Guentzel.  GM's have been doing their best to react, but some of these players you just cannot replace.  For GM Jr in Dallas the Hamilton blow was a costly one, in the standings as well as giving up a Waiver and 2nd and 4th round picks.  Making matters worse is Hamilton is a full 5 point penalty on Saturday, something the GM missed in his race to get the Waiver.  "He wasn't coming back, so we had to move him regardless" said Jr, "I rarely miss the details but I definitely did tonight."  With Carlson and Ovechkin the Stars have a real shot at another NHLP Cup, their teams third if it happens, so moving quickly on this injury is understandable.  "It is the time of season when these injuries are magnified" stated Muddy Capone, "You aren't finding a 0.85 Point Per Game replacement playoff player in the Minors and eight week injuries mean possibly missing the first round of the playoffs, rendering players useless if that's the case."  Who will be the next big name to go down?  If you are an NHLP GM, you just pray it isn't your star player.  




Cup Holder Pool GM's Total Transactions After #165
Actual -2700-121  Andrew 0 225
 Bryce 0 225
Scoreboard  Chad 0 225
Schedules  Charlie 0 225
Injuries  Joel 0 225
Transactions  Jr 0 225
NHLP Injuries  Marcel 0 225
Sides  Matt 0 225
Drafts  Ryan 0 225
Champions  Scott 0 225

After the NHL All-Star Game, GM Tyson is up again in Cleveland

   Shawn 0 225
2018/19 Season Tyson 0 225
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