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The BIG Night


Memorable Nights in 2017/18



GM Charlie in New York (March 19th, 2018) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM WEEK on the NY Rangers team- Rangers 3 Shy of Historic All-Time Mark - Totally lost on the NHLP was the New York Rangers week ending Sunday night.  GM Charlie's team had a totally insane 34 point week.  The NHLP record for points in a week was set by GM Shawn in Halifax 10 years ago.  Shawn's players had a week total of - 9-8-8-5-4-3.  Halifax had a 14 point week that same week and pulled off the feat in the next to last season the NHLP ran with 6 player rosters.  Charlie's 34 is the highest total in the past 10 NHLP seasons.  In the last 10 years prior to this week, only 7 NHLP teams have hit 30 in a week.  Vancouver (Joel) 33, Phoenix (Charlie) 32, Chicago (Andrew) 31 and 30's for San Fran (Scott), Pittsburgh (Chad) and Colorado (Chad) who did it two.  Charlie's week was led by NHL player of the week Pietrangelo who had 9, while Perron, Couture and Pavelski had 5 each.  C. Miller had 4 and three point weeks went to Bozak and Oshie (9-5-5-5-4-3-3).  "It is a really tough thing accomplish" said Muddy Capone, "Congrats to GM Charlie." - (34)


GM Matt in Indianapolis (Feb 27th, 2018) - GM Matt BIG TEAM NIGHT in Indianapolis - Indianapolis Hits Dozen -  GM Matt has two of the five 12+ point weeks of the 2017/18 season, the most the number had been reached outside of the crazy 2019/10 season when 8 teams topped the number including the all time 17 hit by GM Jr in New Jersey that record scoring season.  For the Icemen, they hit the dozen for the first time in the NHLP history thanks to a 5 from Zucker.  Three players, two of them playing their first game for their newest teams, E. Kane and Stastny (Schwartz) had two point nights.  Pitrangelo had the 12th point and Burakovsky was held off the sheet.  Voracek, the teams leader in points, did not play on the night.  Both times Matt has had a 12+ have been this season, with Quebec hitting 13 January 4th.  GM Chad in in Pittsburgh had a 10 point night as well, making three different teams on the night reached double digits. (12) (10)


GM Marcel in Montreal (Feb 27th, 2018) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Montreal - First Time For Everything - The NHLP's Montreal Canadiens (Marcel) have been in the NHLP all 28 seasons, but not until last night did the team ever have 12+ points in a night.  In a very rare occurrence, two NHLP's teams hit 12+ in the same night, a possible first in the NHLP.  Although there are now still 9 current NHLP teams that have never had a 12 point night, only four of those were in the NHLP's first season.  Ironically they are all GM Andrew's current teams, Chicago, Los Angeles and Hartford along with Toronto (Chad).  That group of four teams has won 6 NHLP Cups, but none have had a 12+ point night.  Other Cup winners still on the list include two-time Cup winners in Las Vegas and Portland.  Montreal was on that list of teams to never have a dozen, but Marcel changed all that with a huge night Tuesday.  E. Staal and Granlund combined for 9 points in a night that clearly could have been much bigger with all 7 players playing.  Singles then went to Palmieri, Nash and Seguin while Hischier and Monahan did not point.  Marcel now has four career nights in the dozen plus range, only one more such night away from tying the all-time high in that category, done 5 times by both GM's Tyson and Scott. (12)


GM Charlie in Miami (January 9th, 2018) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT in Miami - Netflix Was (Previously) There - The Miami Surf head office was buzzing last night after a 10 point night.  "The Camera Crew went home early, so we missed it" said a producer, "Go figure, first time in months that happened."  The Surf are in their 6th season of around the clock filming of what will eventually be turned into a Netflix Special.  "We are there every step of the way towards Miami building an eventual Cup" the producer of the series went on to say.  Set to release in 2050, originally the idea was for a 5 to 10 year series, multiple seasons.  Things are being scaled back, but there is belief, if the Surf can ever win it all, maybe a full hour 'action-packed' program could be produced.  The crew is there every moment.  For instance early in the season the crew was filming as GM Charlie opened an email offer.  "Imagine filming the very second the GM himself is reading the proposed deal, the behind the scenes to a die-hard is like nothing TV has ever seen" the producer went on, "In this particular email we have Charlie typing out his response without hesitation".  'I think I will keep Patrick', click - send.  "Keep in mind" Charlie tells the camera crew, "If someone offers you the deal, they must be trying to fuck you in some way."  Of course the Surf have not made a deal yet this season, still having their original team the GM Drafted.  "There is a reason I drafted those guys, the best of the best" said the Surf GM.  Rest assured though, when the time comes (unlike last night), surely the crew will be there to catch every live second of the heart-pounding action in Miami. (10)

GM Matt in Quebec (January 8th, 2018) - GM Matt BIG TEAM WEEK in Quebec - Quebec's Massive Week - It was quite the week for GM Matt.  After getting his first ever 12+ point night the GM hit a 31 point week, a mere six off the all-time NHLP record of 37 by Halifax (Shawn) ten years ago.  How big was Matt's week?  Well every NHLP GM except Joel had two of their three teams combine for equal of less than 31, including GM Vinnie who had all his three teams less than 31.  No NHLP team has had more than 31 in a week over the past 5 seasons, dating back to 2013 when GM Joel had a 33 in Vancouver.  Radulov, Hall and Giroux had 6 points each while Coyle, Niederreiter and W. Karlsson all had one less than the four points of Saad.  The Nords of an NHLP high of 227 points and are 39 points ahead of fifth in the NHLP East Division.   (31)   

GM Matt in Quebec (Thursday, January 4th, 2018) - GM Matt BIG TEAM NIGHT in Quebec - GM Matt viewed his huge 13 point night a little different then the NHLP Yearbook.  The GM was elated to have finally achieved his first ever 12+ point night, the biggest night in the Quebec Nordiques history.  In Matt's first 10 years as a GM he only ever hit 11 points on a night, but his 13 is no small accomplishment.  The Nords had three point nights from Niederreiter, Radulov and Hall while Coyle and Giroux had two points each.  W. Karlsson played and did not point while Saad didn't dress Thursday.  In the past 8 NHLP seasons, no GM has had a better night and only GM's Tyson and Chad have had a 13 point night over those seasons.  In the 28 year history of the league only 7 teams ever had a better night including New Jersey, Washington and San Jose, all teams no longer even in the NHLP.  GM's Scott, Marcel, Jr, Andrew and Chad have 115 GM years of combined experience, yet only have a combined 4 nights better (Jr twice, Andrew and Scott) then Matt's night last night, about 1 every 30 GM-years.  So in fact Matt, the fact you were able to do it in 10 years is quite the achievement.  Congratulations.  (13)

GM Shawn in New Orleans (Friday, December 29th) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM NIGHT in New Orleans - New Orleans Adds 10 Before Waiver - All seven players added at least a point in a 10 point Friday for GM Shawn, just days before the teams Tuesday Waiver.  For Shawn it was his second 10 point night of the season, with one previously in Halifax.  Connor, Ristolainen and Radulov each added two points on the night while each of the other four roster players had a point each.  It is rare to have all seven players score on the same night.  As for the Waiver GM Shawn is in discussions with one rumor that of a "Blockbuster deal".  The Wolverines have no shortage of points to give and the timing may be right for a move that sets this team up for a long run come April.  (10)


GM Andrew in Chicago (Dec 19th, 2017) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM NIGHT in Chicago - Three Teams - Five Cups - Zero 12+ Nights - GM Andrew had an incredible opportunity to have his first 12+ point night in 22 years from one of his current three teams.  "It is just such a feat, it is so hard" said the GM as he watch things unfold in Chicago.  The GM has done it all, including winning SIX NHLP Cups in his 22 years as an NHLP GM.  What he hasn't done is have a 12+ point night from any of his three current teams, Hartford, Chicago or Los Angeles.  Based on 180 hockey nights a year GM Andrew is about 3960 hockey nights into his NHLP career and still sits with just one 12+ point night.  The only NHLP Champion that is not in the league currently, the Washington Capitals, had a 14 point night on December 23, 2009 and remain the lone time Andrew has had 12+.  Everything seemed to align yesterday for the feat to finally occur again, after Marner started the night with a 4 point afternoon.   Staal then had 3 quick ones and later Ehlers 2 and Wheeler 1 and another with 0.7 seconds left into an empty net for the 11th.  Palat was still playing but failed to register a point leaving the total at 11 on the night.  Turris never got a point and Steen did not play.  The feat still has only been accomplished 37 times in 28 years, so less then 1.5 times a season.  "It is fun to hit the double digits" said Andrew who's Blackhawks are first overall in the league with a 44 point bulge over 5th in the South Division, "But last night could have been a memorable night".  If last night wasn't, GM Andrew seems destine to have a memorable season as he treads towards an unprecedented 7th NHLP Cup. (11)


GM Joel in Buffalo (Dec 15, 2017) - GM Joel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Buffalo - NHLP First on Historical Night in Buffalo - We have never seen this before.  GM Joel had the first ever 12+ point night in Buffalo and accomplished the feat in a most bizarre way.  The Sabres got 4 from Eichel, 3 from both D. Sedin and Boyle and the final two from Williams for 12 on the night.  Klingberg played and never got a point while Rakell and team point leader Barkov never played.  What makes the night so bizarre?  Buffalo got 12 points on a night when only 24 points were scored amongst the other 35 teams.  The closest team in points on the night was 3 points.  "I never recall a team getting  twelve with the next team at three points, surely that did not happen" stated Muddy Capone who's memory of the NHLP's first 28 years is mostly spot on.  Almost always a 12 is hit when there is a full slate of games, but only 5 NHL games were on the schedule.  This is Joel's second straight 12+, his first two coming this year.  His first 12 was even more bizarre as he had 11 and a point change the next day to Stamkos was the 12th.  This was the first time in league history Buffalo hit the 12+ mark.  The NHLP started six teams reaching 10+ in the first 30 days of the season, but in the six weeks since this was the first team to score over 10 in a night.  Joel now has 2 all-time career 12+ nights, tying 20 year GM Chad and GM Glen who was an original member of the NHLP's inaugural season and 10 year veteran of the league.   (12)


GM Scott in Philadelphia, GM Shawn in Halifax and GM Matt in Cincinnati (Nov 4th, 2017) - GM's Scott, Shawn and Matt BIG TEAM NIGHTS in Philadelphia, Halifax and Cincinnati -  Saturday Night's Alright For Scoring - Officially three NHLP teams reached double digit points Saturday night and GM Andrew's Chicago team did it after acquiring two players in a trade.  Philadelphia (Scott) hit 11 points on the night and the GM watched hoping Hartnell could add one more for what could have been.  "It is hard to believe after 28 years in this league I still only have hit 12 points 5 times" the GM said who was denied his sixth which would have put him in the all-time lead with the most ever, currently tied with the legend in the making, GM Tyson who has 5 in just 8 short NHLP seasons.  Although several NHLP GM's had 20 points on the night, GM Tyson only had 4 between his three teams.  Halifax (Shawn) and Cincinnati (Matt) both reached 10 point nights, having three teams flirting with a dozen.  "Not often do you see that many teams score like that" said Muddy Capone, "Clearly it was one of the bigger scoring nights the league has seen."  Six NHL games ended 5-4 and another 6-4.  (11-10-10)


GM Joel in Carolina (October 19, 2017)  GM Joel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Carolina - (Updated Story) - MAKE IT 12!!!! - It isn't exactly the usual way it is done, but it does count.  GM Joel had a point added to Stamkos, turning what was thought to be an 11 point night, into a career best and first ever 12 point night.  It took Joel into his 11th season to become the 36th team to reach the 12+ point mark on a night.  GM Andrew who has won 6 NHLP Championships and been a GM 22 years, double Joel's 11, has only ever had one 12+ himself.  It remains a hard feat to accomplish but time is changing.  The NHLP Yearbook plans on moving the 12 point night to 13+ once it reaches hit by 50 teams (24 more times).  Currently in our 28th season only 13 teams have ever reached 13+ with the all-time record set by a playoff team no less, the 2009-10 New Jersey Devils who was GM'ed by Jr back then and no longer in the NHLP are the Devils.  GM's Vinnie and Matt are now the lone GMs to not have a 12 + on their resumes.  The additional point moved Joel to 23 points on the night, making it the 5th best total for a GM with his 12-8-3, only 5 points shy of Chad's record setting 28.   (First Story) - GM Joel Ties Career High - Now with over 2000 hockey nights in his NHLP career as a GM, Joel still has not reached the ever elusive 12 point night.  He did tie his career high, 11, the highest point night of the early season and now third team in October his reach double digits in what is clearly looking like a high scoring season ahead.  Bergeron in his first game this season had 4 points, not a bad start for Joel in Carolina.  Hischier scored his first two NHL goals and is well on his way to an Elite NHLP player in a few years.  Skinner added two more while singles went to Stamkos and Ryan.  Stamkos has 13 points and is only one point off the NHL leader.  Neither Sheary or Little played or this would have been a record night for Joel.  The GM also had a 22 point night, between his 3 teams, just 6 points off the all-time NHLP record of 28 held by GM Chad.  This is a crazy looking team and with Bergeron back and already in first place in the East Division.  Carolina is set to have a fun season for GM Joel and maybe next time we hear from these guys it will be a 12 point night.  (12)


GM Marcel in Alaska (October 17/2017) GM Matt BIG TEAM NIGHT in Alaska - Attack Back! - Couture really had a drop in the NHLP Draft, a former Elite who dropped to the third round before GM Marcel scooped him up in Alaska.  With just a point in his first four games, it may have appeared many GM's did the right thing.  A four point game five changed all that and now Couture is back to a point a game player, just like that.  The Attack, one of only 6 teams in league history to have two or more 12+ point nights, didn't get there Tuesday, but they did become the second team this season (Cincinnati - Matt) to hit double digit points.  You have to go back six full NHLP seasons to see a year in which there were two NHLP teams to hit 10+ points in the month of October.  For instance the last two years the second team never did the feat until December.  This may be a clear indication we will see a few 12 point nights this season.  Drouin and Forsberg also had two points each and singles went to Jones and Foligno for Alaska who ended with 10 on the night without Eberle playing.  Marcel's career high is 13 in a night. (10)


GM Matt (October 7th, 2017) - GM Matt BIG TEAM NIGHT in Cincinnati - League Low to Eat My Dust - For Cincinnati (Matt) the first three days of the season made it appear it might be a long season, sitting dead last in the NHLP 36 team league.  Just one single point.  The Rage made up for that in a hurry Saturday to become the first team this season to reach double digit points on the night.  Gaudreau led the way for 4 points while Kopitar added 3, Shattenkirk 2 and Monahan 1.  It looks like a team that can score a lot moving forward.  GM Matt is one of three NHLP GM's to enter the season without achieving a 12 point night, making 33 GM-years between GM's Vinnie, Joel and Matt.  With all 15 NHL teams playing and scoring up everywhere, the ground work was laid for a team to hit the dozen last night, but overall it could be said to be just a tad higher than normal Saturday night in the end.  Cincinnati has had the last two double digit nights in the NHLP hitting Matt's career high on March 27th of last season.   (10)




Memorable Nights in 2016/17


GM Matt (March 27th, 2017) - GM Matt BIG TEAM NIGHT in Cincinnati - Career High 11 Moves Rage From 5th - The Cincinnati Rage had GM Matt in a tough spot, a full 7 points out of a playoff spot.  Monahan and Steen had 4 point night each and Ferland added two and Pietrangelo one for the biggest night GM Matt has ever had in 9 years as an NHLP GM.  "We needed that" said Matt who moved all the way into third in the North Division, leaving Cleveland, GM Tyson's Crosby team now out of the playoffs.  Although GM Jr's New Jersey Devils hit the NHLP all-time record of 17 points in a night in the Playoffs, it is very uncommon to have a Big Night after the NHLP Trading Deadline.  "It only makes sense" said Muddy Capone, "All high scoring non-playoff players have been replaced on the rosters, making scoring down the stretch more difficult."  In 1800 previous hockey nights Matt had never had an 11, meaning of course still not a 12, something done 35 times in 306 GM man years.  So that means it takes about 8 GM years to have a 12 point night.  So with next year being year 10 GM Matt has fallen behind the curve but has 12 more years to get one to tie his buddy GM Andrew who only has one in 21 GM years.  The Rage are now 4 points ahead of 5th.  The Fury are the top CTR team in the Division and between the two is Dallas (Jr) who is in, but automatically out without the Bolts in, meaning all this race would be for not.  It was a memorable night for GM Matt but the goal is still getting Cincinnati to the post season, something else not accomplished just yet. (11)


