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Highlights for 2019/20  2018/19 Playoff Highlights





Winter Meeting Time Moved to 10 AM

The NHLP Minors was frozen and pecking order sent to all GM's ahead of the 30th NHLP Winter Meeting.  We would like to get started as close to 10 AM as possible.  GM Ryan is hosting the meeting.


Drafts Him First Overall - Gets Him Back With Waiver Included

GM Shawn's good fortunes continue.  Shawn who drafted Kucherov first overall in this years draft, traded Kucherov to GM Matt for Pastrnak just five weeks ago, only to reacquire Kucherov today, along with the Indianapolis Waiver next season.  "First overall picks, extra Waivers, NHLP Cup, GM Shawn is living the good life" stated Muddy Capone.  For Matt he appears to have now given up Pastrnak, Kucherov and a 2020/21 Waiver for Kuznetsov.  In other NHLP News GM Bryce traded the Saturday Waiver from Portland to Barrie Island (Joel) who have stated they are trying to trade Gourde, off the hot Tampa Bay Lightning, who are set to pass Toronto for second position in the NHL's Atlantic Division 


 Quebec Aggressiveness Moves Team Out of Basement

GM Matt decided he could help two GM's with a minor injury problem, sending both Guentzel's to the Minors for GM's Andrew and Scott.  After it was said and done the Nordiques moved off the East Division floor, gaining 16 points and into second in the Division.  "The team can score and has a playoff vibe" said Matt, "We also took the highest scoring guy out of the Minors and some others."  The GM stated he wanted those players but being in a last place position heading into the Winter Meeting he'd not be able to compete for them.  "That is why these Waivers before the meeting are so important, you don't have to get into bidding wars" added Matt.  Quebec added Konecny, Dadonov, Theodore, Theodore, Werenski and Haula.  The Portland Winter Hawks have the Waiver on Saturday, the final Waiver prior to Monday mornings NHLP player point freeze. 


GM Bryce Makes First Trade

GM Bryce made his first ever player move, hooking up with GM Andrew.  Bryce traded Pettersson and Vesey, adding what he hopes is two playoff players in Kreider and Thomas.  With Kreider an UFA there is a strong chance he does move as other teams look for pieces to help win a Stanley Cup.  Pettersson is potentially a big piece to give away, but with McDavid the GM knew it would be hard for both Edmonton and Vancouver to make the NHL playoffs.  The team still has 50 points to work with, so can do anything, if it can find teams willing to take points.  What happens to McDavid/Edmonton, staying, being traded, making or missing the NHL playoffs, will ultimately determine if Portland is any kind of threat in 2020. 


 Career Month For Andrew in Chicago

After only seeing two 88+ months in a full decade, the NHLP has seen three so far in the 2019/20 season.  Although four teams reached 80+, which is a nice month, GM Andrew dipped into the 90's, ending with a career best 94 for the month of December.  Huberdeau led the team with a 22 while Zibanajad 17, Guentzel 16, and Kreider 12 had double digit points.  Three players ended with 9, Landeskog, Yandle and Thomas.  Teams don't stay together long and with the January 2nd Waiver, at least three players will be gone from the roster.  The NHLP record for points in a month was set in December 2011 by GM Jr in Dallas when his Stars, led by the 22 points of Henrik Sedin, had a 102 point month.


 Reigning Champs Retool

GM Shawn thinks the new-look Halifax Destroyers are getting closer to the team he will make a run for back-to-back Cups with.  "We added some solid players" said Shawn after Hamilton, Schmaltz, Smith and Ekholm were introduced to their new teammates.  The team already has Kuznetsov and Benn to build around with potential distance player McAvoy.  The GM has been in three of the last five NHLP Finals and had potential to win three straight had game sevens gone his favor.  The Destroyers are trying to be the first team to defend the NHLP Championship in 25 years, since GM Norman repeated with the St Louis Blues in '93 and '94.  The NY Rangers (Charlie) now have the final Waiver on Saturday, prior to the NHLP Christmas Freeze, which has no Waivers between December 23rd and New Years Eve.


Kings sKore in 2 for 1

The Los Angeles Kings (Andrew) know a deal when they see one.  The GM jumped on Cincinnati's (Matt) offer and came away with two assets, Keller and Krug.  The team now has Keller, Krug, Kessel and Kessel, even though they had to sacrifice Kane in the deal.  The Rage gained 9 points in the standings, but lost two assets which GM Andrew knows were worth every point.  "GM's like Andrew are building these winning teams a brick at a time, while many others are waiting to just order a truckload of bricks all at once" said Muddy Capone, "Believe it or not, we have seen a shortage of bricks from time to time over the years."  Andrew is banking on Krug and Keller to easily be worth much more than 9 points in a couple months, and with the Bruins and Coyotes looking so strong, it is another clear win for the GM.  In other NHLP news the NY Rangers (Charlie) added Steen for Ryan with the Monday Injury Pick and Montreal (Marcel) is willing to move the Waiver Tuesday with at least a Waiver in return. 


