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2019/20 Season Highlights


   New Franchise Hosts 30th NHLP Draft

The date has been set and the NHLP GM's will draft on Saturday September 28th at Noon.  The Barrie Island 1/2 Chance Stumblers, the first new NHLP Franchise in over a decade, will host the draft after being awarded the rights to move the franchise from Carolina to Barrie Island.  The newest NHLP team will play in the Atlantic Division and draft in the 25th overall slot in round one of the Draft.  This is the NHLP's 30th anniversary season, a milestone for several GM's including Scott 30 seasons, Marcel 25, Charlie 20, and defending NHLP Champion GM Shawn 15.  
Barrie Island 1/2 Chance Stumblers
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The NHLP Transactions and all contions update and compensation has been paid except the following:

Compensation Picks

Pittsburgh (Chad) owes Los Angeles (Andrew) 8 spots in the 3rd round and 18 in the 4th)

Quebec (Matt) owes Pittsburgh (Chad) 19 spots in the 3rd and 14 spots in the 4th)



2019/20 NHLP Divisions

First Round Winners and 5th Place Teams Stay

North Division

New Orleans (Shawn) - Stays in North
Las Vegas (?) - Stays in North
Miami (Charlie) - Stays in North
Chicago (Andrew) - Goes to North
Buffalo (Joel) - Goes to North
Cleveland (Tyson) - Goes to North

South Division

Boston (Ryan) - Stays in South
Dallas (Jr) - Stays in South
San Fran (Scott) - Stays in South
Toronto (Chad) - Goes to South
Florida (Marcel) - Goes to South
Cincinnati (Matt) - Goes to South

Atlantic Division
Pittsburgh (Chad) - Stays in Atlantic
NY Rangers (Charlie) - Stays in Atlantic
Halifax (Shawn) - Stays in Atlantic
Montreal (Marcel) - Goes to Atlantic
Carolina  - Barrie Island (Joel) - Goes to Atlantic
Philadelphia (Scott) - Goes to Atlantic

East Division

Memphis (Jr) - Stays in East
NY Islanders (Ryan) - Stays in East
Atlantic City (?) - Stays in East
Hartford (Andrew) - Goes to East
Hamilton (Tyson) - Goes to East
Quebec (Matt) - Goes to East

Pacific Division

Seattle (Shawn) - Stays in Pacific
Calgary (Jr) - Stays in Pacific
Portland (?) - Stays in Pacific
Phoenix (Charlie) - Goes to Pacific
Indianapolis (Matt) - Goes to Pacific
Vancouver (Joel) - Goes to Pacific

West Division

Los Angeles (Andrew) - Stays in West
Alaska (Marcel) - Stays in West
Edmonton (Scott) - Stays in West
Colorado (Chad) - Goes to West
Green Bay (Ryan) - Goes to West
St Louis (Tyson) - Goes to West



Cup Holder Pool GM's Total Transactions After #165
Actual -2700-121  Andrew 49 395
 Chad 42 225
Scoreboard  Charlie 13 275
Schedules  Joel 23 225
Injuries  Jr 23 405
Transactions  Marcel 25 225
NHLP Injuries  Matt 51 225
Sides  Ryan 15 225
Drafts  Scott 57 250
Champions  Shawn 33 225
The Halifax Destroyers (Shawn) win the 29th NHLP Championship  Tyson 14 225
2018/19 Season  GM 0 0
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