GM Shawn (March 6th, 2017) - GM Shawn BiG TEAM WEEK in Halifax -  The Difference of One Trade & 30 Days - The Halifax Destroyers (Shawn) have had a pretty good last 30 days.  Prior to February 5th the team had not had a Big Night, Big Week or Big Month on the season.  At that time they were in a battle for their playoff lives, just mere points ahead of Hartford (Andrew) for 4th place in the East Division.  That night they traded Schwartz and Hudler for Eichel and Eichel and look what has changed since.  The team has had two Big Team Nights and now two Big Team Weeks as well as leading the NHLP in scoring for the month of February.  Currently with 322 points the team is first overall in the NHLP, 40 points clear of 4th in the Division.  The team has gained 35 points in the Eichel and Eichel deal after each had 16 points in February and each 6 more points the first week of March.  For the Big Team Week of 26 this week, the 6 & 6 of the Eichel's are only second to the 9 of Kucherov.  The teams three non-playoff players had 21 points while Johansson (3), Nash (1), Stepan (1) and Tarasenko (0) combined for just 5 points.  In the next 12 days until the NHLP Trading Deadline, quite possibly no other NHLP team will shake the foundation of the league then the Destroyers thanks to the Eichel's deal. The club has 147 points from Kucherov, Eichel and Eichel, an impossible minors drop without giving.  Now the team has points to give, so it can be done.  However, you might add in another 56 more for Tarasenko if the Blues can't hold off the Kings, meaning now 203 points for just 4 players, or over 50 points per player.  Putting it another way, GM Shawn would need 4 players in the top 30 in NHL scoring to replace these 4.  Of which, only Pastrnak is in the Minors once.  That being said, the Destroyers will move points within the league, altering, yes you guest it (no pun intended), the landscape of the current NHLP standings.  The standings as we know it, won't be, as they will be.  That will be, mainly, thanks to the difference of one simple deal made just 30 days ago. (26)


GM Scott (Feb 13th, 2017) - GM Scott BIG TEAM WEEK in San Fran - 14 Days - From 40 Points Back to 30 Point Week - It was just 14 days ago the turn around started for the San Fran Titan.  The team cleaned house, trading Burns, who is now only 2 points off the NHL's scoring title and then cleaned house.  At the time the team dropped to a season low of 40 points back of 4th.  With a point gain in the Waiver, accompanied by the points in the Burns deal the deal was determined to battle back in as the NHLP article recounts the story two weeks ago.  Now the Titan are 11 up on 5th and only 14 out of second after the first 30 point week of the NHLP season.  Other than GM Chad in Colorado who hit 30 in January 2015, this is only the second 30 point week since March 2013.  The big guns on the week were Pominville who had 8, Arvidsson and Arvidsson 7 each while Leddy had 4, Hertl 3, Turris 1 and Orlov 0.  "We call him 0l0ts (Pronounced Zero-Lots)" the GM Stated about Orlov.  San Fran has proven if you don't give up, maybe just maybe the motorbike will miss you. (30)


GM Shawn (Feb 13th, 2017) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM WEEK in Halifax - Two Tens = 25 For Halifax - Ten point nights on Tuesday and Saturday helped Halifax (Shawn) end the NHLP week with 25 points.  The Destroyers who are now just 5 points out of first place in the NHLP East Division got 6 points each from Eichel, Eichel and Johansson while Tarasenko (3), Kucherov (2), and Stepan and Nash one each rounded out the Big Team Week.  GM Shawn had an unofficially high week, getting 28 more points in New Orleans, but adding players who had a high scoring week with the Waiver.  In total Shawn had a 75 point week, adding 22 more in Seattle.  The NHLP record in a week by a GM was GM Chad who had a 30-30-23, so even with the Waiver Shawn's 28-25-22 is solid.  Halifax also had a 25 point week in November, the first NHLP team this season to hit the mark this year and now the only team to reach the mark twice this season (San Fran 30, Scott, Cleveland 29, Tyson and Dallas 25, Jr).  Even with a short month in February, as of the 13th now, Shawn has two teams on pace to reach the 80 point mark for the month.  (25)


GM Charlie (Feb 11th, 2017) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT on NY Rangers - First Ever Dozen - The New York Rangers have only been to the NHLP Championship one time, winning with GM Lee in control in 1996.  Lee ran the Rangers after GM Raymond had them one year for his entire 12 years in the NHLP before GM Charlie took them over and has had them since in 2002-03.  On Saturday the Rangers had their first ever 12 point night, the third one GM Charlie has had now in his 17th seasons.  The special night was spread evenly with Getzlaf having three and four players having two; Schwartz, Silfverberg, Perron and Folwer.  The final point went to Niskanen while Keith did play but did not point on the evening.  Charlie will finish the week in New York with 24 points and up 28 on 5th, sitting with a current 7 playoff players.  This was Charlie's first dozen point night in the last 8 years and two away from his career night in 2009-10 when Phoenix had their 14 point night. (12)


GM Shawn (Feb 11th, 2017) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM NIGHT in Halifax - Special Week For GM Shawn - GM Shawn is having a week for the ages that could end on Sunday with an unofficial three team week of 25 points each.  On Saturday the high point producing week continued as Halifax had their second 10 of the week, a difficult week which is seldom achieved by any NHLP GM.  Recent pick up Eichel and Eichel dominated with three points each while Johansson got half the remaining four with singles for Stepan and Nash.  Surprisingly Tarasenko was help pointless as was Kucherov.  The Destroyers are now just 5 points out of first in the East Division in a Division that has the three highest scoring teams in the league (Carolina, Joel and Quebec, Matt).  Halifax will continue to need every point they can get, now 24 up on 5th as the team has work to do before setting their final NHLP team this season.  (10)

GM Shawn (Feb 9th, 2017) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM NIGHT in Seattle - Historical Night In Seattle - Back in the first NHLP season 27 years ago GM Brett guided the Seattle Storm Franchise to a 330 point 4th place finish before losing 31-27 in the first round of the playoffs to the first NHLP Champions, Vancouver, GM Raymond.  Seattle then changed to GM Edward's team for his four years before taking a sabbatical until GM Shawn revived the Franchise.  On Thursday the team had their best ever night in those 27 years, becoming the 34th NHLP team to record a 12+ point night.  It was the 4th time GM Shawn achieved the feat in his 12 seasons, a rate only surpassed by the anomaly of GM Tyson who's 5 times in 8 years smashes all other records.  The top five GM's for years in the league (Scott, Marcel, Jr, Andrew and Chad) have 110 GM years of experience and only 14, 12+ point nights between them, about one every 8 GM years.  The Storm's 12 points came thanks to Pacioretty's 4 while Pearson and Perry added three each.  With Little not playing and a zero point night from Kane, Shawn had a chance to get to his all-time high of 14 but just couldn't squeeze out more than a point each from Kesler and Eller.  GM Shawn also became the only GM to hit the feat with 4 different NHLP teams, previously doing it with Halifax, Detroit and New Orleans.  GM Tyson was the lone GM prior to Shawn to have a 12+ point night the past three season's, doing it twice, both in Hamilton.  Although the Storm now have almost 50 points to build a playoff team, the GM never making an NHLP Final or a team never appearing in one, still isn't on anyone's radar as a team that can compete this season according to the CTR.  The teams leading point producer is Little while Kane and Pearson will likely have to move.  If the team builds around Pacioretty, Perry and Kesler, they will have 50 points to improve four players who only have 104 points between them.  It is unlikely those 50 points can be used to bring in a Elite star, so building around mediocre players will likely be the teams lone option.  So we might not be seeing the Storm compete for a Championship this season, but this was surely the teams best single night to remember in 27 years.  (12)


GM Shawn (Feb 7th, 2017) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM NIGHT in Halifax -    Halifax Destroys on Night  -  Five players scored two points each for GM Shawn's Halifax Destroyers giving the team a solid 10 point night. Eichel and Eichel, the teams newest players added two each as did Tarasenko, Johansson and Kucherov.  With Stepan and Nash both playing the team could have easily scored even more.  This team can score, already having a 25 point week this season.  For Shaw this is his first double digit night in two years with his last December 3rd, 2015.  Halifax is scoring at a high rate and moving up quickly in the East division standings, only 9 points behind Quebec (Matt) who is the top point getting team in the league. (10)


GM Tyson (Feb 4th, 2017) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM NIGHT in Cleveland - Marleau Big In Cleveland - Here is a guy nobody wanted early in the NHLP season and now, suddenly the hottest guy in the league.  Marleau added two more points Saturday, tying Cleveland (Tyson) with the top point getting night on the season with 11.  This is a team that recently had a 29 point week.  They are on fire and lighting up the NHLP's North Division.  While Hossa and Anisimov added two points each also, it was the big guy Crosby leading the way, as he always does, with 3 on the night.  Singles in the 11 went to Rust and Seabrook.  No NHLP has had 12 this season, although Toronto (Chad) did have the only other 11 point night.  If a team can get 12, this might be the team.  Not a playoff team NHLP GM's are looking forward to playing.  Another point would have been Tyson's 6th all-time dozen point night and put him alone in the all-time lead in that category.  (11)


GM Matt (Jan 31st, 2017) - GM Matt BIG TEAM MONTH in Quebec - Marchand Leads Quebec - The Quebec Nordiques (Matt) had a 20 point month from Marchand in route to a 82 point month.  Burakovsky and Carter had 13, Doughty 11, Turris 10, Stone 8 and Dumba 7.  The Big Team Month has left Quebec in first in the East, but still only 17 up on fourth.  The Bruins are a question mark for a playoff spot, well in in points but games at hand by other teams will make for an interesting next three weeks to see where they are on February 19th, after their bye week.  If they are in, GM Matt would love to hang onto Marchand's scoring who has been one of the best players in the NHL this season. (82)


GM Andrew (Jan 31st, 2017) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM MONTH in Los Angeles - Kuznetsov - What a Steal - The Los Angeles Kings (Andrew) acquired Kusnetsov in a straight up deal for Scheifele on January 2nd.  Kusnetzov would go onto a 20 point month, helping the Kings reach 82.  Other big players in the teams Big Team Month were Ovechkin 18, Draisaitl 14, Miller 10, Faulk 6 and Vatrano 5.  The Kings are 19 points up on the 5th place Oilers (Scott) who were one of three big scoring teams in January, also reaching 80 points. (82)


GM Scott (Jan 31st, 2017) - GM Scott BIG TEAM MONTH in Edmonton - Balanced Scoring Leads Oil Attack - The Edmonton Oil (Scott) had an 80 point month without a player scoring 20.  Marner and Marner had 15 each, Trochek 13, Wennberg 10, while Eichel, Eichel and Boedker all had 9 point months to round out the month.  Even with the Big Team Month, Edmonton is only tied for 4th place in the Pacific Division which had 4 teams reach at least 70 points on the month.  (80)


GM Chad (Jan 26th, 2017) - GM Chad BIG TEAM NIGHT in Colorado -  Avs Mile High - GM Chad had his second double-digit night of the NHLP season, hitting 10 points in Colorado.  Pastrnak added 2 before the team traded him today, along with Marchand and Granlund.  Niederreiter, having a great season for Chad added three and the tenth point was by the teams third Wild player, Spurgeon.  The Avalanche are scoring at will and are 26 points clear of relegation.  Colorado has 77 points this month, to lead the NHLP.  Of the 5 NHLP teams to have over 70 this month, four of them are also from the Pacific.  This very Division was inspired by the CTR who early in the season called it "Borderline Pathetic."  The GM's have woken the league up, firing a Warning shot that it is true, the NHLP Champion this season might come from the Pacific afterall (10)


GM Tyson (Jan 23rd, 2017) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM WEEK in Cleveland- Cleveland One Shy of 30 - Season's Biggest Week - GM Tyson had a 29 point week in the NHLP in Cleveland, about as good of week as the league ever sees anymore.  This same week in 2015 was the last week a GM hit 30, GM Chad in Colorado.  The Fury were led by non other then the best player in the world, Sid, who had 8 points with line mate Rust 7, Steen 6, Hossa 5 and finally Seabrook 2 and Marleau 1.  Anisimov did not score in the week that saw crazy NHL scores all week long.  From Monday here is a taste of some finals this week:  8-7, 7-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3, 6-5, 7-3, 7-1, 7-3, and 7-6.  Wow.  We usually seen higher scoring in the NHLP this time of year with more games on the NHL schedule and after the meetings and with each passing Waiver.  But this week was just a massive week for scoring, and we still didn't get a 30 point week.  Yes, Vancouver (Joel) did have 33, but 11 came from Waiver pickups which never count for official Big Nights. (29)


GM Jr (Jan 23rd, 2017) - GM Jr BIG TEAM WEEK in Dallas - Pittsburgh Stars Hit 25 - They may be the Dallas Stars (Jr) on paper, but this team revolves around the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL players.  With Malkin (8), Schultz (7) and Hornqvist (4) these Stars hit 25 points for the week, still losing ground to Cleveland (Tyson) in-front who reached 29.  Faska had 3 while singles went to Andrighetto, Dumba and Foligno of the Jackets.  GM's Jr and Tyson have 2 each of the NHLP's last 5 Big Team Weeks, while GM Shawn has the 5th over the past two seasons.  In this high scoring week one quarter of all teams, 9 in total, had weeks North of 20 or more. (25)


GM Jr (Jan 22nd, 2017) - GM Jr BIG TEAM NIGHT in Calgary - Lighting The Flame - It is his team to carry.  Toews had a four point night Sunday, with support from Rust (3), Jones (2) and Hornqvist (1).  Calgary just added Rust and Jones from the Minors, little hidden gems who accounted for half the teams scoring.  "Credit to the advanced scouting of GM Jr" said Muddy Capone, "Crosby's line mate and Columbus top defencemen, having no business in the minors and scooped up by the veteran GM."  After the 10 point night, Calgary is a mere 13 points out and burning bright.  The team now has more assets who are playing and teams in front had better be conscious of who is sitting in 5th.  A team the CTR recognized as being "Just to strong to not be in the mix" for a playoff spot.  Well, here is some of that strength with more to come if Toews is now heating up.  (10)


GM Chad (Jan 21st, 2017) - GM Chad BIG TEAM NIGHT in Toronto - Season's Biggest Night - Reigning Champs Hit 11 - GM Chad admitted it took a while for him to get going after winning the NHLP Championship last season, his third Cup as a GM.  "You think everything will come easy, but it takes work" said Chad recently.  Thanks in part to Eberle's four point night, the Leafs struck for 11, an NHLP high on the season.  This was Chad's biggest night in over a year and tying Toronto's biggest night ever, their last Big Night being December 12, 2010.  Back in 2010 it was also Shattenkirk helping out that night as the Leafs hit 10 points.  Tonight Shattenkirk added two along with Kane and Schwartz while Coyle made the 11th point.  No NHLP team has had 11 this season and only GM Tyson has reach 12 the past two and a half seasons.  The Leafs franchise, in the NHLP for 27 years has never had a 12 point night while Chad himself has had 2 in his 19 NHLP seasons. (11)


GM Jr (December 10th, 2016) - GM Jr BIG TEAM NIGHT in Memphis - Memphis 7, 10 x Better - After a slow start to the season the Memphis Machine are finally firing on all cylinders and racing toward the top of the Atlantic Division standings.  Plekanec had a four point night while Letang had three more for the Machine who are the second team this week to reach 10 points (Buffalo, Joel).  One of the better NHLP picks Radulov who was recently described as "a man playing amongst boys" added two more while Saad, on the unbeatable Ohio team added the double to digit.  Memphis who has never had a 12 point night now has GM Jr's last two Big Team Nights and only two since 2011/12, the past 5 seasons.  With this team and two more Waivers in Memphis this season, there is reason to believe the leagues lone Tennessee based team will be heard from again and again before all is said and crowned this season. (10)


GM Joel (December 8th, 2016) - GM Joel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Buffalo - Frequent Flyers - GM Joel just loves his two top scorers in Buffalo.  Voracek added four and Giroux three on Thursday as the Sabres got 10 points for Joel's South Division team.  Joel is one of three current NHLP GM's who has yet to have a 12 point night in their careers, a total of 30 NHLP years of experience between the three (Matt, Vinnie).  "This might be the team to get that done" said Muddy Capone about a team with two players at 28 points each and two others nearing 20.  Byfuglien, Jagr and Soderberg scored one each in the ten while Perron and Jokinen were scoreless in what could have easily been two more points.  The Flyers have now won 7 in a row.  The knock on them has never been they can't score, as their 96 goals is second to only the Rangers and getting close to doubling what the Sabres NHL entry have on the season.  It is their league high 92 goals against that is haunting the team.  That is at LEAST 10 goals higher then any NHL team out of the playoffs.  Almost half the NHL teams have allowed under 70.  The NHLP is a points league, so Joel isn't complaining about production, but there will be those GM's who think if Philly doesn't fix the back end things will catch up to them as the season goes.  Maybe, but imagine if they do get their back end straightened out?  How valuable are Voracek and Giroux then?  The Sabres would not be a team any GM would like to match up against early in the playoffs.  (10)