Pace Slows in 2019/20

GM Andrew made his league high 15th Transaction with his Waiver in Chicago, adding Kreider and Thomas.  This brings the total Transactions this season to 48, compared to 66 this time last year when three GM's, Matt, Scott and Andrew all had 25 already.  "You just won't see a year like last year" said Muddy Capone, "Three GM's who love to trade all had four teams each to play with, not the case this season."  The NHLP had 80 Transactions by New Years, 32 more than we have now.  Some GM's are saying the NHL Standings, being so close has them holding off making moves.  That approach hardly ever works for when things become clearer for one, it has for all.  There still seems a lot of perceived value in teams out of the playoffs like Tampa Bay, Toronto and Nashville, but many teams are 5 to 7 games from the halfway mark of the season and for GM's who don't take a stance soon, may be stuck with needing a Waiver or writing names on the board at a meeting, when players lose their trade value and must be dropped to the Minors. 


   Sabres Drop Four

After a couple deals GM Joel completed a busy week, ending with back to back Waivers.  The Buffalo Sabres dropped four players, adding Hamilton, Ehlers and Reinhart among the pick ups.  Hamilton has been eating it up, on a point a game pace for the Hurricanes.  "There were many options" said Joel, "We crunched a lot of numbers and are happy with the new look."  The Sabres are in second in the North Division but with 24 points to work with and a high scoring team, Joel has set his Sabres up to be buyers later in the season, or as early as tomorrow, when assets start to become available within the league.  GM Shawn can make an injury pick for Drouin and GM Jr has the next Waiver in Calgary where we expect a few moves, or many, if he doesn't just move the Waiver.  There are just four Waivers before the NHLP holiday freeze which starts December 23rd.


Barrie Island Adds Two Bolts

GM Joel likes the spot the Tampa Bay Lightning are in the NHL standings, three points behind the Sabres and four games at hand.  With almost every team in the league (25 of 31) averaging over a point per game played it makes sense the Bolts will get four to five points minimum from those games at hand, moving them into a playoff spot.  "Assets will be valuable as the season winds along if you have them" said Muddy Capone, "The Winter Meeting is a month away, grab them while you can."  The 1/2 Chance Stumblers added Killorn, Gourde and Victor Olofsson of the Buffalo Sabres.  Olofsson has 26 points in 31 games and 11 in his last 10.  The 24 year old had 4 points in his first 6 NHL career games last season and Joel has watched him closely since, even having him rated at the Barrie Island, only now to bring him into the NHLP for his first taste.  Joel is up again with the Tuesday Waiver, this time in Buffalo.


Tarasenko Joins Titan

GM Scott felt the time was right.  San Fran hooked up in a trade with Quebec, sending a Waiver and Shaw for the rights to Hornqvist and adding Tarasenko today, by the 6 PM injury Pick deadline.  The Titan made the announcement early as no team in the NHLP could get a player from the Minors Thursday with 10 points.  Scott admitted it was a huge risk to hold Tarasenko for 54 regular season games if the player does not come back early.  "We feel we are giving away about 27 points" said the GM.  The Titan could have brought in a 0.5 PPG player in that 7th position on the roster, "But in the end, come seasons end, there is no players in the Minors right now that would be as attractive seventh player on the roster should he be healthy enough to play."  Tarasenko will likely be well enough by the NHLP Trading Deadline for the Titan to figure out how to proceed at that point.  "We are on a very thin line now and can't afford injuries from others the rest of the way" said the GM who is known for his risk taking.  With a healthy Tarasenko the Titan could have the best built Blues team in the NHLP or may have risk their entire season on this Transaction should things go bad from here on out. 


Castoffs Get Second Chance With Blues

"Many GM's give up on guys too quickly" said GM Tyson, "I like to let the season unfold, but not this time."  The GM often trades his early Waivers in favor of later ones, but he saw something special about his new group of players that other GM's did not.  All four players the Blues added with their Waiver, none were in the NHLP currently and all had been drafted and dropped with the first Waivers of the season.  Brought back up, and now still in the Minors once each were Konecny, Heiskanen, Coyle and Kerfoot.  With Konecny the Blues add a point a game player on a playoff team, previously dropped by GM Chad in Toronto, along with Guentzel in the same drop, to add Reinhart, someone the Blues included in their drop this time.  GM Scott dropped Coyle, Shawn dropped Heiskanen and Joel dropped Kerfoot.  "We see good players deing dropped all the time" said Tyson, "We just sit and wait our turn and I am really happy with this new seven."  The Blues are looking nothing like a team of castoffs, as we now approach the seasons halfway mark, with teams now crossing over the 30 game plateau.


Alaska Trades - Adds Kadri

GM Marcel pick up some draft picks in a couple deals, one invoving trading Granlund, the other moving out Kadri.  Alaska then added Kadri, Kapanen and Compher in a three for three.  The St Louis blues (Tyson) have the Saturday Waiver, the second half of the busy back to back nights.  GM Tyson has said he'd entertain moving the Waiver but is firstly looking for another in return.  Player Tracking has been updated with the Friday Waiver.


