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The BIG Night

*Rules - The Big Night is awarded each night of the NHL regular season.  The Big Night is only awarded when a player has at least 3 points and not when more than two different players tie for the Big Night at 3 points.  Ties are broken by more goals.  So if 10 players had 3 points on the same night, but only one had a Hat Trick, that player would win the Big Night.


Big Team Night (17) - Mentioned any time a team has a 12+ point night.  The All time NHLP record is 17 and it took 20 NHLP seasons to occur for the first time.  Just days after becoming the first GM to hit 15 points in one night, GM Jr topped himself with 17 in one night.  To make this even more amazing was it was a playoff night where Jr's New Jersey Devils got some very balanced scoring.  Kovalchuk 3, Zetterberg 3, Elias 3, Elias 3, Filppula 3 and Kronwall 2 for 17.  GM Jr in Dallas held the record after four point games from Henrik Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin and 3 from Bieska for a total of 15 for a night.


Big GM Night (4 Teams of 6) (34, 1.42 Points Per Player) - The record for most points on all four teams in one night is 34 and GM's getting 30+ on a given night are recognized for such a great feat.  (GM Scott had a 34 point night December 9, 2006 the same night his Oil scored 14.  That is like almost four teams getting 9 points (actually 8.5) each the same night or in this case, 14-8-6-6.)


Big GM Night (4 Teams of 7) (32, 1.14 Points Per Player) - The record for most points on all four teams in one night is 34 but a new record for four teams of 7 players is 32, Set by GM Andrew December 22nd, 2018 on a 10-8-8-6.  Any GM getting 30 or more is recognized.


Big GM Night (3 Teams of 7 Players) - (28, 1.33 Points Per Player) - March 10/13 - GM Chad had a 9.33 Points Per Team on a 13-10-5 shattering historical marks in the NHLP.  Chad also became the first GM in league history to have two teams hit double digits in the same night.  All teams who hit 25+ get mentioned.  Previously: 


GM Shawn (27) - October 9/14 - Recording 27 points from his tree teams (10-9-8) for the second highest average 'Points Per Team' night in league history at 9.00, only behind GM Chad's 28 point 9.33 night (13-10-5) on March 10th, 2013.  The night however accomplished a rare feat, an NHLP first.  GM Shawn became the first GM in league history to have all three teams hit 8+ points on the same night.

GM Shawn (26) - November 16/19 - Had a 12-8-6 for a 26.

GM Andrew (25) - March 7/12 - had nights of 11-8-6 for a 25 total

GM Andrew (25) - November 27/19 - had a 9-9-7 for 25, trading Giordano who had one, for Johnson who had zero, at 4 PM prior to game starts

GM Andrew (24) - February 2/16 - Had a night of 10-9-5 for a total of 24 or 8.00 per team.

GM Marcel (24) - February 27/18 - Had a night of 12-7-5 or 8.00 per team



Big GM Night (2 Teams of 7 Players) - No one hit 20!


Big Team Week (37) - A very rare NHLP occurrence is when one team gets 30+ points in a week.  It is very tough to accomplish and only done a few times each NHLP season.  The Yearbook does mention all teams who hit 30.  (We have determined that when Halifax, GM Shawn hit 37 in 2008-09, it had to have been a record.  Earlier in that week, he had his 14 point night.  His week, Henrik Sedin had 9, Daniel Sedin 8, Tanguay 8, Markov 5, Laich 4 and Pavelski 3. Amazing!)


Big GM Week (3 Teams of 7 Players) (83) - March 11th, 2013 - GM Chad hit a 30-30-23, the first GM in league history to have two 30 point teams in the same week, Pittsburgh and Colorado.  He also had two 10 point teams, a 13-10, in the same night, a feat never before accomplished.  Mention anytime GM has a 75 point week.


