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2019/20 - NHLP's 30th Anniversary Season Highlights


   Sabres Drop Four

After a couple deals GM Joel completed a busy week, ending with back to back Waivers.  The Buffalo Sabres dropped four players, adding Hamilton, Ehlers and Reinhart among the pick ups.  Hamilton has been eating it up, on a point a game pace for the Hurricanes.  "There were many options" said Joel, "We crunched a lot of numbers and are happy with the new look."  The Sabres are in second in the North Division but with 24 points to work with and a high scoring team, Joel has set his Sabres up to be buyers later in the season, or as early as tomorrow, when assets start to become available within the league.  GM Shawn can make an injury pick for Drouin and GM Jr has the next Waiver in Calgary where we expect a few moves, or many, if he doesn't just move the Waiver.  There are just four Waivers before the NHLP holiday freeze which starts December 23rd.
Barrie Island Adds Two Bolts

GM Joel likes the spot the Tampa Bay Lightning are in the NHL standings, three points behind the Sabres and four games at hand.  With almost every team in the league (25 of 31) averaging over a point per game played it makes sense the Bolts will get four to five points minimum from those games at hand, moving them into a playoff spot.  "Assets will be valuable as the season winds along if you have them" said Muddy Capone, "The Winter Meeting is a month away, grab them while you can."  The 1/2 Chance Stumblers added Killorn, Gourde and Victor Olofsson of the Buffalo Sabres.  Olofsson has 26 points in 31 games and 11 in his last 10.  The 24 year old had 4 points in his first 6 NHL career games last season and Joel has watched him closely since, even having him rated at the Barrie Island, only now to bring him into the NHLP for his first taste.  Joel is up again with the Tuesday Waiver, this time in Buffalo.




Cup Holder Pool GM's Total Transactions After #165
Actual -2700-121  Andrew 0 225
 Bryce 0 225
Scoreboard  Chad 0 225
Schedules  Charlie 0 225
Injuries  Joel 0 225
Transactions  Jr 0 225
NHLP Injuries  Marcel 0 225
Sides  Matt 0 225
Drafts  Ryan 0 225
Champions  Scott 0 225

Sitting 25 points out of 4th GM Jr is likely not to let this opportunity go by.  With 5 Dallas Stars and by all accounts 7 assets, this team has no business in last place.  This is a good team.  Who goes?  Well, if Jr decides to get aggressive, he may trade anyone on the roster in what could be a fun few days in the NHLP.

   Shawn 0 225
2018/19 Season Tyson 0 225
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