Miami Scouting Department Goes Off-Grid


Seldom does GM Charlie be the first GM to bring a new player into the NHLP, but he did it twice in one Waiver on Thursday.  The Miami Surf added newbies Mikheyev and Barbeshev, but new to the NHLP but won't be in the Minors once for long.  The Surf also added Letang and Donskoi, both GM favorites for Charlie.  The Surf were active, hoping to get more done but making two deals pre-waiver.  GM Marcel now has the Friday Waiver, the only one of the season in what will be back to back Waivers as St Louis (Tyson) has one Saturday.



GM Andrew's Teams Scoring

Just ten days ago GM Shawn had a 26 point night, an occurance not expected to be matched this season.  Now GM Andrew ties a career best for three teams of players (3-7) players with a 25.  Andrew didn't hit ten anywhere, but the 9-9-7 is the 5th best ever in the 10 years the NHLP has ran with 3-7.  This was not of course Andrew's biggest night as a GM.  The GM had a 32 with four teams of seven players (4-7 or 1.14 PPG per player) with the all-time record held by GM Scott with a 34 (4-6 or 1.42 PPG per player).  GM Scott's 1.42 PPG per player, with 3 teams of 7 equates to having a 30 point night between your teams, a feat not reached in 10 years with GM Chad holding the current high of 28.  For Chad his 28 point night did set NHLP standards for points per team on a night of 9.33, a number having never been duplicated with any number of teams in one night.


Kucherov - Pastrnak Is a Blockbuster Deal

Indianapolis (Matt) was considered to have a steal getting Pastrnak at 14th overall this past draft.  "I would have taken Kucherov first overall, we all would have, so I can't pass on this opportunity, not for these big names" said GM Matt who did score a huge bundle in the blockbuster deal Saturday.  The Icemen took the chance veteran GM's often do, grabbing the player when his value is at an all time low.  With three of the first four players chosen in the draft all from Tampa Bay, Kucherov, Stamkos and Point, it was clear NHLP GM's were high on the Bolts despite their disastrous exit from last years playoffs.  So although Pastrnak has been sensational, GM Matt looked at the big picture, adding Kucherov, Johansen and Johnson, while only parting with Pastrnak, with Fabbri and Frolik about to be dropped to the Minors anyhow.  GM Shawn did well for himself, willing to move out a huge package, knowing the Waiver would allow him to retool, which he did.  This is the type of deal that it all depends on who you believe in.  The Bolts have played a league low number of games, having 5 and 6 games at hand over some teams.  A point a game in games at hand, puts them into a playoff spot, and winning the three on Boston they have, puts them only 5 points behind the Bruins for the Division lead, with still almost 60 to go.  It might be argued Nashville and Johansen are in worst shape, being out, and 2-6-2 oveer their last ten isn't the record of a top team closing in on December.  Who won this deal?  You just can't say right now for it all hinges on the Bolts and Preds play from here on out. 


Islanders Drop 5 - Add 14 More Points

GM Ryan had nothing but good things to say about the new look NY Islanders.  The Gm built around Giroux and Panarin's scoring adding Burakovsky, Nelson, Beauvillier, Palat and Perry.  "We have a lot more scoring and playoff players who will all be assets as the season unfolds" said the GM.  The pick up added 12 in a prior trade and 14 more in the Waiver itself, moving the Islanders from last to second in the Division, showing everyone what one Waiver can do to change the fortunes of a team.  Down was once-Elite player Subban who has seemingly just lost his touch and playing on the lowly Devils to boot.  Ryan stated it was time to bring up some younger kids, including the Islanders 28th overall pick in 2015.  Beauvillier scored 18 goals last season and is currently on an NHLP best fourth straight multipoint games.  He now has 16 points in 20 games with the unbeatable Islanders, a team that Ryan scored big from, on a night the Islanders had a Waiver, won the NHLP CHP and extended their franchise best points streak to 16.  Great night for the Islanders teams, all of them.

Islanders Tear Things Down - Big Waiver Expected

GM Bryce stepped up to the plate with a 13 point offer, adding playoff players Schenn and DeBrusk in Portland.  The Islanders (Ryan) added the points for Larkin and Mantha and the team is looking at still another deal before going big to the Minors.  The team has all kinds of fire power but only Giroux is on an NHL playoff team as of this morning.  We expect at least a 5 player drop.


Heather Wins Cup Holder Pool

Going 8-3 on the Island, the same record the Blues (Matt) used the year before to win the largest paying Side of the NHLP season.  Some teams never had a chance to play one game, yet the NY Islanders came up as openents to the Current Cup Holder on four different occassions.  The teams journey only began this season as a pick up from the Expansion List by Brendan, who lost the team to Heather on October 11th.  On October 19th the Islanders were already the opponents for the third time just three weeks into the season and at this time Heather's Islanders just starting their long winning streak.  Amazingly the team would lose hold of the Cup on November 7th, yet a crazy quirk in the schedule seen the Cup Holders in Pittsburgh play the Islanders three times in two weeks.  This gave Heather the chance not many get and this time she won it all.  "I followed every game, I am pumped" said Heather who looks forward to defending her Cup next season.  "The only thing left for me now this season" added Heather, "Is deciding how I am going to spend my winnings."  Oh Monica.  We are sure you will find a way, that of course, involves us knowing you won the 2019/20 Cup Holder Pool! 