Big Team Month (102) - GM Jr in Dallas became the first team in league history to reach 100, ending a wicking month of December in 2011 with 102 points.  Henrik Sedin led the team with 22 points, followed by Parenteau 16, Spezza 15, Ray Whitney 15, Weber 13, Eberle 13, and Plekanec 8.  This leaves GM Jr with the current best Big Team Night at 17,  and Big Team Month.  The Big Team Week of 37 belongs to GM Shawn.  Mentioned anytime a team has 88 in a month.


Dallas (Jr) 102 - December 2011

Chicago (Andrew) 94 - December 2019

Indianapolis (Matt) 88 - January 2010

Portland (Bryce) 88 - October 2019

Montreal (Marcel) 88 - December 2019


NHLP  All Time Big Nights (42 Times, 12+ Nights, in 30 Seasons)

17 Point Nights (1)

Jr - New Jersey Devils - 2009-10 (playoffs)


15 Point Nights (1)

Jr - Dallas Stars - 2009-10


14 Points Nights (5)
Charlie - Phoenix Coyotes - 2009-10

Andrew - Washington Capitals - 2009-10
Henry - San Jose Sharks - 2009-10

Shawn - Halifax Destroyers - 2008-09
Scott Edmonton Oil 2006-07


13 Points Nights (8)

Tyson - St Louis Blues - 2018/19

Matt - Quebec Nordiques - 2017-18

Tyson - Hamilton Hitmen - 2013-14

Chad - Pittsburgh Penguins - 2012-13
Tyson - Cleveland Flury - 2011-12

Ryan - Green Bay Knights - 2008-09
Glen - San Diego Griffins - 2008-09
Marcel Florida Panthers 2007-08

12 Point Nights (28)

Shawn - New Orleans Wolverines - 2019/20

Andrew - Hartford Whalers - 2018/19

Marcel - Montreal  Canadiens - 2017-18

Matt - Indianapolis Icemen - 2017-18

Joel - Buffalo Sabres - 2017-18

Joel - Carolina Hurricanes - 2017-18

Charlie - NY Rangers - 2016-17

Shawn - Seattle Storm - 2016-17

Tyson - Hamilton Hitmen - 2015-16

Tyson - Hamilton Hitmen - 2014-15

Marcel - Alaska Attack - 2013-14

Ryan - NY Islanders - 2012-13

Chad - Colorado Avalanche - 2012-13

Ryan - NY Islanders - 2012-13

Marcel - Alaska Attack - 2011-12

Tyson - St Louis Blues - 2010-11

Scott - San Fran Titan - 2009-10

Ryan - Boston Bruins - 2009-10

Charlie - Anaheim Ducks - 2009-10

Scott - San Fran Titan - 2009-10
Shawn Detroit Red Wings 2007-08
Scott Edmonton Oil 2006-07
Glen Atlantic City Gamblers 2006-07
Shawn New Orleans Wolverines 2005-06
Scott Philadelphia Flyer 2005-06
Brady Vancouver Canucks 2005-06
Jr. Calgary Flames 1999-00
Ian Boston Bruins 1994-95


Career Highs

Jr - 17
Charlie - 14

Andrew - 14
Scott - 14
Shawn - 14
Ryan - 13
Marcel - 13

Tyson - 13

Chad - 13

Matt - 13
Joel - 12
Michael & Ray - 10

Mark - 10

Vinnie - 10


NHLP Players -Years - 12+ Nights
5 Players - 12 Years - Done 2 Times
6 Players - 8 Years - Done 20 Times
7 Players - 10 Years - Done 20 Times


GMs Recording The 12+ Point Nights

Tyson (5) Hamilton x 3, St Louis x 2, Cleveland

Scott (5) San Fran x 2, Edmonton x 2, Philadelphia

Shawn (5) New Orleans x 2, Halifax, Detroit, Seattle
Ryan (4) NY Islanders x 2, Green Bay, Boston