GM Shawn (November 28th, 2016) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM WEEK in Halifax - Destroyers Destroying - Season's Biggest Week - The first NHLP team to 100 points this week, also had the NHLP's best week of the season.  The Halifax Destroyers (Shawn) had 25 points more than the Edmonton Oil (Scott) this week, for the first team to hit 25 in a week, something only two teams did all last season.  "We just don't see the 30 point weeks anymore" said Muddy Capone, "So we recognize the teams who hit 25 as a Big Team Week."  The 30 point week is so hard, GM Andrew's Hartford team had 29 this week, thanks to 11 he picked up in the Waiver, after knowing those players scored that night and still failed to reach 30.  For the Destroyers Cammalleri had 8, Zajac 5, Hedman and Kucherov 4 each and 2 points each from Dubinsky and Voracek.  The week could have been much better had D. Sedin not had a zero.  Ironically in 2008/09 when Halifax had the biggest week in NHLP history, hitting 37, D. Sedin had 8 points that week.  As great of season as Halifax is having they are only 17 up on fifth place in the East Division.  The Division features three of the four 100+ teams in the league and the fifth place team would be no worse than second place in all but one other division and be in first place in two divisions.  Halifax can still hit 80 for the Month, the mark needed to have a Big Team Month with 5 points over the next two days. (25)


GM Joel (October 22nd, 2016) - GM Joel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Buffalo - Perron's Four One Shy of High - Now in his 10th NHLP season GM Joel is still waiting for his first 12 point night.  Thanks to Perron's four point Saturday night the GM's Buffalo team had the seasons first double digit scoring night, but was still one point shy of the GM's high mark of 11.  This was Joel's biggest night in Buffalo since March 17, 2009 when Malkin's 5 and Blakes 3 gave the team Joel's first 10 point night.  Since then Joel has hit 10 in Carolina and Vancouver, who did it three times and holds his 11 point night.  The GM Now has the leagues last two 10 point nights, hitting the last one of last season as well.  Voracek added 3 tonight while singles went to Giroux, Jagr and Soderberg while Jokinen and Byfuglien had off nights for different reasons.  The Sabres now have 29 points and sit in first in the Central Conference and 9 clear of 4th in the South Division on the strength of a great 22 point week with Byfuglien playing Sunday to try and make it 25 in the Heritage Classic. (10)


Memorable Nights in 2015/16


GM Joel (April 5th, 2016) - GM Joel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Vancouver - Canucks Take First - The Vancouver Canucks (Joel) had nothing from either Williams or Williams but still struck for a ten point night.  The Nucks are now way in first in the Pacific Division but last to second is only 6 points so GM Joel will have no idea who he will play until Sunday.  Just a single point from Williams would have given GM Joel his first ever 12 point night.  Join is joined by GM's Vinnie and Matt as the three currently GM's to never record a 12, while Vinnie and Matt have yet to reach 11 on a single night.  This is a Vancouver team that can score and Joel has a good chance to go far on a Washington run.  "It will be a showdown to see Williams and Williams versus Ovechkin and Kuznetsov from Green Bay for all the marbles" said Muddy Capone, "If it gets to that, credit GM Joel for his work building this team."  There are a number of NHLP teams who thing they have a solid chance and for Joel this is one of two realistic chances he has.  Vancouver just missed last year and likely has a better team then the one who lost in the NHLP Finals last season to Hartford (Andrew).  Being the first team ever to win an NHLP Championship it is always exciting to cheer for Vancouver when the playoffs roll around.


GM's Tyson and Charlie (March 26th, 2016) - GM Tyson in Cleveland and GM Charlie in Miami - BIG TEAM NIGHTS - Big Days Everywhere - Ironically the NHLP Trading Deadline turned into one of the biggest scoring days of the entire season.  An amazing 10 different GM's had teams with at least 7 points on the night.  Two teams, Cleveland (Tyson) and Miami (Charlie) reached double digits with Miami leaving the meeting well in last place and after an 11 point night not only are just 3 points out of a playoff spot, but just 6 points out of first in the Division in the South. 


GM Jr (March 6th, 2016) - GM Jr - BIG TEAM WEEK in Memphis - Memphis Nears 30 - GM Jr has not only been busy trading points, his teams are busy scoring them as well.  "We can't move all these points this fast" said GM Jr who gained 27 more points in Memphis this past week.  Hornqvist lead the way with 8, Burns 6, Thornton 5, Toews and Spezza 3 each and Berglund and Lecavalier had singles.  The week also saw 24 points from Dallas, another team Jr says isn't done trading yet.  (27)


GM Jr (Feb 29th, 2016) - GM Jr - BIG TEAM NIGHT in Memphis - Machine Firing on All Cylinders - In 2013 GM Andrew won the NHLP Championship in Chicago, led by non other than Big Joe Thornton.  It was the lone time Big Joe had his name engraved in NHLP glory making it even more surprising that GM Andrew would give up on him so easy at the Winter Meeting.  Dropping Thornton to the Minors with C. Smith, the Hawks added Trocheck and Bjugstad.  Those two added now have 60 points, the same as Thornton.  Of course GM Jr has more than a clue and immediately added Thornton with Barrie and Barrie trading the twins for the man, Toews.  Now essentially the Machine are frightening and a team everyone will regret playing in the first round of the NHLP playoffs.  "Quebec likely has a better team" said Muddy Capone, "Where the Nords could have a better second round team, but the two GM's are set for a monster showdown in a Division they are seemingly the lone favorites."  The issue with playing Memphis is what happened Monday night.  Just three players combined for 10 points with Hornqvist (number 5 on this teams depth chart) getting four and Thornton and Burns three each.  "That is the kind of damage in the first game of an NHLP playoff series where it is game over" Capone said, then added that the lone way to stop this Machine may be "un peu de sable dιversιs dans le moteur".


GM Charlie (Feb 18th, 2016) - GM Charlie - BIG TEAM NIGHT in Miami - Miami Hot Ahead of Waiver - GM Charlie has never had a 12+ point night in Miami but came awful close with 11 points Thursday.  The Surf have three Penguins and three Wild, both teams that could go either side on the in or out of the playoff picture, with the Pens 7-2-1 over their last 10.  Five players had two point nights with Soderberg not playing and Letang adding a single for the hot Surf who now have the next NHLP Waiver.  Charlie must make a huge decision, to go big and change this up drastically, or stay the course which will mean if either of the Pens or Wild miss, so do the Surfs on penalty points.  Surf's up Dude


GM Vinnie (Feb 9th, 2016) - GM Vinnie - BIG TEAM NIGHT in Atlantic City - A Real Gambler - GM Vinnie has the second highest rated CTR team, and why wouldn't they be?  Atlantic City flex their muscle Tuesday night, scoring ten points, thanks to Jokinen and Jokinen who added three each.  Those two look great in a lineup with point per game producer Backstrom and his teammate Chimera.  Backes, Eakin and Gaborik who added two of the 10 are all highly rated playoff players.  The night was extra special for Vinnie who tied a career high for points.  GM Vinnie, along with GM's Joel and Matt are the only three current GM's to never have a 12 point night.  The Gamblers are in third in the Atlantic Division but only 6 points up on last place.  This team is one of the very best in the entire league and if GM Vinnie can ensure they get a playoff spot this team could go far if they get out of the first round with all these highly rated teams. 


GM Tyson (Feb 8th, 2016) - GM Tyson - BIG TEAM WEEK in Cleveland- Fury Week Season's Biggest - With the craziest of the weekend Cleveland was delayed in being recognized for the seasons biggest week.  The Fury had everyone pull their weight with four players having four point weeks and three players have three each.  "We haven't seen many teams reach the 30 point mark anymore" said Muddy Capone, "Not that we ever had many, but it is really a hard feat."  GM Tyson actually had all three teams have over 20, for a total of 66, only 17 off the NHLP all-time record of 83 held by GM Chad who once had a 30-30-23.  Tyson's three teams had an incredible 25-21-20, over double the low week of GM Shawn who had 32 from his three teams. (25)


GM's Tyson and Marcel (February 6th, 2016) - GM Tyson - BIG TEAM NIGHT & GM's Tyson and Marcel - BIG GM NIGHT - Career Highs Not Lost Amongst Trades - GM's Tyson and Marcel both had quite the amazing nights Saturday.  "We really see the scoring pick up in February and March" said Muddy Capone, "Lots of hockey and better NHLP teams."  After seeing GM Andrew hit a 24 point night earlier in the week, GM's Tyson and Marcel both tied for fifth overall on that list for GM points in a night, tying GM Jr with 22 points.  Tyson's Blues struck for 10 with four from Plekanec, three from Crosby while Tatar had two and Zuccarello had the single.  Tyson's 10-9-3 was done with the two top teams of the night while GM Marcel quietly had an 8-8-6.


GM Andrew (February 2nd, 2016) - GM Andrew - BIG GM NIGHT - As much as GM Andrew has accomplished as an NHLP GM in 20 years, namely 6 NHLP Championship Cups, only once has he ever had a 12+ point night.  That came in 2009-10 when Washington had 14 points.  Of course the Caps are no longer in the NHLP, the only Cup winning team in fact to not currently be in the NHLP.  What Andrew did tonight however never involved a team reaching 12, but he did reach 24!  The GM had the 4th best night in league history (for three teams) with a night of 10-9-5.  Andrew's night was only 4 points shy of the incredible 2013 night GM Chad had of 28 (13-10-5).  Chad's record averaged 9.33 per team, a point better than GM Shawn's 27 (10-9-8 or 9.00).  GM Scott had a 34 point night in 2006 (14-8-6-6) but that was only 8.5 per team as the GM's carried four teams each at the time, but with 6 players per team for a total of 24, compared to the 21 current players.  Andrew also had a 25 point night (11-8-6) which is the 4th highest in history at 8.33 per team.  The top 5 best nights for the record for three teams came in years 2011, 12, 13, 14 and now 16, all seasons with three teams and seven players.  No GM reached the feat the years of three teams and six players.  The Big Team Night came in Chicago hitting 10 points, which was evenly spread out with Bjugstad, Doughty, Barkov and Trockeck adding two each and singles to Okposo and Panarin while Pearson played but did not point on the night.  The league has a lot of history and when you have a top five all time night, that is something exciting.  Congrats Andrew!


GM Ryan (January 19, 2016) - GM Ryan - BIG TEAM NIGHT in Green Bay - "One Of These Knights" - It was 7 years ago GM Ryan's Green Bay Knights had his largest as a GM, 13 points.  That memorable night Malkin had 5, Gonchar 4 and Thornton 3.  That team was good, this team this year, much better.  Although tonight's number was "only" 10, it is this kind of scoring that many GM's in the NHLP better start fearing.  "If this was night one of the NHLP playoffs, all GM Ryan may need after that is the Caps in the NHL Finals and it is all over" said Muddy Capone.  With the Capitals likely the most dominate NHL team, GM Ryan is sitting with Kuznetsov, Ovechkin and Johansson, who had 8 of the 10 points between them tonight.  It might take a low scoring, if that is possible, four game sweep in the first round for any NHLP team to have any hope of stopping this team.  Anisimov and Ekholm added singles and Backes and Kesler didn't dress.  This night reminds us just how good this team is and how GM Ryan must do everything he can to make it better still.  "When you have a team this good" Capone stated, "You have to sell the future to win it all this year."  These nights and this Knights team, don't come around just every year.   


GM Tyson (December 20th, 2015) - GM Tyson - BIG TEAM NIGHT in Hamilton - Historic Night in Hamilton - The Hamilton Hitmen became the first team in NHLP history to record a 12+ point night for the third time as a franchise.  "GM Tyson clearly has a knack for the Big Nights" stated Muddy Capone and he'd be right.  Tyson has hit the feat for a record tying 5th time (along with GM Scott) and has hit the mark in each of the past three years, all in Hamilton.  In this time only GM Marcel in Alaska has gotten 12 in a night, meaning Tyson has three of the last four 12+ point nights and ironically, all in Hamilton.  The Hitmen won the NHLP Championship in 2012, the last season they didn't hit a 12 during the season.  Tonight the Hitmen had three from Williams and Johansson, two from Killorn and Donski and singles from Nash and Krieder.  The team is sitting last in the Atlantic but with so many assets GM Tyson will be offered over 20 point deals for any combination of players he has on this crazy roster.  When you are in last this is the roster you want, one that can grab a playoff position at any time.


GM Chad (December 18th, 2015) - GM Chad     BIG TEAM NIGHT in Colorado - Avs Great Night - Not Boston's - "It was what started it all" said Muddy Capone about "The Night".  Back then NHLP teams carried 5 players each (STOP - Re-read that - 5 players per team) and GM Ian, an original NHLP GM had a 12 point night in Boston, ALL from three Russian players no less.  "At the time it was so over the top it grab all our attention" Capone said reliving the night twenty years ago, "Still here we are in season 26, carrying 7 players a team now and the 12+ point night has still only been reached 25 times in total, less then once per season."  Although only GM's Scott, Jr and Marcel were in the league back then to witness GM Ian's amazing feat, GM's Andrew, Chad and Charlie were also part of GM Ian's last and final season in 1999-2000.  GM Ian was an NHLP GM the first 11 years of the league, not only winless in Cups, but also still longer as a GM then GM's Vinnie (10), Joel (9), Matt (8) and Tyson (7).  "We have a lot of history in our league" said Capone, "Outside GM Raymond at 13 years, GM Ian was in the league the most years of non-current GM's".  So tonight, GM Chad brought us back to "The Night".  Why?  Well Chad scored 10 points in Colorado tonight. Four from Wheeler, Oshie and two from Ladd, hitting 10 points from just three players in action.  "That may very well be a record" said Capone, "All we know was Osolinsh, Markov and Larionov all had four points each that night for GM Ian, all playing for the San Jose Sharks at the time.  Did Ian have a player playing that night that didn't score, it is lost in the recollection, so likely not, as we'd be retelling it as it could have been more.  However, point is, 10 points for Chad from 3 players is still one of the best nights in 26 NHLP seasons and can't be far behind the best night in 26 years from just three players."   -

Boston - "We Want Our Money Back"

  Looking back we may have been hard on GM Ian's all Russian team.  They did in fact hit a night we still look back on as one of the most memorable in league history.  What we remember maybe even more of that season was how the Boston fans came up with a memorable chant (and I am not making this shit up) but after Meatloaf came out with their album the fans in Boston would chant (alternating from one side of the arena to another) "The Bruins Are Defectors" and the other side would then as you hear in the song,  "And we want our money back".  Further proving that one night doesn't make a season....It Really did happen in 1994-95...

One Side Yells:  "What about the Bruins?"
Other Side Yells:  "Their Defectors"
Entire Arena "And we want our money back!"

Standings in 1994-95


1) HARTFORD (ANDY)      309         ---   21

2) MONTREAL (MARCEL)    293         16

3) OTTAWA (LEE)         279         30

4) ST. JOHN'S (LEO)     278         31

5) MIAMI (NORM)         276         33

6) BOSTON (IAN)         276         33

7) QUEBEC (RAY)         267         42

8) BUFFALO (CLARK)      244         65

9) COLORADO (KEITH)     228         81


GM Marcel (December 15th, 2015) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Montreal (10) -  Habs Get Point Happy - GM Marcel took it to heart when the CTR said they have enough scoring to overcome their current 11 point deficit on 4th.  The Habs went out and got 10 points tonight thanks to studs Tarasenko and Parise who got three each.  MacKinnon had two and singles went to Stastny and Niederreiter for Montreal who moves to within two points of the final playoff spot.


GM Charlie (December 5th, 2015) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT in Phoenix (10) - Back to Back Double Digit Nights - GM Charlie is having a very memorable week in Phoenix and has for the second time this week, hit double digit points.  On Tuesday the Coyotes had an 11 point night and tonight added 10 more for a 24 point week with Kane going Sunday to try and hit the 25 point week.  The Big Team Night again was thanks to Weber who had hit first career hat trick, getting four goals in total, three into the Detroit net and a kick in own goal into his own.  Officially it was Weber and Weber 3 each, Abdelkader, Zetterberg, Steen and Richards all adding singles for the smoking hot Yotes.  The 24 points for the week are at least 15 more than all the other West Division teams where Phoenix is now 2 points out of the playoffs.  It is also over 20 more than the three of Halifax (Shawn) and two point week from Hamilton (Tyson).