Wolverines Add Blues Player Schwartz

Using the Waiver was an easy decision when GM Shawn could add another St Louis Blues player, one close to his heart.  The New Orleans Wolverines dropped Morrissey and Dumba, adding Schwartz and Leddy, two current playoff players.  The Islanders have been hot and Leddy a backbone for the team who set a franchise record for consecutive games with a point last night, now at 15 games and counting.  Schwartz is a sentimental favorite of Shawn's, with the player on the Cup of the reigning Champions in Halifax.  


333 Trigger Pull - From Tree Stand

We can only imagine the places where deals have been confirmed from over the years.  Quite frankly, we may not want to even know all the details.  With GM Joel perched in his tree stand on Barrie Island, the GM was able to pull the trigger on a deal involving Elite player Burns.  The Sabres moved out Burns and Bertuzzi, giving 12 points to the Calgary Flames (Jr), who also know a thing or two about tree stands (and guns).  "I can only imagine how much GM Jr would love to fire the S333" said Muddy Capone, referring to the Transaction number and also to the world's only double barrel revolver, which fires two .22 magnum rounds simultaneously, 8 rounds in four pulls within seconds. "I'd feel safer if he didn't have that gun" added Capone, known to piss off a few GM's from time to time over the years.  The Flames moved out Schenn and Lee, creeping closer to 4th in the Pacific Division, now about a dozen points out. No official word on if any other triggers were pulled later in the evening.


CHP Could End in Back to Back Madness

Once Charlie's Leafs could not get it done Saturday night, the CHP was headed to a wild finish.  With the Islanders (Heather) sitting 0-1 in the Finals she now matches up with Matt's Penguins, in back to back games.  If Heather wins the first game, she can win the CHP with the sweep.  If she loses the first game (or the second), Matt takes over her Islanders team.  So Matt can win the first game and then own both the Pens and Islanders when they face in the rematch.  If that happens, the Islanders would revert to 0-0 in the Finals for the second game.  If Matt (Islanders) wins that second game, he would be a win away, against San Jose (Henry) for back to back CHP Championships, winning with a team that Brendan started the season with, before taking it from Heather.  If you don't understand any of this, it is ok.  If you have a team in, you will be cheering for Pittsburgh to at least win the second of the back to back to keep the CHP alive, giving everyone in still a chance to win it all in 2019/20.


Memphis Adds Oshie

GM Jr played it cool, keeping his high scoring Svechnikov, and adding playoff players Oshie and Cirelli.  "I think Tampa Bay will be in the playoffs" the GM said, "It all depends who you like."  Oshie is a solid addition with the Capitals battling for the President's Trophy in the NHL.  Dropped were Nugent-Hopkins and Schultz, both currently playoff players.  This was Jr's third transaction of the year, his first since the Draft when he made two huge deals, one here in Memphis to start the season.  The Machine are currently 15 points up on 5th in the East Division.


Makar Leads Wolverines to Dozen

GM Shawn had his 5th 12+ point night, the second all-time in New Orleans.  The first 12+ of the year, the 42nd all time, was lead by a four point night by rookie sensation and Calder Trophy leader Makar.  Malkin, W. Karlsson and Morrissey added two each whole singles went to Marchessault and Dumba.  O'Reilly played but did not point in what had the potential to be an even more impressive night. 


GM Shawn Scores 26

It has been five NHLP seasons since anyone did better than 26 in a night between their three teams.  The monster night by GM Shawn was highlighted by a 12 point night in New Orleans with an 8 and 6 on his other teams for the 26.  It was Shawn who last had a better night, in 2014 when he had a second best ever night for three teams with 7 players, hitting a 27, one shy of GM Chad's record 28.  Shawn had 19 of his 21 players playing, with two sitting out with injuries.  The mark of 30, essentially three teams averaging ten points each on a night, has not been hit in the 10 years the NHLP has ran with three teams of 7 players, but in that time, Shawn's night was the third best over that span.