Marcel (4) Alaska x 2, Florida, Montreal
Jr (3) New Jersey, Dallas, Calgary
Charlie (3) Phoenix, Anaheim, NY Rangers
Chad (2) Pittsburgh, Colorado
Glen (2) San Diego, Atlantic City

Joel (2) Carolina, Buffalo

Matt (2) Quebec, Indianapolis
Andrew (2) Washington, Hartford

Henry (1) San Jose
Brady (1) Vancouver
Ian (1) Boston


Teams Recording 12+ Point Nights

Three Times

Hamilton (Tyson)

Alaska (Marcel)
Boston (Ian, Ryan)
Edmonton (Scott)
NY Islanders (Ryan)
San Fran (Scott)

St Louis (Tyson)

New Orleans (Shawn)

Anaheim (Charlie)
Atlantic City (Glen)

Buffalo (Joel)
Calgary (Jr)

Carolina (Joel)
Cleveland (Tyson)
Colorado (Chad)
Dallas (Jr)
Detroit (Shawn)
Florida (Marcel)
Green Bay (Ryan)
Halifax (Shawn)

Hartford (Andrew)

Indianapolis (Matt)

Montreal (Marcel)
New Jersey (Jr)

NY Rangers (Charlie)
Philadelphia (Scott)
Phoenix (Charlie)
Pittsburgh (Chad)

Quebec (Matt)
San Diego (Glen)
San Jose (Henry)

Seattle (Shawn)
Vancouver (Brady)
Washington (Andrew)


Teams to Never Have 12+ (8 Teams)



Las Vegas

Los Angeles







Memorable Nights in 2019/20


GM Marcel (December 31st) - GM Marcel in Montreal - BIG TEAM MONTH - Career Month for GM Marcel - GM Marcel enjoyed his best month ever in December, ending with an 88, just 14 shy of the all time NHLP record.  The Habs only had Krejci fail to reach double digits, ending with 9.  Connor with 17 led the teams scoring while Teravainen 14, Domi 13, M. Tkachuk 1, van Riemsdyk 12 and Rantanen had 11 to round out the GM's best month in 25 years.  (88)


GM Andrew (December 31st) - GM Andrew in Chicago - BIG TEAM MONTH - Career Month For Andrew in Chicago - After only seeing two 88+ months in a full decade, the NHLP has seen three so far in the 2019/20 season.  Although four teams reached 80+, which is a nice month, GM Andrew dipped into the 90's, ending with a career best 94 for the month of December.  Huberdeau led the team with a 22 while Zibanajad 17, Guentzel 16, and Kreider 12 had double digit points.  Three players ended with 9, Landeskog, Yandle and Thomas.  Teams don't stay together long and with the January 2nd Waiver, at least three players will be gone from the roster.  The NHLP record for points in a month was set in December 2011 by GM Jr in Dallas when his Stars, led by the 22 points of Henrik Sedin, had a 102 point month.  (88)


GM Shawn (November 27th) - GM Andrew - BIG GM NIGHT - GM Andrew's Teams Scoring - Just ten days ago GM Shawn had a 26 point night, an occurrence not expected to be matched this season.  Now GM Andrew ties a career best for three teams of players (3-7) players with a 25.  Andrew didn't hit ten anywhere, but the 9-9-7 is the 5th best ever in the 10 years the NHLP has ran with 3-7.  This was not of course Andrew's biggest night as a GM.  The GM had a 32 with four teams of seven players (4-7 or 1.14 PPG per player) with the all-time record held by GM Scott with a 34 (4-6 or 1.42 PPG per player).  GM Scott's 1.42 PPG per player, with 3 teams of 7 equates to having a 30 point night between your teams, a feat not reached in 10 years with GM Chad holding the current high of 28.  For Chad his 28 point night did set NHLP standards for points per team on a night of 9.33, a number having never been duplicated with any number of teams in one night.