GM Shawn (December 3rd, 2015) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM NIGHT in New Orleans (10) - Wolverines Pair Hit 50, Team 10 - The New Orleans Wolverines (Shawn) came within one game 7 of winning the NHLP Championship last season.  The team went to the NHLP Finals before losing to Hartford (Andrew) but was one of the most feared teams all season and would have easily won had Anaheim beat Chicago in the West Conference Finals that game seven.  Well, they are back at it.  One of the top NHLP teams again this season the Wolverines struck for a 10 point night thanks in part to Hoffman and Ryan who now have 25 points each and 50 points between them on the NHLP season after recording three each on the night.  Anisimov added two and singles went to Keith and Alzner.  The Wolverines now have 123 points on the season and would be in first place in 4 of the 6 NHLP Divisions, but are only in third in the high flying South Division, trailing Florida (Marcel) and Cincinnati (Matt) who rank as 1-2 in the NHLP in points per game.  New Orleans has two Sens and two Hawks, a King, Wild and Cap, all currently playoff teams.  The team is anchored by Keith and Suter, easily two of the very best D-men in the game today.  This team will be a threat all year because GM Shawn is one of the best up and coming GM's in the game and is considered as maybe the favorite of non-Cup winners to be the first to break that trend.


GM Charlie (December 1st 2015) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT in Phoenix (11) - Season High in Phoenix  -  In 2009-10 the Phoenix Coyotes (Charlie) had GM Charlie's biggest night ever and still one of the biggest in the NHLP's 26 seasons.  Tonight wasn't as big, but it easily could have been.  The Yotes had all 7 players playing tonight and struck for 11 points, but had three players - Zetterberg, Steen and Richards all held pointless.  Making up for that were Weber, Weber and Abdelkader who had three each and Kane added the final two points.  This was the biggest night of the NHLP season and the second time a team has reached double digits in a night. 





Memorable Nights in 2014/15



GM Chad (January 19th, 2015) - GM Chad BIG TEAM WEEK in Colorado - Avalanche Smoothers Pacific - GM Chad already holds the NHLP record for the biggest week by a GM at 83 on three team week totals of 30-30-23.  Although this week was a little inflated thanks to a Waiver in Pittsburgh, Chad was still able to hit 71 points on a week of 30-26-15.  Colorado's 30 was a true 30, no Waiver involved and becomes the first 30 point week of the NHLP season and first since Vancouver's (Joel) 33 in March of 2013.  So far this season Hamilton (Tyson) got recognized for a 12 point night and GM Shawn for his amazing 27 point night among his three teams.  The Avs have just been smoking hot and are now atop the Pacific Division with 25 more points to work with.  The 30 point week came with 6 from both Letang and Okposo, 5 from Nygvist while Fisher and Neal had 4 each.  High scorers Parise had 3 and Oshie had 2, leaving the potential room for a much bigger week had those two been above normal and as is was only 7 shy of Halifax' (Shawn) NHLP record of 37.  Chad has been phenomenal as of late says Muddy Capone.  "He is simply out performing other GM's in the league with an endless run of solid trades" said the 25 year league analyst.  Chad who started slow in the 'Transaction department' now has made 17, only three behind league leader GM Matt who has 20 on the season.  "There has been a plan for everything I have done" Chad stated a few weeks back adding, "I am thinking three moves ahead this season."  Maybe other GM's should just start thinking about watching Chad a little closer as several of them could use his management skills as Chad continues to build some solid teams.  (30)


GM Tyson (Oct 18th, 2014) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM NIGHT in Hailton- Hamilton Scores Again - Nothing new for GM Tyson!  In just his 6th NHLP season GM Tyson has won 2 NHLP Championships and continues to do things even 20 years veterans have never accomplished.  The Hamilton Hitmen became just the leagues 32nd team in league history to hit 12 points in a night, doing it for the second time as a franchise and fourth as a GM.  "I look at GM Marcel and GM Andrew" said Muddy Capone, "39 years of GM experience between them and combined have not had more 12 point nights then GM Tyson has in just his sixth season."  Hamilton is now the sixth team to hit 12+ points in a night twice and as a GM is only one behind 25 year veteran GM Scott who has accomplished the amazing feat more than any other GM, but only 5 times in 25 years.


GM Shawn (Oct 9th, 2014) - GM Shawn BIG GM NIGHT - Eights is Enough  - GM Shawn had an historic night just two days into the NHLP's 25th season.  Recording 27 points from his tree teams (10-9-8) for the second highest average 'Points Per Team' night in league history at 9.00, only behind GM Chad's 28 point 9.33 night (13-10-5) on March 10th, 2013.  The night however accomplished a rare feat, an NHLP first.  GM Shawn became the first GM in league history to have all three teams hit 8+ points on the same night.  "The previous record holders lowest teams were always under 8" said Muddy Capone, "With GM Jr previously having a third team hitting 7 with his 8-7-7 on October 16, 2011."  How big was GM Shawn's night last night?  The lowest scoring 15 teams (almost half) the league last night didn't have 27 points, including GM Andrew who had 4 in total from his three teams and two of them had zero on the night.  "If we are looking at big nights, look to Saturday" said Capone, when all 30 NHL teams and every playing the NHLP that isn't hurt will play.



Memorable Nights in 2013/14


GM Marcel (Dec 31st, 2013) - GM Marcel BIG GM NIGHT - 25 - GM Marcel has 25 Also - Just a week after GM Vinnie had a Big GM Night of 24 points with a 9-9-6, GM Marcel has a 12-8-5 point, 25 point night.  "Always feels good to have those kind of nights" stated Muddy Capone.  As a comparison, the low GM on the night was GM Scott who had 5 amongst his 3 teams.


GM Marcel (Dec 31st, 2013) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Alaska - Alaska Attack Tie Career Best - GM Marcel was one off his career high 13 points as Alaska hit the 12 point mark for the second time in their Franchise's history.  "You think when a team hits 12 points it was a very high scoring night across the league" stated Muddy Capone, "But 20 NHLP teams had 3 points or less on the night."  This was the 31st team in league history to reach 12+ points, meaning it is happening still less than twice in an NHLP season.  Okposo and Desharnais had 3 points each while MacKinnon and Subban added 2 each.  Galchenyuk and Nash rounded out the night.  Fisher added three last night but did not play tonight.


GM Vinnie (Dec 23rd, 2013) - GM Vinnie BIG GM NIGHT - 24 - Toast to GM Vinnie - GM Vinnie had a seldom achieved huge night for any GM, hitting 24 points between his three NHLP teams on the night.  The NHLP Record, held by GM Chad is 28 points.  Chad's 13-10-5 was historical as he became the first GM in league history to have two teams reach double digits on the same night.  GM Vinnie didn't hit 10, but had a 9-9-6, totally 24, on of the best nights of three teams ever.  Congrats to Vinnie and here is a toast to every NHLP GM - Happy Holidays!!!


GM Tyson (November 14th, 2013) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM NIGHT in Hamilton - Hamilton's 13, 13th Best - GM Tyson tied a career best points in a night as Hamilton hit a career high mark as a franchise.  Benn did most of the work with his career high 6 point night and Hamilton became only the 13th team in 24 years to have a 13+ point night.  "It is an amazing feat each time it happens" said Muddy Capone" noting that Tyson is in very elite company.  Tyson becomes only the second GM in league history to have two, 13+ point nights.  "Some current GM's have never had an 11 point night, so 13 is off the charts" Capone added.  The NHLP record seems untouchable at 17, a GM Jr feat on a playoff night of all nights.  Jr is also the only other GM to have two nights better then 13, as the second best night ever, a 15, was also a Jr accomplishment.  After Benn's 6 was Filppula 3, Pietrangelo 2, Hossa 1 and Schwartz 1.  With Bickell and Hjalmarsson playing but both adding zeros, pickign up another 4 points on a night like this seemed doable, even though so seldom done.  Now Hamilton has the Waiver in 4 days.




Memorable Nights in 2012/13



GM Vinnie (April 16th, 2013) - GM Vinnie BIG TEAM NIGHT in Atlantic City - Dog's Career Night - Atlantic City is clearly prepared for the NHLP playoffs, hitting a career high 10 points for GM Vinnie on Tuesday night.  The Gamblers are now 30 point up on 5th and the good news of the night was another Winnipeg Jets win, giving hope to Vinnie that Wheeler can still make it in the playoffs and give this team a 7th playoff player.  "When the first round of the playoffs all seem to come within 5 points, having a man short is usually what kills many good teams" said Muddy Capone, "And this team is actually good enough that this is clearly Vin's best shot at a Cup since his first season in the league."  What makes this team so good?  The team is full of players playing big minutes, power play time and scoring on their teams down the stretch.  Ribeiro, Perry, Streit, Suter, Erat and Jussi Jokinen have potential to do damage in the first round of the playoffs where if Vinnie gets through he has players on very hot teams, like Washington or the Islanders that could pull huge first round wins.


GM Joel (March 31st, 2013) - GM Joel BIG TEAM WEEK in Vancouver (33) -Canucks Primed for Playoffs - The Vancouver Canucks (Joel) had the biggest week of any NHLP team so far in the 2012/13 season, hitting 33, just for off the Historical record of 37 in a one week period.  Led by Lupul's 9 points this week, everything went in all week long, except of course for McDonald who ended the week pointless, showing that Joel could of done much better.  Joel's Wild three Koivu (7), Parise (6) and Suter (2) combined for 15 on the week while Kane's 5 and Whitney's 4 was the 33.  Vancouver is ready for a big week again, "Now all we need is Whitney traded and next week will be even a better one" said Joel.


GM's Joel and Chad (March 11, 2013) - GM Joel in Buffalo (30) and GM Chad in Pittsburgh and Colorado (30) - BIG TEAM WEEKS - GM Chad had the highest week total in league history for three teams of 7 players, with 83 points on a 30-30-23 week.  He became the first GM to have a double-double, a 13-10 point night the same night when Pittsburgh and Colorado did the feat the same night as well as the two same teams hitting a 30 point week the same week, the 30-30 Club that Chad is the only GM in. - Double Double and 30-30 Club - Exclusively GM Chad - Never before has one GM had two teams reach double digits in the same night.  Of course Pittsburgh's 13 and Colorado's 10 changed that, but that also was enough, barely, for each team to reach 30 points on the week, the 30-30.  Combined with the 23 Toronto had, that 83 is the largest week of any GM for three teams or 7 players.  "Even when we had four teams, that would be 4 teams averaging 20 in a week, likely didn't happen often if ever" said Muddy Capone.  Chad was on fire, eating up the NHLP this past week.  "I liked vacation" stated GM Chad, "But I have just decided to plan future vacations in the off-season." (30-30)


GM Chad (March 10th, 2013) - GM Chad BIG GM NIGHT (28) - Historical Night By GM Chad - Biggest Points Per Team Night in League History - GM Chad had one for the ages.  Coming into GM Chad's 15th NHLP season he had never had a 12 point night, but of course that all changed with Colorado's 12 on January 31st of this season.  Well tonight, GM Chad went beyond 'one better'.  Chad's Pittsburgh franchise had their best night ever, scoring 13 points tonight.  Now that is not only Chad's best single night ever, becoming only the 12th team in league history to reach 13+ in a night, but Pittsburgh now also shared in a feat never accomplished by any GM ever.  Pittsburgh's 13, along with Colorado's 10 and Toronto's 5 equaled 28 points for three, 7 player teams, shattering the NHLP record of 25 in one night by GM Andrew who held the previous mark at 11-8-6 for his three teams on March 7th, 2012.  Andrew's night averaged 8.33 Points Per Team, second best ever to the night GM Scott had in 2006 when his four teams combined for a league record 34 points that night, or 8.5 points per team.  Chad set the new record night for points per teams tonight with a whopping 9.33 points per team, a best for 23 NHLP seasons.  "That is a lot of hockey we have seen over the past 23 years" stated Muddy Capone who went on to say that he has been around the NHLP for all those years and remembers every such amazing night and "Chad should be all smiles because in terms of regular season feats, this is as good as any we've been witness to in nearly a quarter century."  For a league with a rich history, one Chad has helped create, congratulations from all of us in the NHLP.  - How To Reach 28 in a Night?  Normally you'd not expect a GM to be able to reach a record such as what Chad did without some of his best players playing on the night.  Chad was without Malkin and Tarasenko due to injuries, but although Fisher didn't play, 20 of Chad's 21 player's teams did play on the night, meaning 18 after the two injuries.  Of the 18 who did play, Stewart, Versteeg, Stastny and Perron were all held pointless, leaving 14 players who combined for the 28 points.  If Chad had Gagner twice the night he had 8 points last year in one game, it would have seemed an easy way to get 28, but with Chad tonight, many players had good nights but only Kunitz, who had 5, and Beachemin who had 3, had a night of more than 2 points.  Players with two on the night were Gagner, Dupuis, Hall, Hagelin, Bolland, Getzlaf, Plekanec and Hagelin a second time.  that meant four players had a single point night, Gaborik, Stepan, Higgins and Berglund.  So although it is history, we can easily see how this night could still be achieve by others and for Chad, could easily have been bigger.


GM Matt (February 25th, 2013) - GM Matt BIG TEAM WEEK in Cincinnati (29) - What a Week Team - GM Matt sent an email to Muddy Capone and asked him to "Please keep the insults coming, it is really firing us up."  Cincinnati apparently could only take so much by the CTR and has stepped up their game, to a level of no other NHLP team.  The Rage had a 29 point week, simply incredible, and is leading the NHLP with 64 points for the month of February.  Ten of the NHLP's 36 teams finished the week with 10 points or less, about one-third of Matt's week, including Halifax (Shawn) who had a 3 point week.  The "Philly three" as Matt calls them, Voracek, Briere and Schenn had 23 points this week while the "Ranger Zero" as Capone referred to them, Del Zotto and Kreider had no points between them, proving it could have been even better.  "We look forward to the CTR" Matt stated, "We love it and can't wait for the next shot they take at us...for we'd love to hit 100 points in March."


GM Ryan (February 9th, 2013) - GM Ryan BIG TEAM NIGHT in NY Islanders (12) - Twice Is Nice - The New York Islanders (Ryan) went 23 seasons without hitting a 12 point night, now have done it twice in three weeks.  Thanks for Ryan and Selanne each have 4 point nights, GM Ryan easily hit 12 tonight but with St Louis' game cancelled, and nothing from Weiss and Kostitsyn, it could have easily been a career high for GM Ryan, which is currently 13 in 2008-2009 in Green Bay.  Rounding out the 12 tonight was a 3 point night from Schenn and Kennedy actually added a single, giving him 2 points in 12 games this season.


GM Chad (January 31st, 2013) - GM Chad BIG TEAM NIGHT in Colorado (12) - 2500 Hockey Nights Later - It Happened!!! - Chadwick has hit the dozen mark!  In his 15th seasons as an NHLP GM, Chad has accomplished the most important things a GM can do, winning two NHLP Championships.  One thing that, until last night, had always eluded the GM was 12 points in a single night of action.  "We are going to see the 12+ point nights this year, as it isn't a normal year" said Muddy Capone, "But each time I think of how long it is for some GM's, or since a GM last done it and I always realize that it is a true night to remember."  In Chad's career as a GM 2500 hockey nights in the NHLP is a lot of time, about 15 full NHL seasons of hockey, so a first is always worth talking about.  How did last night happen?  Well Vanek's five point night clearly helped set the stage.  Fleischmann was then able to chip in 3 while Stastny and Ennis had 2 each.  While 12 don't come easy, 17 seems achievable some times and with Glencross not getting a point and Getzlaf and Plekanecs not playing, what was remarkable could have been record breaking.  Coming into this season we had only had 24, 12+ point nights as a league in 22 seasons, but in two weeks, that mark has been hit twice this season.  In the last shortened NHL season, 1994-95, we had our first ever 12 point night, some 18 years ago when GM Ian accomplished the feat the first time ever in Boston where his three Russian players at the time, each had 4 point nights.  It was the only time 12 was hit in that 48 game season, but many factors were different, including only 26 NHL teams.  The NHLP teams only had 5 player teams, not 7 as we do now and all players were only drafted once each.  What was the first thing Chad did when he hit the 12, "I booked a vacation to Florida" the GM said, "I just hope my next vacation comes in the next decade."