Race Now On - Tarasenko is in Minors

GM Charlie was put in a no win situation in Miami with Tarasenko.  His options were to hold onto his Elite player for the next 50+ games and not get a single point, or grab the best he could get from the Minors and hope that asset ends up worth more in the end.  With an Elite Player as Tarasenko in the Minors, with each passing Waiver you might expect to hear his name.  "Certain teams can easily carry him as their seventh scorer" said Muddy Capone, "Teams that can't make him a seventh scorer on their roster may have scoring issues down the stretch."  There is little doubt a team with Tarasenko will have an asset, as long as he is projected to play in round one of the playoffs.  If he plays round one, he may be worth more than any player at the NHLP Trading Deadline, if St Louis is a solid playoff team, with such a tradable number to make any deal work.  If he isn't projected to play round one, he might be worthless as good teams may not want to risk a zero point first round player with no guarantee St Louis makes round two when he then returns.  Any NHLP team carrying Tarasenko all the way will need to score enough to have a cushion to get them from the Trading Deadline and into the NHLP Playoffs, another consideration that a GM will have to factor in.  The Surf added Tyler Johnson as a replacement, hoping Tampa Bay players continue to grow in value, seemingly a logical bet.  Will Johnson in the end be worth more than Tarasenko?  Maybe, maybe not, but it wasn't a good situation Charlie had to make a choice from, as one games hesitation, means Johnson has above 10 points and it is now another player next up on the list, possibly without as much upside.  Charlie received more bad injury news this week as Crosby, in Phoenix, is now out 6 weeks, not long enough to drop, but long enough to hurt the Coyotes scoring over the next 20 games.  


 Gives a Little - Gains a Lot

GM Scott said he always prided himself on squeezing every little thing out of each player during a Waiver but admits he just can't compete with GM Andrew's new game.  "The guy squeezes orange juice out of lemons" said Scott after seeing Andrew latest Transactions.  The Hartford GM acquired the Waiver for another Waiver and picks then added six different picks in what amounted to traded Hoffman, Buchnevich and Shaw for one point.  "It is fun" said Andrew, "If you work hard enough, every player you drop has value to someone."  The Whalers ended up adding Perron, Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Shattenkirk and Eberle who join Tavares and Rielly.  This was the third straight Waiver a GM brought up identical players with Hyman and Rust being brought up twice before the duo Shattenkirks.  The site is updated with GM Jr having the next Waiver next Saturday.


GM Bryce Makes First Ever Transaction

The reactions around the NHLP were positive with GM Bryce's first ever Transaction.  The GM moved out the Waiver instead of taking a leap of faith and giving the Waivers a try, stating "I didn't see much of interest in the Minors."  Instead of using the Waiver, Atlantic City moved back, adding picks which included a couple in the first round and a Waiver from Hartford (Andrew).  "It is a learning curve" said Muddy Capone, "GM Bryce is taking a lot in."  Unlike other pools the youngster may have been in, the NHLP moves fast, live, and on the fly.  An injury at midnight, with a player out for the season, may need to be acted upon by the noon Waiver deadline the next morning, or a teams season can be severely damaged.  "Everything, every night, is impacting the league in some way" said Capone, "Just the life of being an NHLP GM."


Vancouver Acquires Waiver - More Moves Coming?

After trading Kessel and van Reimsdyk, GM Joel is looking to move out a few more pieces.  "Someone can scoop up a player like Makar with this Waiver, and it doesn't have to be me" said the GM after picking up the Waiver in a move with Los Angeles (Andrew).  Joel will likely move anyone on the roster if it can help improve the Canucks before the noon deadline on Friday.  The GM said he would pick up Makar and then trade him within the league for the right piece, or just maybe keep him if no one steps up.  The Minors are loaded, as is always the case early in the season, and GM's can find additional pieces everywhere if they look hard enough. 


Islanders Two Wins From Cup Holder Champions

Who would have figured the New York Islanders would have won six straight games to put Heather's team in the CHP Finals.  Wins this week over Pittsburgh and Florida will give her the Champions.  "This is crazy" said Heather, "STREAK!".  Yes, she sent the picture of her jumping up and down and everything.  "Monica is just a true competitor" said Scott.  If Heather can't get it done, she will have a loss in the Finals, meaning if any team plays her for the rest of the season, they would claim her Islanders and the top spot with just one win.  That is how Heather got the Islanders, by beating Brendan, taking the team from him before her hot run.  It is so hard to get a game for the Cup, losing it now means there may not be another chance to play for it again.  For now, the Islanders are just two more wins away from the CHP Championship and ending the pool this year.


Revamped Oil Team "Improvement"

GM Scott called it an "Improvement".  The Edmonton Oil GM swapped out all 7 players when it was said and done, adding a West Coast flavor to the team.  "I love late night hockey games and love my new Canucks players" said Scott.  Moved out where big name players like Point, Teravainen and Connor while the new look team includes Pettersson, Boeser, Horvatt, Guentzel, Zuccarello, Hyman and Hyman.  The GM stated that just a week ago the team was dismal, last overall in the NHLP in scoring and points per game, falling so fast the team was nearing 20 points out of a playoff spot.  "Every player was slow out of the gate, a bad thing when you have the second Waiver" said Scott, adding that, "Topping it off were the Jets and Bolts, teams I was a big time believer in, and now may be a big time loser for unloading those players, but I lost confidence they were who I thought they were."  The Oil now have the best built Canucks team in the league, a team the GM has a lot of love for.  "The NHL changes so quickly, and playoff teams are non playoff teams, and non playoff teams are suddenly seeing their years of drafting great young kids who are coming into age, taking them to the next level.  Has it happened in Vancouver already?  I don't know, but I wasn't gonna take the wait and lets see approach on this team this year" he said. 