GM Shawn in New Orleans (November 16th) - GM Shawn - BIG TEAM NIGHT - Makar Leads Wolverines to Dozen - GM Shawn had his 5th 12+ point night, the second all-time in New Orleans.  The first 12+ of the year, the 42nd all time, was lead by a four point night by rookie sensation and Calder Trophy leader Makar.  Malkin, W. Karlsson and Morrissey added two each whole singles went to Marchessault and Dumba.  O'Reilly played but did not point in what had the potential to be an even more impressive night. 

GM Shawn (November 16th) GM Shawn - BIG GM NIGHT - GM Shawn Scores 26 - It has been five NHLP seasons since anyone did better than 26 in a night between their three teams.  The monster night by GM Shawn was highlighted by a 12 point night in New Orleans with an 8 and 6 on his other teams for the 26.  It was Shawn who last had a better night, in 2014 when he had a second best ever night for three teams with 7 players, hitting a 27, one shy of GM Chad's record 28.  Shawn had 19 of his 21 players playing, with two sitting out with injuries.  The mark of 30, essentially three teams averaging ten points each on a night, has not been hit in the 10 years the NHLP has ran with three teams of 7 players, but in that time, Shawn's night was the third best over that span.


GM Bryce in Portland (November 1st, 2019) - GM Bryce - BIG TEAM MONTH - Rookie GM has Memorable First Month - GM Bryce started his term as an NHLP better than anyone ever has, ending a wicked month of October with an incredible 88 points.  The all-time biggest month in league history was 102 by Dallas (Jr) almost a decade ago.  What makes this even more special is it was only 27 days long in terms of hockey nights.  Portland just played 89 games all month, averaging 0.99 PPG, opening up a 38 point lead over 5th place in the Pacific.  McDavid led the way with 23 points, five ahead of the 18 by Pettersson.  Three players had 11 point months, Oshie, Larkin and Schmaltz, one less than the 12 of Mantha.  Vesey added just 2 points, showing the month could have been much better still.  This quick start will be a great opportunity for the new GM to use those points as the league winds along to bring in assets to make the Winter Hawks a powerhouse in the NHLP in his first season.  Congrats Bryce.  Awesome start to what we hope is a long NHLP career. (88)


GM Jr in Dallas (November 1st, 2019) - GM Jr - BIG TEAM MONTH - It wasn't the 102 that GM Jr had in Dallas in December of 2011, but an 82 point month is a great way to start the season.  Carlsson and Ovechkin combined for half the total with 23 and 18 respectively.  Monahan had 11, Johnsson, Burakovsky and Getzlaf 9 each the young Rookie Steel chipped in 3.  The Stars are in first place in the South Division, 18 points clear of 5th place. (82)




Memorable Nights in 2018/19


GM Andrew in Hartford (March 23rd, 2019) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM NIGHT - Hartford Has Franchise First 12 - Since becoming a GM in 1995/96 GM Andrew has accomplished more than any other GM in league history.  The GM has won six NHLP Championships on four different teams.  If Atlantic City goes all the way this season, he could do it on a fifth different team, even though GM's only have three teams they operate.  As much as Andrew has done, including two Cups in Hartford, last night was the first time in Franchise history the team had a 12+ point night.  In-fact, of Andrew's current teams of Hartford, Chicago and Los Angeles, a total of five Cups between them, this was the first 12+ point night of the three teams combined.  Andrew's only other 12+ was in 2009/10 with Washington when the Capitals had his career best 14 point night.  Last night Hayes and Connor each had four while Schenn and Schenn had two each.  Ehlers and Arvidsson did not have a point and Couture did not play, meaning this could have easily been much higher then just the 12 it ended up being.  This was the second time a team hit a dozen since the NHLP Trading Deadline, the only teams to hit the mark the entire season.  For a GM with a collective 12,000+ team-hockey nights under his belt, only hitting the 12+ for a second time shows just how rare of feat this is to accomplish. (12)