GM Charlie (January 27th, 2013) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM WEEK in Phoenix (32) - Marleau and Pavelski Unstoppable - GM Charlie is known as a good drafting GM.  His Elite two picks in Phoenix, Marleau and Pavelski combined for 19 points this week alone, more points than 8 NHLP teams even have.  "You see the big weeks this week and you think things will be easy this year and point records from the past will fall" said Muddy Capone in reference to two NHLP teams reaching 30 points this week and 5 hitting at least 25 or more, unheard of numbers.  "Then you think Marleau and Pavelski had 19 between them in one week and the Coyotes barely cracked 30."  Duchene, Grabovski and Grabovski each had 4 points while Stastny only had one and Phaneuf not a point for what we are assuming is Charlie's best week ever.  The 32 fell only five points shy of the NHLP record held by GM Shawn in Halifax.  When Shawn hit 37 his top two players that week had 17, H. Sedin 9 and D. Sedin 8, while Tanguay also had 8.  Pavelski was also on that team that week and had a team low week of just 3 points for Shawn.

GM Andrew (January 27th, 2013) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM WEEK in Chicago (31) - Thornton's 11 Helps Andrew Hit 31 - GM Charlie and Marleau weren't the only team breaking the 30 point barrier this week, as Chicago (Andrew) hit 31, thanks mainly to Thornton's 11 point week.  A more balanced 31 then Phoenix with Lecavalier, Michalek and Read adding 4 each while Parenteau, Malone and Bozak had numbers of 3-3-2.


GM Charlie (January 24th, 2013) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT in Phoenix (11) - Yotes Flirt With a Dozen - GM Charlie was only a point shy of a 12 point night Thursday when his Phoenix Coyotes hit 11.  Marleau, Duchene and Pavelski each had 3 while Grabovski and Grabovski added singles.  The Coyotes shot to the front of the NHLP to 27 points, the first team to hit 25 and now are 15 points up on 5th in the West Conferences Ray's Division.  In 13 NHLP seasons Phoenix has only had more than 11 in one night one time, a whopping 14, which was also GM Charlie's best night ever in 2009-10.  Charlie has hit the dozen point plateau twice as a GM, the other time in Anaheim.  Five current GM's, including GM Chad, has never hit a dozen in one night with Chad being in his 15th season as a GM.


GM Ryan (January 19th, 2013) - GM Ryan BIG TEAM NIGHT in NY Islanders (12) - GM Ryan Records Isles High - GM Ryan started his NHLP season as not many ever have, recording a record night in the season opening night.  Ryan's Islanders had their best night in league history, some 23 seasons in the league and never reaching the dozen points in a night.  The 12 point night was only a point off GM Ryan's personal best and the third such time he has reached 12+ in a night, the 25th such time in league history the milestone has been reached.  "When we see this type of night so early in the season we think it will be common place" stated Muddy Capone, "But it never is."  Last season, a full NHLP season only saw 12 point nights reached twice all season, a 13 point night by Tyson and a dozen by Marcel.  GM Jr holds the NHLP's all-time record of 17 points in a night while only 10 teams in league history have ever bettered 12 in a single night.  The 12 came in part by 7 points from two players, Selanne 4 and St Louis 3.  S. Kostitsyn had 2 points while singles went to Weiss, Schenn and Kennedy.  Although the Ducks scored 7 goals in their game Bobby Ryan did not have a point, which would have given GM Ryan that 13th point.




Memorable Nights in 2011/12


GM Marcel (April 2nd, 2012) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM WEEK in Florida (28) - Top Team - Top Week - GM Marcel is just itching for the NHLP playoffs to begin.  The NHLP's top scoring team had a 28 point week that won't matter next week when the playoffs start.  "We will have to do it again" stated GM Marcel to the NHLP Yearbook.  That might just happen the way this team is scoring.  With first place in the Central in the bag, Florida is just waiting to see who they will play, 8th in the Central, likely Toronto (Chad) or Ottawa (Mike & Ray), barring a huge comeback week for Miami (Charlie), back 8 points but having Toews finally back next game and Keith's suspension over.  For the Panthers this week it was Voracek leading the team with 7 points, B. Richards 5, Bergeron, Spezza and Neal with 4, Radulov 3 and Dubinsky had a single.  "I was hoping for 30" Marcel said, "But I'll go for that in the first round instead."  Who ever this team meets had better bring a full seven and a lot of points or it will be over quick.


GM Jr (March 31st, 2012) - GM Jr BIG TEAM NIGHT in Calgary (10) - Flames In - GM Jr is no stranger to Big Team Nights, his Dallas Stars have dominated all season.  This however is something new for the Calgary Flames who have reach the status for the first time this season with a 10 point Saturday thanks to 6 points from his four Sabres.  The big night helped put the Flames in 8th place in the West, but a huge loss by the Buffalo Sabres is possibly leaving GM Jr with only 3 playoff players, unless the Sabres can gain 3 points in their final three games on Washington, who has a game at hand.  Kovalchuk led the way with 3 points tonight while the Stafford's had 2 each, Ennis 2 and Kelly one.


GM Marcel (March 31st, 2012) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Alaska (11) - Attack Ready to Pounce - The Alaska Attack (Marcel) are ready for the NHLP playoffs.  What more can do they in the season?  The team had their second 11 point night of the season, to go along with a 12 point night and 2 weeks of 25+ points.  "This has been a deadly team all season long" said Muddy Capone, "Not a team anyone will want in the first round of the NHLP playoffs."  Sitting in first in the West means the 8th place seed, another team that scored large in the night, GM Jr's Calgary Flames who also had 10 points Saturday, only could be down to just 3 players for the NHLP playoffs with their four Sabres all in doubt.  Sequin and Marchand had 3 point nights, Krejci and Weber added two each and the single went to Perron.  Nothing left to do except sit and wait for when these points are going to matter most, the NHLP Playoffs.


GM Marcel (March 12th, 2012) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM WEEK in Alaska (28) - Alaska Posts Big Week - GM Marcel was at it again in Alaska, tying Vancouver (Joel) at 28 points for the biggest week of the NHLP season to date.  "These guys just keep scoring" said Muddy Capone, "Just how good is this Alaska team, truly?"  The answer is they are damn good.  Led by Seguin and Krejci who both have 9 this month, part of the NHLP leading 39 for the month.  How good is that?  "We just look at Dallas (Jr) whenever we compare any numbers, for those guys can flat out score" added Capone.  Well, considering Dallas only has 15 points in March, we'd say Alaska is doing quite fine at 39, just 12 days into the month.  Everyone had 3 to 5 points this week, O. Jokinen and Seguin 5, Krejci, Perron and S. Kostitsyn 4 while Berglund and Semin had 3 point weeks.  The Attack at 47 points up on 9th and expected to be active before the deadline ends on March 24th.


GM Andrew (March 7th, 2012) - GM Andrew BIG GM NIGHT (25) - All-Time NHLP Record Goes Down - GM Andrew had a night that was bigger than any in NHLP history, setting a new points per team standard on one single night.  Andrew's night of 11-8-6, might not seem like much, but it is much better than any single night before it.  The 26 points for 3 teams is an average of 8.67 points per team on a night, while the old record was set in 2006 when GM Scott had 34 points in a single night on his four teams, or 8.5 per team that night.  The previous record for three teams was held by GM Jr last season who hit 22 on his big night, an 8-7-7 three team night.  "It is really hard to accomplish these feats and time has proved this to us over and over" stated Muddy Capone when he saw the record fall, "These are night you can only dream of because that is all they will ever be to so many GMs."  Of Andrew's big scorers Michalek and Michalek had 4 each while 4 others had two point nights and 9 players had a single point.  Andrew still had 4 players including Kane and Carter who were held pointless for the evening. (Update:  Originally Andrew was given 26 points, but he ended with only 25)


GM Andrew (March 7th, 2012) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM NIGHT in Chicago (11) - Michalek and Michalek Equals Big Team Night - The Chicago Blackhawks (GM Andrew) had an 11 point night thanks to 8 coming from the Michalek twins.  Andrew's could have easily had his second 12+ point night on his career, but although the Hawks had 6 players playing, Backstrom is still out with an injury.  Singles went to Lupul, Edler and Grabovski for the high flying squad which is third overall in the NHLP with 313 points.  This was Andrew's second Big Team Night this season as on January 3rd of this year Chicago duplicated this 11 points on a night when Lupul had 4.


GM Jr (March 1st, 2012) - GM Jr BIG TEAM MONTH in Dallas (81) - Spezza's 21 Helps Stars Again - The Dallas Stars just keep scoring and scoring.  Already with a historical December in which the team reached 102 points for an NHLP record, Dallas became only the second team to hit 80+ so far this year.  "Doing it twice in a year is quite a remarkable feat" said Muddy Capone about the 102 and 81 months.  No other team has reach 80 in a month, clearly showing the dominance in the scoring department this team has had all season long.  In February, the 29th day wasn't needed after all, as the team doesn't have any one playing tonight.  Spezza had 21 for the Month while Zetterberg (16), Parenteau (14) and H. Sedin (12) also had nice months.  Plekanec had 9, Weber 5 and Lidstrom had just 3 points.  The team is 100 points clear of 9th and will be making trades but can in no way give 100 points because the players Dallas gets back won't be worth carrying.  You can expect a couple big names and likely some really low scoring player to be joining the team at some point although many of the biggest names on the non playoff teams have already been traded.


GM Marcel (Feb 25th, 2012) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Florida (11) - Panthers First Big Night This Season -
GM Marcel has had nights of 12, 11 and now another 11, this time outside Alaska and in Florida.  "For a team that has 302 points, only 50 behind the high flying Stars, you'd think they'd of already had a ten this season" said Muddy Capone.  Tonight was three players grabbing three each, Spezza, Bergeron and Neal while Richards and Voracek added singles.  GM Marcel's career high in one night was 13 and he has reached 12 or more twice in his 17 NHLP seasons.


GM Jr (February 20th, 2012) - GM JR BIG TEAM WEEK in Dallas (25) - Dallas Does It Again - Dallas (Jr) hits another 25 point week, doing it for the third time this year.  Only three other teams have joined Dallas with Big Team Weeks, Vancouver (Joel) 28, Cleveland (Tyson) 27 and Alaska (Marcel) 25.  Although those teams have had the big week, they have only done it once each while this Dallas team has had previous weeks of 26 and 25 to go along with the 25 of this week.  "They can score" said GM Jr about his league leading 336 point team, some 47 points ahead of second place in the entire league.  Spezza led the way with 7 while H. Sedin added his usual 6 point week.  Parenteau had 4, Zetterberg 3, Plekanec and Lidstrom 2 while Weber rounded out the scoring with a single.  The team has 94 non playoff points from two players, something GM Jr is going to change by the NHLP Trading Deadline, but Dallas really doesn't have a lot of points to move said Muddy Capone.  "If Dallas keeps Sedin, Zetterberg and Lidstrom, they only have four players to move, in a group, sets or singles for 195 points" Capone explains, "And the players this team wants to add aren't players who have under 30 points, so for the most part although they have 100 points ahead of 9th, they really can't move that amount of points because that would be adding 4 players averaging 25 points each, not anything that would make this team much better then it already is with high scoring Spezza already at 63 himself."  It seems logical this is Crosby's destination although GM Ryan will be getting many others going after his first round scoring.


GM Marcel (January 23rd, 2012) - GM MARCEL BIG TEAM WEEK in Alaska (25) - Big Week in Alaska - The Alaska Attack (GM Marcel) grabbed our attention this season with an 11 and 12 point night and now have added to their high scoring season with a 25 point week.  No GM has had the scoring season GM Marcel has had, been the first to have all three teams over 200 points as well as the current 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall teams in points with two at 236 and Alaska now at 231.  "Marcel hasn't scored like this since his Cup winning season" said Muddy Capone, "It is kind of domination."  The Attack, who are 49 points ahead of 9th place in the West had weeks of 5 points each from Krejci and St Louis, 4 from Seguin and S. Kostitsyn while Cole and J. Williams added 3 each for 24.  Brassard had the lone other point for Alaska who became the 5th team to hit 25+ this season behind Vancouver (28-Joel), Cleveland (27-Tyson) and Dallas (26,25-Jr).


GM Matt (January 3rd, 2012) - GM Matt BIG TEAM NIGHT in Indianapolis (10) - Perron 1 From 12 - GM Matt tied his career high with a Big Night, 10 points in Indianapolis, but could have hit his first ever 12 point night had Perron just got a single point in the third period of Tuesday's game.  Indianapolis goes from 5th to 1st in the West tonight which Muddy Capone said was only a matter of time, "GM Matt did an amazing job building one of the highest scoring teams in the NHLP so it was only a matter of time before the Iceman started walking away with the West."  Lupul had 4 points, Perron and Perron 2 each while singles went to Stamkos and Pominville.


GM Andrew (January 3rd, 2012) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM NIGHT in Chicago (11) - Lupul On Fire - GM Andrew could not be more happy with Lupul's production, only two points off the NHL lead for the Art Ross Trophy.  Lupul chipped in four points Tuesday as GM Andrew's Chicago Blackhawks scored 11 points.  "That is always a Big Night" said Muddy Capone, "In his 16th NHLP Season GM Andrew has won four championships, but only hit 12+ in a night once."  Adding to the 11 tonight was Backstrom with 3 and Gagne and Grabovski 2 each.


GM Jr (December 31st, 2011) - GM Jr BIG TEAM MONTH in Dallas (102) - GM Jr in Dallas became the first team in league history to reach 100, ending a wicking month of December with 102 points.  Henrik Sedin led the team with 22 points, followed by Parenteau 16, Spezza 15, Ray Whitney 15, Weber 13, Eberle 13, and Plekanec 8.  This leaves GM Jr with the current best Big Team Night at 17, Big GM Night (3 Teams) and Big Team Month.  The Big Team Week of 37 belongs to GM Shawn.


GM Charlie (December 17th, 2011) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT in NY Rangers (11)- 11 Big Ones - GM Charlie's NY Rangers had an awfully sweet night, gaining 11 points from just 5 players.  Cleary and Kronwall had 3 each while Elias, Kunitz and Datsyuk rounded out the 11 point night.  The rangers moved into first in the East with 153 points.  It was Charlie's biggest night this season.  Previously he had had a 10 point night in Miami.


GM Jr (December 5th/11) - GM Jr BIG TEAM WEEK in Dallas (25) - Stars of the Week - The Dallas Stars (Jr) are just in a league of their own.  Now 33points up on 2nd overall in the NHLP after another high scoring week, this time 25 points.  "All 7 players will have over 20 points this week" stated Muddy Capone, "It is just insane how this team is lighting it up."  Parenteau led the teams weekly scoring with 6 points, Eberle added 5 and Whitney 4.  Everyone was in on the act with Sedin and Weber adding 3 to the total while two each went to Plekanec and Spezza.  In a very unlike GM Jr year, the Stars have yet to miss a player game after 181 man games.  Only GM Joel in Carolina can say the same.  Jr also had an amazing 64 points between his three teams this week with Memphis 24 and Calgary 15.


GM Ryan (November 25th/11) - GM Ryan BIG TEAM NIGHT in Green Bay (10) - Just 4 Games - It looks like it will have taken Sidney Crosby a total of just 4 games played to get GM Ryan into a playoff spot in Green Bay.  "We shot out of last in a hurry" said GM Ryan tonight about his 10 point night, three more by Sid.  Kennedy also added three while Hall got two and singles to Filppula and Sullivan.  Green Bay is now 9th in the West, only 5 out of 7th place.


GM Charlie (November 25th/11) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT in Miami (10) - Toews 17 For Month - GM Charlie got 5 more points for Toews, giving Miami 10 points tonight and Toews 17 now for the month.  "He did start a tad slow, but we new he'd turn it on" said GM Charlie after yet another big night.  Callahan added 3 and Keith 2 for Charlie who is moving on up in the Central.


GM Tyson (November 21st/11) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM WEEK in Cleveland (27) - 27 Big Ones - GM Tyson was able to hit 27 points this week in Cleveland, shy of the ever elusive 30.  A well balanced week lead by Kessel and Byfuglien's 5, four points by each Ladd, Little and Ladd, three by Wheeler and Malkin added the final two.  Cleveland started the week in 8th and ended it in 4th in the Central, only 6 points out of second.  Cleveland also has a Waiver on Friday.