Habs Cash In

GM Marcel feels both teams did good in their NHLP 8 player swap on Monday.  "I really like how we improved and Edmonton got the points they were after" said Marcel of the deal.  The Habs traded there 4,5,6 and 7th round picks for Edmonton's (Scott) 2,3,4 and 5th picks.  The Habs added Teravainen, Connor, JVR and Krejci, sending 8 points to the Oil for Neal, E. Kane, Dubois and Athanasiou.  "On the surface this is about as worse of deal as ever gets made" said the 30 year veteran GM Scott.  "It is painful watching that group walk out the door for the group sliding in, but thank goodness they won't be Oil for more than 24 hours" added the GM.  The 8 points were the target number the Oil needed, or that group would have all stayed except JVR.  Once the Oil hit that 8 point number Scott said the Oil would be improved from the drop to the Minors where he admitted Boeser, Horvat, Guentzel, Buchnevich, Hyman and Hyman are projected to be the new teammates of Point.  The Oil GM said the team scored one additional point last night which could change out Buchnevich or Hyman or even both if a deal can be struck today.  "We never do anything without a lot of planning and nothing we are doing is guesswork" said Scott, "It's a long term game and if you can convince people you don't know what you are doing, you've achieved your goal by having convinced them they do.  We gave Montreal a huge package only because Marcel stepped up huge.  However, with the statistical analysis program we base our moves on, we absolutely love our new team, based on this years NHL team's strength formula at the quarter mark of the season."


Leafs Like Hurricanes

GM Chad moved on from high scoring players on Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, dropping Konency and Guentzel and added high scoring Carolina Hurricane players Svenchinikov and Niederreiter.  In the four player drop with the first Waiver of the season Toronto also added R. Smith and Reinhart.  "I really like the mix we have" said Chad.  The Leafs do look like they are full of assets, something that may be important in the high scoring South Division where they are 8 points out of a playoff spot and likely to fall further before teams ahead have to unload their non-playoff players.  Prior to the Waiver the Leafs added Weber for Zibanajad and some solid picks from Chicago (Andrew).  Edmonton (Scott) has the Tuesday Waiver while GM's Andrew in LA and Bryce in Atlantic City pick Thursday and Saturday.


Leafs Kick Off Waiver Season

Trading time is here!  Traditionally the NHLP Waiver season kicks off a continuous flow of trades every Waiver through to the end of the Waivers in early March.  Toronto (Chad) is up first and has been working hard to either line up a big trade or move the Waiver, for another Waiver he has stated.  Zibanajad is a minus 5 if dropped, so may be a body that moves within the league, helping GM Chad's drop number and giving another team a very high scoring player.  Chad has mentioned Hedman, who is still out at least another week.  With a name like that in the mix, you know it is Waiver Time! 


Rookie GM has Memorable First Month

GM Bryce started his term as an NHLP better than anyone ever has, ending a wicked month of October with an incredible 88 points.  The all-time biggest month in league history was 102 by Dallas (Jr) almost a decade ago.  What makes this even more special is it was only 27 days long in terms of hockey nights.  Portland just played 89 games all month, averaging 0.99 PPG, opening up a 38 point lead over 5th place in the Pacific.  McDavid led the way with 23 points, five ahead of the 18 by Pettersson.  Three players had 11 point months, Oshie, Larkin and Schmaltz, one less than the 12 of Mantha.  Vesey added just 2 points, showing the month could have been much better still.  This quick start will be a great opportunity for the new GM to use those points as the league winds along to bring in assets to make the Winter Hawks a powerhouse in the NHLP in his first season.  Congrats Bryce.  Awesome start to what we hope is a long NHLP career.


Stars Fast Start

It wasn't the 102 that GM Jr had in Dallas in December of 2011, but an 82 point month is a great way to start the season.  Carlsson and Ovechkin combined for half the total with 23 and 18 respectively.  Monahan had 11, Johnsson, Burakovsky and Getzlaf 9 each the young Rookie Steel chipped in 3.  The Stars are in first place in the South Division, 18 points clear of 5th place.



If you have been a GM in the NHLP any amount of time, you have suffered crushing injuries that undoubtedly will change your entire season.  With the news Tarasenko is out 5 months, about 60 games worth of hockey, the Miami Surf's season just changed for GM Charlie.  "Tarasenko is irreplaceable" said Muddy Capone of the injury, "And the best St Louis built team in the league is no more."  With the duo of Tarasenko and O'Reilly, the Surf had aspirations of going back to the Cup Finals again this season on another Blues run to the Cup.  For GM Charlie it is about acting quick now.  With his injury pick on the 13th and a Waiver two weeks after that, the Surf must now change directions.  As for Tarasenko, as was the case with him last year being picked from the Minors, he will be a game changer for some GM who grabs him from the Minors before everyone else in the new year.  "He'll have 10 point come January and some team able to hold him until the playoffs can jump on an incredible seventh man and elite first round scorer" added Capone, "Of course if he is on track to be back in round one of the playoffs and the Blues make the playoffs without him."  How things unfold from here, who knows, but we do know the Surf can't go without their Elite player for the next 60 games and still be within striking distance of a playoff spot, meaning this is the seasons first crippling injury.