GM Tyson in St Louis (March 12th, 2019) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM NIGHT - The KING of the BIG NIGHT - No GM in league history has dominated the 12+ point nights the way GM Tyson continues to pad his stats.  The GM tied a career high with 13 points Tuesday, the first 12+ point night this season.  For Tyson it was number 6 all time. placing him alone in the NHLP record books.  "He has done it more times than GM's Jr and Andrew put together" stated Muddy Capone, "That is just shy of a combined 50 years of GM'ing."  The St Louis Blues surely needed the points, moving from 4th to first and now 15 points clear of 5th place in the Pacific Division.  Gaudreau had a six point night with Giordano, Thornton and Vrana adding two more each.  The lucky 13th was added by Josi with Simmonds and Bozak playing but not pointing on the night.  The Blues Franchise, winnings of two NHLP Championships now also have two 12+ point nights.  GM Tyson is hoping the Blues can be the first team ever to win a third team Cup while the GM goes for his 4th Cup in just his 10th NHLP season. (13)


GM Andrew (December 22nd, 2018) - GM Andrew BIG GM NIGHT, 4 TEAMS OF 7 PLAYERS - GM Andrew's Career High Night - When you have a career night after 23 years of your craft, it truly shows just how remarkable the night was.  One of only three GM's having four NHLP teams this season it wasn't expected one of those three would have a Big GM Night (4 Teams).  With the record of 34, set in December of 2006 by GM Scott on a night of 14-8-6-6, it was a record not expected to be in play this season.  GM's entering the season only carried three teams each, until GM Vinnie stepped aside.  With four teams GM Andrew had a 32 point night last night, his career best on a 10-8-8-6.  This is the best ever Four Team, 7 Players night.  When GM Scott did the feat in 2006 he had a Four Team, 6 Players per team.  For Scott the record was 1.42 Points Per Player on the night while Andrew's new record will sit at 1.14 Points Per Player.  With 14 games on the NHL schedule, there was potential for someone to have a Big Night, but still no team this season has had a 12+ point night.  As hard as these records are to occur, there is clearly room for much better.  Between Andrew's 28 players three of them had 3 point nights, eight had 2 point nights, seven had a 1 point night and ten never had a point at all, while three where injured on the night and didn't play.  Congrats to GM Andrew for one for the ages. (32)


GM Shawn in Halifax (November 12th, 2018) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM WEEK in Halifax - Halifax Strong Week - In the past three seasons only four teams now have hit 30+ points in a week.  Two seasons ago San Fran (Scott) did it while last season only the Rangers (Charlie) and Nordiques (Matt) had Big Team Weeks of 30 or more points.  The first Big Night of any kind this season belongs to GM Shawn in Halifax.  Starting this season the Big Team Night is only officially recognized with a 12+ point night, and not ten as was the case in other years.  It was ten NHLP seasons ago Halifax had the biggest team week of all time, hitting 37 points in the week.  The Destroyers, already with three Waivers this season, hit 31 this past week to extend their Atlantic Division lead to 9 points over second, 18 over fifth, while moving 28 up on the big fat Whale in last.  A team with Crosby, who wasn't much of a factor in the week with only 3, was led by Domi with 8 points.  Couturier and Krejci had 6 each while Gostibehere had 4, Draisaitl 3 and Hamilton the 31st point.  Halifax is only 12 points out of first place overall in the NHLP.  The team has the last two Waivers of November and a third in December.  It is very likely the team could use a Waiver while the Minors are plentiful, but surely the GM will have no use for three this season.  Early on, prior to the Draft, Halifax was thought to have the best shot at building the best NHLP team.  That has not changed.  If anything, the way the team is scoring, they should be able to make a huge deal with one of their Waivers when the right time comes, which could be very soon.  GM Shawn has never won an NHLP Cup, but certainly Halifax will be in the mix all season long.   (31)



Big Nights - Memorable Nights History