GM Tyson (November 19th/11) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM NIGHT in Cleveland (13) - Back Seat to No One - With the events of the night, a 13 point night, his personal best, by GM Tyson, was not the top news story.  "We don't keep the records that finely" stated Muddy Capone, "But surely tonight GM Tyson set an all time NHLP record, we are sure of it."  What record is that Mr. Capone?  "Cleveland had 8 points in the first period tonight.  How can that not be an NHLP record?"  It was pretty amazing for those paying attention. Cleveland started strong and had 8 points after just Winnipeg's first period, meaning two more periods in that game (of 5 players) and Malkin and Kessel to play later, to hit the 12 point mark.  The writing was on the wall for a career night, but it could have been the biggest night in history says Muddy Capone.  "I knew right then this was huge.  If just Ladd got two more points, Tyson would have 12 and Malkin and Kessel could easily get 5, making 17."  What did occur was Tyson had 11 at the end of the Winnipeg Jets game and Kessel added two, while Malkin was shutout for final of 13.  How big is 13 points?  "In the history of the league, GM Jr is the only GM to ever have two 13+ point nights" stated Capone, "So Tyson is now in a very elite group of only 10 GM's to ever have 13 or more in a night."  For the record, Byfuglien led the way with 3 while 5 other players had two point nights including Ladd, Ladd, Little, Wheeler and Kessel while Malkin, yes Malkin, was shutout.  Tyson's three teams combined for 21 on the night, one point shy of GM Jr's 22 point night for 3 teams.  Cleveland already hit 10 points in a night earlier this season.


GM Marcel (November 5th/11) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Alaska (11) - Krejci Comes Alive - The Alaska Attack (GM Marcel) had their second 10+ point night of the young season on Satuday.  Krejci who had just a point in his first 8 had a 3 point night, along with Sequin for Marcel.  The team ended with 11 in total with Gionta and J. Williams added a pair each and Tavares rounding out the number.  Alaska had the leagues biggest night this season with 12 points on October 16th


GM Joel (November 5th/11) - GM Joel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Carolina (10) - Caned 10 Times - GM Joel has hit the Big Team Night status now twice this season, this time with 10 in Carolina, and it is only a matter of time it would appear before the ever elusive 12 point night belongs to Joel.  Couture lead this night with 3 points while Pavelski, Anisimov and Stepan all had two.  The single was to Yandle.  Joel was in on the Big Night act on October 27th when his Canucks also hit 10.


GM Joel (October 31st/11) - GM Joel BIG TEAM WEEK in Vancouver (28) - All Hart - Vancouver Hits 28 - GM Joel had a Big Team Week in Vancouver and he has Hartnell to thank for 9 of his 28 points this week.  Hartnell went 3-1-2-3 in his last four games, after only 2 points in his first 7 games to start the season.  While Visnovsky was the only player to not score, big weeks were plentiful as Selanne had 6 and MacArthur 5.  Perry and Vermette added 3 each while Neal's two rounded out the 28.  Vancouver is first in the West, 14 points clear of 9th.


GM Jr (October 31st/11) - GM Jr BIG TEAM WEEK in Dallas (26) - No Stars This Week - Dallas Around Solid - Dallas (Jr) had a whopping 26 point week, without a player getting more than 5 points.  That is pretty even scoring and might be the most evenly spread 26 point week in league history.  While Eberle had 5 to lead the way, Plekanec, Spezza and Whitney were a lone point behind each and three point weeks were recorded by H. Sedin, Weber and Kane.  Dallas is 27 points up on 9th and in first in the Central.


GM Tyson (October 27th/11) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM NIGHT in Cleveland (10) - 10 & 10 - In only his third NHLP season, GM Tyson not only has won a NHLP Championship, but he does have a 12 point night, something that still eludes his fellow GM Chad, who has yet in 14 NHLP season to have a 12 point night.  Although it wasn't a 12 for Tyson tonight, it was a nice double-digit night thanks to his 5 Winnipeg Jets who combined for 8 of the 10, led by Wheelers three points.


GM Joel (October 27th/11) - GM Joel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Vancouver (10) - 10 & 10 - GM's Joel and Tyson both had Big Nights, scoring 10 point nights in Vancouver and Cleveland.  GM Joel was one off his career high of 11 points, one of four current NHLP GM's to still not taste an even dozen in one night.  Selanne led the way for GM Joel tonight with 3 points with two point nights to both Perry and Hartnell, while the final three were singles by Neal, MacArthur and Vermette.  This is GM Joel's 5th NHLP season.  


GM Jr (October 16th/11 - GM Jr BIG GM NIGHT all three teams (22) - GM Jr With 22 - Although not the 25 points the NHLP Big Night page was looking for, GM Jr did have an unbelievably Big GM Night with 22 points between his three NHLP Teams, now holding the record for most points in one night with 3 teams.  His night included 8 in Memphis while both Dallas and Calgary added 7 each.  Jr had 20 of his 21 players playing on the night, with Hemsky injured.  GM Marcel had a 12 point night in Alaska, but only ended with 17 points between his three teams, showing you that 20+ is a hard three team number to achieve.  


GM Marcel (October 16th/11) - GM Marcel BIG TEAM NIGHT in Alaska (12) - ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!!!  -  The Alaska Attack (Marcel) never had a 12 point night until last night, the second time in 17 seasons GM Marcel was able to crack the 12+ barrier and 24th time it has been accomplished in 22 NHLP seasons.  Tavares had another 4 point night, back to back four point nights for himself on GM Marcel's memorable night.  Gionta added 3, J. Williams 2 and singles went to Seguin, Cole and S. Kostitsyn while Krejci sat out the night injured.  Last season only GM Tyson his the 12+ point mark.  Marcel's personal best was his 13 point night in Florida in 2007-08, the same year the Panthers would win Marcel's first Championship.  Is this an Omen?  We won't go that far just yet, but one thing is for sure, the Attack, can ATTACK!



Memorable Nights in 2010/11


GM Matt (April 4th/11) - GM Matt BIG TEAM WEEK in Quebec (28) - Twice is Nice - GM Matt became the only NHLP GM to have a second Big Team Week this season, when his Nords struck for a season high 28 in one week, for the week ending Sunday.  This is the 5th time a GM has had 25+ in a week and the second time this season for Matt who hit the total in Indianapolis in January.  Perry led the way with 8 points.  Carlson, looking like a great addition, had 5, Marchand and Setoguchi had 4, Heatley 3 and a pair each were added in by Arnott and Lucic.  Quebec is the top seeded NHLP playoff team and will not be a favorable first round foe for any opponent, however heading into the final week, the current 16th place team has Daniel Sedin, Holmstrom and Filppula, in Vancouver (Joel) so this scoring might have to continue into the first round for GM Matt.


GM Matt (April 3rd/11) - GM Matt BIG TEAM NIGHT in Quebec (10) - Quebec Yo-Yo's To Top on 'Career High' Tying Night -
GM Matt was first overall at one point this season and carrying the injured Savard who he had drafted.  Then things fell apart and Quebec dropped all the way down to last in the North.  BUT THAT WAS LAST WEEK!!!  Quebec has had 19 points in three days and gained 18 points on last place Toronto (Chad) and 20 on 5th place Buffalo (Joel) this week to move into first in the North.  The Nords have a Big Team Week of 26 that isn't finished yet and had a Big Team Night of 10 points Saturday.  One of only 4 GM's to never have a 12 point night, the 10 ties GM Matt's personal best.  Setoguchi led the way with 3 while Perry and Carlson had 2 each.  Singles went to Heatley, Marchand and Arnott for the current NHLP first overall seeded Nordiques.  "It is amazing what a week can do" stated Muddy Capone, "They looked dead and now they look scary."


GM Charlie (March 31st/11) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM MONTH in New York (84) - Rangers Finish At NHLP Season High Of 84 - GM Charlie has to be extremely happy with how his boys are scoring in New York.  A BIG TEAM MONTH, the highest of the 2010-11 NHLP Season.  The 84 was one higher than the only other team to reach the 80 mark this season, Halifax (Shawn) who hit the feat in December.  Charlie's Rangers hit stride the second week of March, ending that week with a crazy 25 point week in which Ovechkin led the team with 5 points that week, ending the month with 15, second on the team only to the high flying 18 points of Visnovsky.  "It was a good month to have Ducks" stated Muddy Capone who noted that Perry (21), Getzlaf (20) and Selanne (19) all had more than Visnovsky who was totally insane for the month.  Other high scoring Rangers included Gagne (14), Lecavalier (12) and Leino (10), while the 'Low Lights' were Johansson at 9 and Gomez a 'mere' 6 points for the month.  This team is scoring at the right time, peaking near the playoffs where if things ended today they'd play New Orleans (Shawn).  We expect the Rangers to keep moving up seeds and are only 12 points shy of the leagues top seeded playoff team with just 32 player games to play this season.


GM Charlie (March 14th/11) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM WEEK in NY Rangers (25) -   Rolling Rangers Hit 25 - With 39 points to lead the NHLP for the month of March, GM Charlie's NY Rangers are peaking at the right time.  Helped by a Big Team Week of 25 points, Charlie's Rangers are now only 2 points out of 5th in the East Division.  "I always knew there was no panic there" said Charlie, who time and time again this season stated he'd get in there.  "We drafted well, trading to grab Ovechkin and it has now finally came back around and is looking like it paid off."  Ovechkin had a 5 point week, as did Visnovsky, who both also have 10 each in March to lead the team scoring.  Gagne and Leino had 3 point weeks while everyone else contributed, Johansson (3), Lecavalier (2) and Gomez (2).  Charlie gained at least 10 points on every team in the Division except Halifax (Shawn) who had a 17 point week.  Cleveland (Tyson) only had a 5 point week and lost 20 points in a matter of just 7 days and 29 points in the past two weeks to the red hot Rangers.  The Rangers become the 5th NHLP team to hit 25+ in a week this season (Halifax, Shawn and Philly Scott had 26 the same week while Indy Matt and Buffalo, Joel had 25).


GM Andrew (Feb 11th/11) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM NIGHT in Los Angeles (10) - 100!  Sorry, that should have read 10 & 0!  That is how GM Andrew's night went.  His LA Kings had a nice 10 point night thanks to his Quacks Selanne, Koivu and Fowler who had 4,3 and 1 respectively.  Old McDonald rounded out the 10 with two points himself as the Kings jumped from 4th and falling to second and climbing in one echoless quack.  Ya, it's late.  Nice night though.  GM Andrew had zero points on his other NHLP team Chicago.


GM Tyson (Feb 7th/11) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM NIGHT in St Louis (10) - St Louis at in Again -
GM Tyson already has the biggest night of the NHLP in St Louis, scoring 12 points (his career best) back in November and now St Louis becomes the only team this season to accomplish double digits twice this season, after hitting 10 last night.  Ramond and Kesler had 5 between them and Whitney, Vrbata and Gaborik scored the other 5 on the night.  Just like that St Louis goes 12 points up on 5th, with a Waiver this Friday.


GM Joel (Feb 6th/11) - GM Joel BIG TEAM WEEK in Buffalo (25) - Sabres Cloths Out at 25 -
The 'Cloths Line' is hot and GM Joel is cashing in, again, on their success.  A 25 point week for Buffalo put them11 points up on 5th in the North, thanks to 11 points from Clowe, Pavelski and Thornton.  San Jose has moved all the way up into the 4th seed, so expect Joel's CTR to be rising the same when it is out next week.  Joel finds himself just two points out of 1st place in the North and only 10 out of 1st overall in the NHLP, something that would by him a first round date with the 16th overall seeded team come playoff time, currently GM Andrew in LA who had 3 Ducks and a Blue after losing Malkin for the season and dropping him in last nights Waiver.  This is Joel's first ever Big Team Week and only the second time in the past three seasons he has had something BIG.  His last was two seasons ago he had a 10 point, Big Team Night, also in Buffalo.


GM Matt (Jan 24th/11) - GM Matt BIG TEAM WEEK in Indianapolis (25) - Indianapolis Finds Quarter - The Icemen (Matt) found the quarter century mark this past week becoming only the third GM  (Shawn, Scott) reaching 25+ points in a week this season.  Iginla and Ribeiro lead the way with 5 point weeks while Chara and Krejci both had 4.  Everyone scored at least two for Indy as Matt's 59 for the month is the third highest total throughout the league.  There will be no Big Team Weeks this week as the All Star Break stops play for 5 days starting Wednesday. 


GM's Shawn and Scott (Jan 3rd/11) - GM Shawn and GM Scott BIG TEAM WEEKS in Halifax (26) and Philadelphia (26) - Halifax and Philly Have 26 Point Weeks - To teams that are battling for top spot in the East both had Big Team Weeks of 25+ points during this high scoring week.  "The week after Christmas is always a high scoring week" stated Muddy Capone, "A lot of mistakes with family around, a little bit too much spirits and a whole lot of hockey."  Halifax (Shawn) just came off an 83 point month and starts 2011 off the right way.  Lidstrom had 8 points this week while both Henrik Sedin and Franzen had 5 apiece.  For GM Scott's Flyer, Eriksson, Enstrom and Yandle were all over 5 points


GM Shawn (Dec 31st/10) - GM Shawn BIG TEAM MONTH in Halifax - GM Shawn Ties Personal Best - Two seasons after having an 83 point month in Halifax, GM Shawn tie his personal best month again.  Led by Henrik Sedin's 22, Shawn became the first GM to hit 80+ this season.  Lidstrom had 16, Franzen 14, Backes 12, Ryder 10, Horton 6 and the weakest link was Seguin at just 3.  Halifax ended with a 21 point week and are now 31 points up on fifth, first in the East.


GM Chad (Dec 12th/10) - GM Chad BIG TEAM NIGHT in Toronto - Leafs Tighten North - GM Chad had four players score two points and two others add one each for a 10 point night in Toronto, further tightening an already tight North Division.  Daniel Sedin, Purcell, Knuble and Shattenkirk were deuces wild while the wild's Miettinen was his lone holdout on the night.  Roy and Ruttu added the singles for the double digit delight, placing Toronto in third in the North, 5 points up on Chicago (Andrew) who has free fell through the division from first to fifth in 5 weeks.


GM Matt (Dec 4th/10) - GM Matt BIG TEAM NIGHT in Indianapolis - Gagne Leads Icemen -
GM Matt tied his career best night with 10 points in Indianapolis last evening.  "Gagne looks awesome" said Matt, quite happy about Gagne's 5th point in 9 games after adding 3 points to lead the way on the night.  Mike Richards, Fleischmann and Langenbrunner added two each as the 10th point came from Ribeiro in OT to round out the night.  GM Matt's Icemen now are in 4th in the South.


GM Chad (Nov 27th/10) - GM Chad BIG TEAM NIGHT in Pittsburgh - Waiver Paying For Pens! 
GM Chad could not be more happy this week, how things have unfolded.  Letang continues to pile the points and the Pens added 10 more as a team Saturday night, including three by newly acquired Doan.  "It was a great waiver pick" said Muddy Capone, "Any Staal will look great in this lineup in a few weeks."  Crosby added three and Keith added the 10th for Chad's Pens who are only one point out of the Eastern Division lead.  "If Brassard or Laich were only playing" stated Chad, "The 12 point night was right there."  GM Chad may finally get that first 12 point night with this team as it is pretty solid.


GM Tyson (Nov 14th/10) - GM Tyson BIG TEAM NIGHT in St Louis - Tyson Adds To Resume. 
GM Tyson won an NHLP Championship in his Rookie season, even though he never once hit double digits on any single night.  That all changed Saturday, as GM Tyson became the first GM this season to reach 12 points in a night, a new high for the 7 player format and in doing so became the 23rd GM in 21 years to hit the 12 plus mark.  To make the night more amazing, Tyson only had 4 players playing.  Led by a huge 5 point night by Ray Whitney the Blues went from 5th in the South to 2nd.  Others helping out were 3 points by Vrbata and 2 each from Kesler and Raymond.  "It is always a big night, even after all these years" stated historian Muddy Capone, "Here you have Charlie just doing it last season, in year 10, for the first time and GM Chad, two Cups in his 13 seasons, but still never a 12 point night."  Besides Chad, others yet to milk it for a dozen on a single night include 4th year GM Joel, 3rd year GM Matt and 2nd season GM's Mike and Ray.


GM Charlie (Nov 11th/10) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT in New York - The first NHLP team to reach 10 points this season in one night is GM Charlie's NY Rangers.  Charlie who entered the night last in the East didn't gain much on the teams right in front, as they both had 7 point nights.  It was a high scoring night overall in the NHL and NHLP, but no one this season has had 10.  Ovechkin led with 3, while two points apiece came from Filppula and Homstrom.  Singles were added by Zherdev, Gomez and Leino.  Fehr, hardly a surprise at all, was off the scoresheet.  Congrats Chuck.