Vancouver Adds JVR

With five points in two games prior to his picking date, GM Joel decided now was a good time to move out the injured Tuch for some points.  Making the first injury pick of the season the Canucks added points and a player that is near the top of the league in shots on goal.  Los Angeles (Andrew) is itching to make some moves and Wednesday by 6 PM he will have his first crack at the Minors, able to drop Byfuglien for a player up to 5 points.  GM Chad starts off the Waiver season on Saturday with a pick in Toronto with a Minors that will never be more loaded.  Traditionally not a lot of action occurs in the NHLP until that first Waiver which sets off weekly trades associated with the Waiver picks.  We are heating up, don't let the opportunities go by to improve your teams when they arise.


Injuries Updated

GM Shawn can make the first injury pick of the season for Malkin who is expected out to mid-December, picking a replacement for up to 5 points.  "Usually Elite players are never dropped" said Muddy Capone, "But GM Shawn will certainly weigh his options."  If Malkin is gone until mid-December he will miss 20 more games after New Orleans can pick for him, meaning a replacement would likely have 15 or so points when Malkin comes back.  New Orleans has a Waiver on November 21st and could those points in the Waiver, maybe even reused to the minors, even then going after Malkin, if he lasted in the Minors after being dropped.  Malkin undoubtedly will be worth a fortune in a trade with his low number, but that is only if Pittsburgh is looking like a playoff team, which at the moment they certainly are in his absence.  These are easy, or sometimes tough decisions, that can make or break a season for a GM with an Elite player injured long term. 


What SIDE You On?

The NHLP Sides are updated.  If there are any missing (and their surely are), please remind us so we can update.  The Cup finals prediction is being sent in and that will be updated shortly.  


Draft Master Updated

GM can now start trading their draft picks for the 2022/23 season which are now updated ont he Draft Pick Master page.


Draft and Transactions Updated

The 2019/20 draft that took place on Barrie Island is now online.  You can find it under the History link on the left hand menu and clicnking the appropriate draft.  the Transactions made the the draft are also now updated in Transactions


"It's Not Season Ending"

GM Shawn received some bad news in New Orleans as both Malkin and Morrissey were injured this weekend, with Malkin out 'longer-term'.  The Wolverines were off to a hot start in the North Division with 13 points in 14 man-games out of the gate, but now have to weather missing their only elite player.  "It's not a season ending injury" was the word out of Pittsburgh, but it is going to be a while before he returns.  As long as the Pens stay in a playoff spot, missing a month or more won't hurt his value any, as he will be worth a ton in a move with his scoring capability.  If the Pens falter, this is the type of early injury that can ruin a team, something GM Shawn will monitor with each update.


Player Tracking Updated

The 2019-20 Draft has been input into this years Player Tracking page.  Each GM is asked to count their own teams and should have 7 players on each of their three teams, or we missed something.


Matt Starts Cup Holder Versus Washington

The third season of the Cup Holder Pool (CHP) is set to launch Wednesday, October 2nd as Matt starts off defending his Championship with his St Louis Blues.  Everythign went right for Matt last season on his way to a 380 point win, the largest win of all NHLP sides.  If everyone is back, Jr and Scottie are needed to pick expansions teams from the 6 available teams, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, New Jersey, NY Rangers or Vancouver.  Of course if any new people join, they too select a team from this group all on a first come first serve basis.  It is hard to get a game for the Cup and if the Blues win their opening game they are set to play Dallas, who Jr, Scottie or anyone new can start with. 


Bryce Takes Over as 40th NHLP GM

After an extensive search for a new GM the league has officially announced GM Bryce will take over the franchises in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Portland.  Bryce now becomes the 40th GM in league history, the first since GM Mark in 2012-13.  The NHLP is entering its 30th season and the GM's throughout the league know what Bryce will face in his first year.  "It is really difficult early on" stated Muddy Capone, who has seen many GM's come and go over the years, "Many new GM's have difficulty in the early years until they start to understand the player values and how they relate to the many facets of the league."  All GM's hope Bryce is a huge asset for the league which functions best with 12 GM's.  Bryce will take over NHLP teams who have combined for three NHLP Championships, including Las Vegas who won Cups in 1995 and 1998 under GM Leo and Portland who won the 2007 Cup, GM Chad's second.  GM Vinnie left Bryce with a difficult spot to start, drafting 8th, 33rd and 35th overall.  "Bryce is going to be tested early" said GM Scott, "I wish him all the best and hope he has the success this league seemingly has never had from that twelfth position."  Welcome to the best hockey pool in the world. Good Luck!