Memorable Nights in 2009/10



Kovalchuk - 3
Zetterberg - 3
Elias - 3
Elias - 3
Filppula - 3
Kronwall - 2


It is really difficult to try and put what occurred into perspective.  There have been so many happenings that have materialized in 20 years.  The NHLP history is a copious of moments.  Many of which have generated in a split second while others took years to shape into just one story.  Sometimes events are singular in nature while others are being built with each passing day, sometimes without us even knowing what we are creating.   

Jr's achievement stands alone in any single nights events over 20 years.  Nothing in 20 years that developed in hours can compare.  The fact it happened on a playoff night means even more.  This night will forever be etched with the other 'copious of moments' over the passed 20 years.  The night GM Jr absolutely achieved the biggest night in league history.


GM's Ryan and Scott (April 12/10) Ryan in Boston 29 and Scott in San Fran 26 - BIG TEAM WEEKS - Of course no teams ever hit the 30 mark, so I have been giving credit for 25 point weeks.  GM Ryan had 29 in Boston, a crazy feat which shows how hard 30 is to get seeing as Ryan's Bruins had a 10 and 12 point night this week and still didn't crack 30.  Crosby had 12 points and 4 players, Gonchar, Guerin, Goligoski and Dupuis all had 4.  Langenbrunner feels like a smuck, only getting a point.  GM Scott also hit the mark with 26 in San Fran where Backstrom had 9 and Semin and Semin 7 each.  His beats were Yip, Corvo and Corvo who all did get one.


League Scoring Week to Remember - RECORD SCORING WEEK?  Although there aren't statistics for everything, how can't this be one of the highest scoring weeks in history?  For 5 straight nights a team has hit 10 plus points which is something we just cannot recall.  How good are these teams this week?  Boston CTR #4 (Ryan) had a 12 and 10 point week, San Fran #2 (Scott) had a 12, Dallas #9 (Jr) had a NHLP record 15 point night, and GM Andrew in Los Angeles #3 hit 10 points tonight.  Some serious teams who all hope the same fate holds them when all is said and done for although this is all nice, winning the NHLP Championship is truly the only thing that matters.


GM Andrew (April 11/10) - GM Andrew in Los Angeles - BIG TEAM NIGHT -GM Andrew has made it very clear his CTR 3rd ranked Kings are for real and quite ready for the show to begin.  A 10 point night to finish the season and capture 1st place in the Pacific Division.  Crosby and Malkin combined for 9 points and Datsyuk added the 10th point as Andrew now prepares for Portland (Chad) in the first round. (10)


GM Ryan (April 11/10) - GM Ryan in Boston - BIG TEAM NIGHT - GM Ryan is sending a message that his team is read for the playoffs.  Just three nights after an amazing 12 point night, GM Ryan hit the mother load again, this time with a 10 point night from the same Bruins team.  Ryan who looks like he'll end the week with 29 points had 5 from Crosby, 2 from Goligoski and singles from Gonchar, Dupuis and Langenbrunner.  Boston is the top ranked Eastern team in the CTR at 4th overall, so this high scoring comes at no surprise.  Ryan is clearly ready for the playoffs and will face Montreal (Marcel) who only has a 5 player playoff team. (10)


GM Jr (April 10/10) - GM Jr in Dallas BIG GM NIGHT.  GM Jr not only had the biggest team night in NHLP history, he also had the third highest GM night ever with a total of 31 points on his four teams.  Dallas had 15, Memphis 9, New Jersey 7 and Calgary had 0, despite all 6 players playing.  The NHLP record was 34.  Easy to see why GM's would rather not play Jr's high scoring teams starting next week.


It only took one day shy of 20 full NHLP seasons to finally occur, but GM Jr in Dallas had a night for the ages, becoming the first ever GM to hit the 15 point barrier.  Jr, in his 15th year as a GM, had a previous best of 12 in a night.  "No one can imagine how amazing this feat is" said GM Scott.  "This is the only time in the last 3600 nights of regular season hockey that this has happened."  No doubt Jr's Stars can score.  Tonight they scored 8 points in less then 2 minutes in the Vancouver Canucks game, with back to back goals of Henrik Sedin from Daniel Sedin and Bieska.  Those are 4 point goals each for Jr who ended the night with Henrik, Henrik and Daniel having 4 points each and Bieska 3 for his 15.  Demitra had nothing and Schneider did not play as he is injured.  This is the third straight night a GM has hit the 12+ barrier as GM's Ryan and Scott had accomplish this over the past two nights.  


GM Scott (April 9/10) - GM Scott in San Fran BIG TEAM NIGHT
The Ole' 5 Point Goal - Backstrom from Semin and Corvo is a dream goal for GM Scott in San Fran this season and one that occurred Friday in GM Scott's 12 point night.  "I don't ever recall a 6 point goal in NHL history" says Muddy Capone, "So a 5 is pretty sweet".  GM Scott had his 5th 12+ point night in his 20 year NHLP career and became the first GM in NHLP history to have the same team hit 12+ twice in one season.  Semin, Semin and Backstrom each had three while Corvo, Corvo and Yip had one each.


GM Ryan (April 8/10) - GM Ryan in Boston BIG TEAM NIGHT
Bruins Back to 12 After 16 Years - The first ever NHLP team to reach 12 points in one night was the Boston Bruins under the guidance of GM Ian at the time, "It was something that had never done at the time" states Muddy Capone who remembers the first ever NHLP 12 point night, "In 1994-95 Ian has three Russians on his team, all playing for the Sharks at the time and they all got four points each in the same game".  Research shows us it was Igor Larionov, Sergei Makarov and Victor Kozlov who had the 12 points between them for the NHLP to take notice.  The 12 point barrier was only ever achieved once more with a 5 player team, that being Jr's Flames in 1999-00.  So GM Ryan was back at it Thursday night, 16 years after the fact Sergei Gonchar, another Russian was helping Ryan to his second best night ever (Ryan had a 13 point night last year).  Crosby did lead the way with 4 points while Guerin 3, Gonchar 2, Dupuis 2 and Goligoski rounded out the 12.


GM Andrew (April 3/10) - GM Andrew in Los Angeles BIG TEAM NIGHT - GM Andrew is wishing his last week was the NHLP Playoffs.  Scoring at will one of the best ever NHLP built teams had an 11 point night an took over first place in the Pacific.  "Crosby, Malkin, Datsyuk, Franzen.  You wonder how it is even possible" said Muddy Capone.  Crosby had 3 while four other players added two points, Malkin, Datsyuk, Franzen and Clarkson.


GM Jr (March 31/10) - GM Jr in Dallas BIG TEAM MONTH - One of the most crazy looking 83 point months in NHLP history with three guys over 20 and three players under 10.  If this team was together all year, who knows if a 100 would be possible, but the Sedin's just can't do any more by themselves than the 70 points they got from Jr's three players, Henrik 24, Hank 24 and Daniel 22.  The lower three players chipped in a combined 13 points, even though all did miss some time during the month.  Demitra ended with 7, Schneider 4 and Bieska 2.  Jr's month was the second highest of the season (Indy Matt had 88 in January) and was only the second, and final, GM to hit the 80 mark all season.  If the team scores like this come the playoffs, as long as Vancouver is playing, no GM will want this team. 


GM Andrew (March 2nd/10) - GM Andrew BIG GM NIGHT - What a great way to start the home stretch for GM Andrew.  Team nights of 8,6,6 and 5 gave Andrew the NHLP's first 25+ point night in 2010, joining GM's Jr and Scott who have had Big GM Nights this season.


GM Andrew (Feb 15th/10) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM WEEK -  GM Andrew is having a great time cheering for the Ottawa Senators, the same three that GM Henry gave up on at the turning point in all their seasons.  Andrew's Hartford Whalers had a 15 point week from Kovalev (7), Spezza (6) and Alfredsson (2), his Senator contingent, and sailed on through to a 25 point week leading into the Olympic break.  Carter with 5, Gagne 3 and Guerin 2 rounded out the 25 point week, only the second Big Team Week (Indy, Matt 27) this season and Andrew's first in several years.  Only one team had a big team week last season.


GM Charlie (Feb 8th/10) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT - It makes it easier to hit a 25+ point week when you have 14 in one night, but it is never a guarantee.  GM Charlie had a great week in Phoenix ending at 26 points and moving from last into second place in the Southwest.  This is the second Big Team Week of the season in the NHLP, one week after Indy (Matt) did it just last week (Matt followed it up with 24 this week).  The coyotes had 10 points from Backstrom and four from each of Arnott, Callahan and Callahan.  Dumont added 3 and Drury chipped in a lone point.


GM Charlie (Feb 4th/10) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT - NHLP HISTORY IN PHOENIX - GM Charlie tied the all-time best NHLP night in one he soon won't forget, "I counted it down from 11" said Charlie who was all over the huge night as it was occurring.  "2010 seems to be GM Charlie's year" said Muddy Capone.  After 10 years in the league, on January 2nd Charlie had his biggest night ever, hitting the elusive 12 point night for the first time.  Now a month later he goes to 14, tying Andrew, Henry, Shawn and Scott.  The amazing thing is this is the 3rd time this season 14 points has been hit in one night, after only happening twice in 19 NHLP seasons.  The Big Team Night was started in the New York Ranger, Washington game where Charlie got 9 points, 5 from Backstom and two each from Callahan and Callahan.  Drury did not have a point in that game, but Arnott later had a 4 point game and Dumont rounded out the 14.  Phoenix goes from last place too only 2 points from Second in the southwest on the same night GM Joel dropped 11 points in the Crosby deal.


GM Matt (Jan 31st/10) - GM Matt BIG TEAM MONTH - BIGGEST NIGHT IN NHLP HISTORY! A new NHLP record by Indianapolis (Matt) at 88 points for the month of January.  Lead by Ovechkin's 26 and Burrows 22, for 48 points in the month, over half the total, the Icemen have been flying.  With four Capitals all scoring, Knuble's 14 and 14, Laich 9 and Lucic 3 the month could have been much higher still.  Officially there may have been higher months over the years but the records were not kept officially for this but it is know the 80 point barrier is the mark of a great month, accomplished usually about twice a season at best.  Last season the best month was GM Shawn who hit 83 in a month where he had a 37 point week and a 14 point night.  Seventeen NHLP teams this past week did not crack over 10 points for the week, so it is hard to imagine 4 straight weeks of 20+ to accomplish the feat of 80+ in the month.


GM Matt (Jan 31st/10) - GM Matt BIG TEAM WEEK - GM Matt is holding nothing back and led the way with a 27 point week of all NHLP teams last week.  Ovehckin and both Knubles were all 6 point getters for 18, while Burrows stays one of the hottest in the league adding in 5.  Laich three and the recently returned from injury Lucic added in a point for the 27.  This was the first NHLP team to hit 25+ this entire season.


GM Scott (Jan 23rd/10) - GM Scott BIG TEAM NIGHT - The San Fran Titan (Scott) had a nice night from three players as they scored 10 between them.  Semin and Semin tallied 8 points while Parise added a pair.  This is GM Scott's second Big Night of the season, both times here in San Fran.  On December 3rd this team had a 12 point night, again lead by Semin and Semin getting 4 points each that night as well.  


GM Charlie (Jan 17th/10) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT - Just two weeks after his best night ever GM Charlie became the second team to hit 10+ in 2010, the other also being his.  Tonight it was his Phoenix teams turn as Callahan and Callahan each had 4 point nights and Drury chipped in the final two.  Backstrom played tonight but was held scoreless.  Charlie went from 10 points back to tied for 4th tonight.


GM Charlie (Jan 2nd/10) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT - CAREER NIGHT FOR GM CHARLIE.  It only took into his 10th season, about 1710 hockey nights, but GM Charlie finally got his 12 point night.  The BIG NIGHT came in Anaheim where Afinogenov and Afinogenov each had 4 point nights.  The 12 were rounded out by two each from Hossa and Kopecky.  GM Charlie had reached 11 several times over the years but finally hitting the 12 is a great feeling for Chuck.  This now leaves GM Chadwick with the longest dry spell without a 12 point night.  Chad who is in the middle of season 12, has won two Cups, but the 12 point night has just never happened.


GM Jr (Dec 31/09) - GM Jr BIG GM NIGHT - GM Jr ends 2009 with a 25 point night amongst his 4 teams, his biggest night of the season and the 4th GM to hit 25+ this season.  GM Henry has the biggest GM night of the season with 27 points on October 22nd.  This is the biggest night for GM Jr in over a year.  On December 23rd last season Jr had a 10-7-7-3 (27) point night.  Tonight's memorable night was a 9-8-6-2 (25) point night. 


GM Andrew (Dec 23/09) - GM Andrew BIG TEAM NIGHT - It only took 13 and a half years but GM Andrew finally had his 12 point night.  He even decided, "Why stop there", and added 2 more to tie the all time biggest night in league history with 14 total points.  GM Andrew has won four NHLP Cup Championships in his first 13 years in the NHLP, but the elusive 12 point night was always hanging over his head until tonight.  "By NHLP Yearbook estimates, at 180 hockey nights per season, it has taken Andrew almost 2500 hockey nights to have a night this big" said Muddy Capone.  "That number seems hard to believe and however easy we think 15 points in one night is, it still has never been accomplished in 20 seasons.  For GM Scott that is 3510 hockey nights to date without a 15 point night."  The memorable night was a total team effort as all 6 players chipped in, led by Kunitz who had a 4 point night while Mike Richards and Gonchar had 3 apiece.  Brad Richards had 2 and the Campbell boys had a single each.  Andrew ties GM's Henry, Shawn and Scott as the four GM's to hit the one-shy of 15 mark so far in NHLP history.  The NHLP started paying attention to these records in the first couple seasons when GM Ian had a than shocking 12 point night, with only 5 players then when his three San Jose Shark players each had 4 point games in the same night.  It then almost took 8 years before the feat was done again by GM Jr, the only other GM to ever have 12 or more points with only 5 NHLP players.  All but one season since 2001 the NHLP has carried 6 players per team and the 12+ point night has been occurring more frequently even though GM's Chad (12 years) and Charlie (10 years) have yet to hit the mark. (14)


GM Scott (Dec 5/09) - GM Scott BIG GM NIGHT - The NHLP's second largest Big GM Night of the season now belongs to GM Scott who had 26 tonight, outscoring what GM Matt accomplished on October 8th.  Last season only three GM's had 25+ point nights, which is the total of all 4 of your teams scoring in the same night, and so far this season now Scott became number three to accomplish the feat.  Scott had nights of 9-7-5-5 for a total of 26.


GM Scott (Dec 3/09) - GM Scott BIG TEAM NIGHT - GM Scott had a 12 point night, the fourth GM in 6 nights to have a Big Team Night.  San Fran tonight was lead by Semin and Semin, each getting 4 points, while both Okposo and Kessel added two points each.  "I could have had 13" said GM Scott, "Nielson missed the empty net and Semin a break away with 15 seconds left in the game."  How big is 12 points?  Well GM Scott has been in the league 20 years and this is his 4th such night.  Considering the NHL season has 180 nights a season, GM Scott has only had a night this big once ever 903 hockey nights.  If you think that seems crazy, for GM Andrew it has been about 2520 hockey nights and GM Chad 2160 hockey nights without a 12 point night.  Cherish it when you get it!!!


GM Chad (Dec 2/09) - GM Chad BIG TEAM NIGHT - GM Chad in Toronto had his biggest in over two years as he put ten points on the board, moving from 5th to 3rd in the Northeast in just one night.  Stastny led the way with 4 points while both Arnott and Edler chipped in 3 point nights each.  The 10 points was one off the 12th year GM's all time best night.  This was the third Big Team Night in five days in the NHLP, all in Northeast Division as Boston (Ryan) and Ottawa (Michael and Ray) both had back to back Big Nights on the 28th and 29th.  GM Henry, also in the Northeast chipped in 7 points tonight as well.


GM's Michael and Ray (Nov 29/09) - GM's Michael and Ray BIG TEAM NIGHT - Co-GM's Michael and Ray had the 6th Big Team Night of the season, their second of the year and the 10 points tied their career best so far in Ottawa.  Elias lead the way with 4 while Langenbrunner and Ehrhoff added dueces with the final pair of points to Kane and Bernier.  Still in last place in the Northeast, Elias has the team moving up the standings and are not only 6 points out of a playoff spot.


GM Ryan (Nov 28/09) - GM Ryan BIG TEAM NIGHT - Ponikarovsky and Koivu had 7 points between them only to be shipped to the minors by GM Ryan in Boston who was two points off his career high.  Thornton added another three himself while a single went to Gonchar, "I'll keep those two" said Ryan as he than unloaded 4 guys with the waiver.  Tough to wait all year for that one special night only to not be able to enjoy it to its full extent. 

GM Joel (Nov 20/09) - GM Joel BIG TEAM NIGHT - GM Joel had the Big Night as his Buffalo Sabres scored 10 tonight with only four guys playing.  Kovalchuk and Fisher each had three while Ryder and Wideman had 2 each for the 10 points.  Twice last season Joel also made the 10 point mark.


GM's Michael and Ray (Nov 14/09) - GM Michael and Ray BIG TEAM NIGHT - GM's Michael and Ray thanked Zetterberg for their huge 10 point night, there first ever.  Zetterberg's value is starting to climb as Detroit is on fire, scoring 19 goals in their last three games and climbing into a playoff spot, now 6th in the West.  Wheeler and Recchi also chipped in with two each and Zubrus added the 10th point.


GM Henry (October 22/09) - GM Henry BIG GM NIGHT - HENRY HAS 27!  In just 19 days GM Henry is doing some remarkable things.  With his four teams combining for 27 tonight on nights of 14-6-4-3, Henry becomes the highest night getting GM so far in 2009/10.  GM Matt did have a 25 point night on October 8th.  It would not come as a surprise with Henry's season if he eclipses the all-time NHLP mark for a GM in one night of 34 for he just seems to be making this GM thing look a little easy.


GM Henry (October 22/09) - GM Henry BIG TEAM NIGHT - BIGGEST NIGHT IN NHLP HISTORY?  That is RIGHT GM HENRY!!!  It is just coming a little to easy for rookie GM Henry who was shocked when he heard his 14 point night tied "The biggest Night in NHLP History" he responded in awe?  How exactly do you make it look like a great feat to a rookie GM who is just tearing up the league with his high scoring teams?  How do you let him know that a 15 point night has never been achieved in 220 GM-Man Years combining the last 20 years of NHLP GM's?  Henry's San Jose Sharks are now a part of NHLP history as they racked up 14 points from 5 players tonight being lead by Penner's 5 point night, 3 from Gagner and Spezza, 2 from Alfredsson,  and the final point from Tanguay.  Henry's 6th player is in the minors, Nylander.


GM Matt (October 8/09) - GM Matt BIG GM NIGHT - After only occurring 4 times all last season, GM Matt has a Big GM Night in the first week of our new season.  Matt had 25 points on nights of 9-9-5-2.  This is a first time accomplishment for Matt and a difficult thing to do for any GM.  The all time NHLP record is 34 while GM Charlie had 33 on October 18th last season.

GM Henry (October 8/09) - GM Henry BIG TEAM NIGHT - GM Henry becomes the first GM this season to record 10 points in a single night, after happening only 18 times last season.  Henry's first career 10 point night happened in Halifax where Heatley led the way with 4 points while Kopitar added 3 more.  singles where chipped in by Doan, Rolston and Brunette while Stempniak didn't play.  The all time NHLP record is shared by Halifax having 14 points in a night.  It might not seem a lot but no GM in 20 seasons has topped 15 points on a team in just one night and only 13 times has 12 points or more been accomplished.

Yearbook All Time Big Nights

      The Big Night Award January December  November October
No Winner          


Memorable Nights in 2008/09


GM Jr (April 9/09) - GM Jr in Calgary - It has been 8 seasons since Jr had his career high 12 point night and tonight he came as close as you can come to tying it.  Calgary didn't get there but showed what his team can do in round one with an 11 point night.  Bergeron twice lead the way with 3 points, Chara and Zetterberg adding 2 each while Savard rounded out the night.  This was Jr's 4th Big Team Night of the season and with three days left on the Schedule we are guessing the NHLP's last one of 2008-09.


GM Shawn (April 2/09) - GM Shawn in Halifax - Another 10 point night for Halifax.  Not many NHLP teams are ever this hot, for this long.  To no ones surprise, the Sedin's had 6 more points between them and Markov added two more on the way to another Big Night for GM Shawn.  


GM Shawn (March 2008-09) - GM Shawn in Halifax - BIG TEAM MONTH.  March belonged to Halifax and GM Shawn.  For the first time this year a GM had a 80+ point team in one month.  Halifax ended with 83 points for just a wicked month.  Lead by the Sedin's, Henrik 19 and Daniel 18, every player at least had 10 points.  Tanguay 13, Markov 12, Pavelski 11 and Laich 10 rounded out the month.  The question is can Montreal get into the playoffs or will this be a first round disappointment with only 4 players?  We'll know it all in just 12 short days.


GM Shawn (March 29/09) - GM Shawn in Halifax - BIG TEAM WEEK.  Hard to belief this one didn't happen all year until now but Halifax is having just an great time of scoring right now.  Earlier in the week they tied a 19 year old NHLP record with 14 points in a night and now are the first NHLP team in 2008-09 to hit 30 points in a week.  They finished the week with 37!!!!  Henrik Sedin had 9, Daniel Sedin 8, Tanguay 8, Markov 5, Laich 4 and Pavelski 3.

GM Shawn (March 24/09) - GM Shawn in Halifax - RECORD TYING NIGHT IN HALFIAX.  GM Shawn shocked everyone on Tuesday night when he had 14 points on a relatively low scoring night.  "39 teams in the league had 3 points or less and the Destroyers were unstoppable" said Muddy Capone.  This is the first time GM Shawn has been over 12.  His scoring came from all 5 players playing including Tanguay's 5 point Big Night.  The Sedin's chipped in 5 between them, even with Henrik losing his front teeth in the process and without missing a shift, came back to score his very next shift, "I knew this was important to Shawn" mumbled Sedin after the game.  Markov 3 and Laich 1 rounded out the 14 points.


GM Joel (March 17/09) - GM Joel in Buffalo, like Ryan tonight, had a Big Team Night and like Ryan was one point away from a Big GM Night, as both ended with 24 points on the night.  Malkin's 5 and Blake's 3 were Joel's scoring tonight, ending with 10.  This moved his Sabres team from last into 5th and only 8 points out heading into the deadline weekend.


GM Ryan (March 17/09) - GM Ryan in Green Bay had never had a 12 point night but on Tuesday he was one point away from tying the all-time biggest night of 14 points.  Ryan's 13 point night came mainly from 3 players as Malkin had 5, Gonchar 4 and Thornton 3.  You have to love this teams power and potential for this coming playoffs if Pittsburgh stays hot


GM Andrew (March 10/09) - GM Andrew lit the lamp often tonight with 25 points on his four teams, but not a 10+ point night from any one.  Nights were 7-6-6-6 let by Scott Hartnell twice for 8 points.


GM Glen (March 7/09) - GM Glen in Winnipeg and an 11 point night Nash twice with 3 and Bergeron twice with 2 made for a nice night while Cheechoo added a point late.  "We were totally embarrassed by the CTR's comments" said GM Glen, "The guys just wanted to come out and play hard for us tonight."

GM Jr (Feb 28/09) - GM Jr in Calgary had a 10 point night.  With Hossa and Lucic both playing, but out with injury, the stage was potentially set for an all time high.  "Jr was calling this all week" said th Yearbook East.  Ribiero, sullivan and Savard all had 3 each for Cagary.


GM Marcel (Feb 21.09) - GM Marcel in Nashville has a 10 point night on all the early games with no one left tonight.  He was lead by a great night by Sid The Kid who had 4 points.  This is the first time this year Marcel has hit double digits.


GM Andrew (Feb19/09) - GM Andrew has won 4 NHLP cups - more than any GM, yet he has never had a 12 point night.  Well tonight, Mike Richards had a 2-3-5 point night and GM Andrew has him twice in Chicago.  That is 10 points right there with Markov and Shanahan playing.  Markov got one and Shanny was shut out and GM Andrew could only tie his career best night.  Congrats!


GM Jr (Feb 15/09) - GM Jr had a sweet 11 point night just days after his Dallas team loaded up and he told his fan base, "Only an act of god can keep this team down for long."  Well, the first night they play together they have an 11 point night.  We expect more, as this team is solid.


GM Glen (Jan 31/09) - GM Glen became only the second GM in 19 years to have a 13 point night.  This was one off the all time record of 14 points in a night.  He could have easily had the 14 but Simon Gagne, his last player was pointless.  Glen Started with Ovechkin and Green getting 2 each and then got 3 points from each of Scott Niedermayer and James Neal twice.

GM Glen (Jan 31/09) - GM Glen had a 25 point night, 13-5-4-3.

GM Joel (Jan 17/09) - GM Joel had a 10 point night in Las Vegas.  Vegas is the topped ranked team under the CTR Power Rankings.  This is the first 10 point night of 2009 and Joel's first of this season.


GM Jr (Dec 23/08) - GM Jr had one for the ages as he scored 27 points tonight including a 10 point night in Memphis and two other teams grabbing 7 points and his low was a 3.  This was the second best night this season for any GM and was a pretty sweet Christmas gift for GM Jr.


GM Jr (Dec 23/08) - GM Jr in Memphis had a 10 point night.  This is the first time Jr has had 10 this year.  Marleau lead the way with three and three others had 2 point nights.


GM Charlie (Dec 12/08) - GM Charlie in Anaheim had an 11 point night, all from the same NHL game.  This is the second time Chuck has had 11 in a game this year and the 4th time it has been done.


GM Glen (Dec 2 08) - GM Glen in Atlantic City on the strength of Joe Thornton`s 4 point night has a 10 point night.  Atlantic City had a 12 point night in 2006-07 which was Glen`s career best.


GM Ryan (Nov. 6/08) - GM Ryan tied a career best night for himself tonight with 11 points in Green Bay.  The Knights Bertuzzi and Malkin with three points each.  Elias was the only player not to play tonight for the Knights.


GM Matt (Oct 23/08) - GM Matt had his career best and it didn't even take him 100 total games of the schedule.  Matt had four points from Patrick Marleau on his way to his first ever double digits night with 10 points in Seattle.


GM Charlie (Oct 18/08) - GM Charlie had a career night.  His four teams combined for 33 points, 11-9-8-and 5 respectively.

GM Charlie (Oct 18/08) - GM Charlie's Miami Surf had an 11 point night.


GM Andrew (Oct 16/08) - GM Andrew's Washington Capitals had an 11 point night.


Yearbook All Time Big Nights
GM Jr broke out the record books for us and here are the all time Big Nights.  Charlie and Andrew both had career Big Nights with 11 points.  Here are the other historical big nights.

14 points
Shawn - Halifax Destroyers - 2008-09
Scott – Edmonton Oil – 2006-07

13 points
Ryan - Green Bay Knights - 2008-09
Glen - San Diego Griffins - 2008-09
Marcel – Florida Panthers – 2007-08

12 point night GMs 
Shawn – Detroit Red Wings – 2007-08
Scott – Edmonton Oil – 2006-07
Glen – Atlantic City Gamblers – 2006-07
Shawn – New Orleans Wolverines – 2005-06
Scott – Philadelphia Flyer – 2005-06
Brady – Vancouver Canucks – 2005-06
Jr. – Calgary Flames 1999-00
Ian – Boston (His 3 Sharks had 4 point nights)


The BIG Night 2008-09

      The Big Night Award April March February
 Andrew 25  2 - Laich, M. Green, 3 - Sharp, Hartnell, Hartnell 4 - Kovalchuk, Ryder, M. Richards, M. Richards
 Chad 22 2 - Booth, M. Green, 3 - Zetterberg,, Guerin, Guerin 5 - Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Zetterberg, Ribeiro, M. Green
 Charlie 20 1- Carter 2 - Erat, O. Jokinen 4 - Crosby, Bertuzzi, Bertuzzi, Carter
 Glen 26 1 - E. Staal 7 - Ovechkin, Nash, Nash, Gagne, H. Sedin, E. Staal, Iginla 3 - Iginla, Vanek, M. Green
 Joel 14   4 - Malkin, Kunitz, Kunitz, Connolly 2 - Franzen, Lombardi
 Jr. 20 2 - Kessel, Recchi, 4 - Erat, Cammalleri, Gagne, O. Jokinen 5 - Franzen, Lidstrom, Thornton, Parise, Ribeiro
 Marcel 27  1 - Recchi, 2 - D. Sedin, E. Staal 4 - Toews, Crosby, Kopitar, Kopitar
 Matt 17 4- Booth, Hossa, Hossa, Carter 1 - H. Sedin, 3 - Cullen, Datsyuk, Carter
 Ryan 18 1 - E. Staal 2 - Ovechkin, Malkin 3 - Thornton, Parise, Lombardi
 Scott 28 2 - Kessel, Boyes 4 - Huselius, Huselius, Getzlaf, Zetterberg, 3 - Zetterberg,, Datsyuk, Zetterberg,
 Shawn 16 2 - Laich, Boyes 2 - D. Sedin, Tanguay 2 - Ryder, Vanek
 Vinnie 1   4Tanguay, Cammalleri, Sharp, Iginla 2 - Toews, Iginla
Minors 48 2 - Tkachuk, D. Backes 12 - M. Frolik, S. Niedermayer, Lisin, Gaborik, Ponikarovsky, S. Gagner, R. Suter, Streit,  Lundmark, Handzus,  Moss,  Sim 8 - Smyth, Stamkos, Kovalchuk, St. Louis, Edler, Samsonov, Boyes, Svatos,
No Winner 22  1 - (8) 4 - (16, 11, 9, 4) 2 - (25, 23)

      The Big Night Award January December  November October
 Andrew 16 4 - M. Richards, M. Richards, Stafford, Hemsky 4 - St. Louis, Malkin, Sykora, Pominville 6- Malkin, Horcoff, Horcoff, Backstrom, Antropov, Booth 2 - M. Richards, M. Koivu
 Chad 1 1 - Ribeiro 4 - Cammalleri, Gionta, Zherdev, Heatley, 4 - Cammalleri,  Zherdev, Semin, Parrish 3 - Gagne, Brunnstrom, M. Green 
 Charlie 13  2 - Crosby, Kovalchuk, 4 - Zherdev, Crosby, Heatley, Bouchard 6 - Crosby, Zherdev, Crosby, Savard, J. Staal,  Kovalchuk 1 - Crosby
 Glen 15  4 - J. Neal, J. Neal, Ovechkin, Lang 6 - Iginla, Savard, Hartnell, Iginla, Lang,  Thornton, 3 - Ovechkin, Ovechkin, Iginla 2 - Gagne, Lucic
 Joel 8  3 - Clowe, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin   3 - Ovechkin, Ovechkin, Semin 2 - Ribeiro, Ribeiro
 Jr. 9 1 - Ribeiro 4 - Elias, Timonen, Thornton, Bouchard 2 - R. Blake, Kovalchuk 2 - Doan, Marleau
 Marcel 19 2 - Crosby, Toews 7 - Savard, E. Staal, E. Staal, D. Sedin  Spezza, Phaneuf, Crosby 6- Crosby, E. Staal, E. Staal, Crosby, Savard, Kopitar 4 - Spezza, Crosby, Spezza, D. Sedin 
 Matt 9  3 - Zidlicky, Datsyuk, Hudler 1- Datsyuk   5 - Perry, Perry, Marleau, Weber, Tanguay
 Ryan 12   8 - Hartnell, Elias, Malkin, Gionta, Sykora, Pominville, Spezza, Stastny 2 - Malkin, Hemsky 2 - Spezza, Spezza, 
 Scott 19 4 - Hemsky, Datsyuk, Ryan, Ryan 3 - Wideman, Wideman, Datsyuk 7 - Getzlaf, Getzlaf, Kopitar, Getzlaf, Getzlaf, Sharp, Hemsky 5 - Doan, Stamkos, Getzlaf, Getzlaf, Sharp
 Shawn 10 3 - Lecavalier, Lang,  Hudler 2 - D. Sedin  Lang, 3 - Kovalev, Plekanec, Plekanec 2 - Richards, D. Sedin
 Vinnie 12  2 - Clowe, Toews 5 - Iginla, Cammalleri, Iginla, Timonen, Phaneuf, 4 - Cammalleri,  Backstrom, Iginla, Kovalev 1 - Tanguay
Minors 26  8 - Nash, E. Moreau, J. Blake, Cole, Filatov, W. Mitchell, Ellis, Nash 8 - M. Lapiere, Byfulglien, S. Kozlov, Smyth, Stajan, Goligoski, Crombeen, Ladd 7 - Stafford, Glencross, Zubrus Versteeg, Bolland, Grabovski. Ladd 3 - Miettinen, Voros, Little
No Winner 15  4 - (29, 11, 5, 4) 2- (15, 14) 4 - (17, 16, 13, 10) 5 (21, 20, 12, 5, 4)