GM's Total Transactions After #165
 Andrew 49 395
 Chad 42 225
 Charlie 13 275
 Joel 23 225
 Jr 23 405
 Marcel 25 225
 Matt 51 225
 Ryan 15 225
 Scott 57 250
 Shawn 33 225
Tyson 14 225
 GM 0 0


The NHLP Transactions and all conditions update and compensation has been paid except the following:

Compensation Picks

Pittsburgh (Chad) owes Los Angeles (Andrew) 8 spots in the 3rd round and 18 in the 4th)

Quebec (Matt) owes Pittsburgh (Chad) 19 spots in the 3rd and 14 spots in the 4th)


NHLP Teams Agree on Compensation

GM's Matt, Andrew and Chad have put to bed Transactions #157 and #159 and the Draft Page's have all been updated to reflect the draft picks changing hands.  The 2019/20 Draft page will now have the Transactions stripped making it easier to read prior to the draft.


NHLP Releases Waiver Dates for 2019-20

After having 5 Waivers help win an NHLP Championship for GM Shawn, GM Andrew will try his hand at the same in this coming Waiver season.  Andrew has three Waivers in the first 11 days of January, starting after the Christmas Break between December 23rd and the 31st.  To get to 36 Waivers all dates with 9 or 10 NHL games were scratched, with the exception of the final Waiver of the season, the lone March Waiver.  This season sees the first ever Waiver on February 29th.  Hamilton (Tyson) has the first Waiver after the NHL Trading Deadline.  With the season starting October 2nd, the first Waiver could not start for 30 days placing it on November 2nd when GM Chad kicks off the busy season.  November leads the way with 11 Waivers, December 6, January 8, February 10 and one in March, with no Waivers after the 4th of March with the season ending April 4th. 



New Franchise Hosts 30th NHLP Draft

The date has been set and the NHLP GM's will draft on Saturday September 28th at Noon.  The Barrie Island 1/2 Chance Stumblers, the first new NHLP Franchise in over a decade, will host the draft after being awarded the rights to move the franchise from Carolina to Barrie Island.  The newest NHLP team will play in the Atlantic Division and draft in the 25th overall slot in round one of the Draft.  This is the NHLP's 30th anniversary season, a milestone for several GM's including Scott 30 seasons, Marcel 25, Charlie 20, and defending NHLP Champion GM Shawn 15.  


Barrie Island 1/2 Chance Stumblers
Join NHLP for 2019-20 Season



The 29 NHLP Cup Champions

GM Andrew (6) - '97, '99, '02, '04, '13, '15 (8th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 23rd & 25th Cups)

GM Scott (5) - '92, '03, '06, '11, '14 (3rd, 14th, 16th, 21st & 24th Cups)

GM Chadwick (3) - '00, '07, '16 (11th, 17th & 26th Cups)

GM Tyson (3) - '10, '12, '17 (20th, 22nd & 27th Cups)

GM Jr (3) - '01, '09, '18 (12th, 19th & 28th Cups)

GM Norman (2) - '93, '94 (4th & 5th Cups)

GM Leo (2) - '95, '98 (6th & 9th Cups)

GM Raymond (1) - '90 (1st Cup)

GM Edward (1) - '91 (2nd Cup)

GM Lee (1) - '96 (7th Cup)

GM Marcel (1) - '08 (18th Cup)


GM Shawn (1) - '19 (29th Cup)



This list isn't about the playoff MVP, but that player who isn't a star that got his name on the NHLP Cup.  When you can't find a suitable name, you know the GM built a truly winning team.  GM Shawn doesn't have a name that fits this list on his roster, but we will pick one.

1990 - Petr Klima
1991 - Bob Probert, Kevin Hatcher
1992 - James Patrick, Ulf Dahlen
1993 - Glen Wesley
1994 - Oleg Petrov
1995 - Sylvain Cote
1996 - Robert Svehla, Vladimir Konstantinov
1997 - Darren McCarty, Martin Lapointe
1998 - Dave Manson, Jason Woolley
1999 - Dave Reid
2000 - Lubos Bartecko, Rob Zamuner
2001 - Martin Gelinas?
2002 - Sean Hill
2003 - Derek Morris
2004 - Curtis Brown
2006 - Matthieu Schneider?
2007 - Trent Hunter
2008 - Brian Gionta?  Wow!
2009 -
Brian Rolston?
2010 - Niklas Hjalmarsson
2011 - Andrej Sekera
2012 - Tyler Kennedy, Jannik Hansen
2013 - Bryan Bickell?
2014 - Charlie Coyle?
2015 - Jiri Sekac
2016 - Craig Smith?

2017 - Andrew Cogliano?

2018 - Calle Jarnkrok

2019 - No One




2019/20 NHLP Divisions

First Round Winners and 5th Place Teams Stay

North Division

New Orleans (Shawn) - Stays in North
Las Vegas (?) - Stays in North
Miami (Charlie) - Stays in North
Chicago (Andrew) - Goes to North
Buffalo (Joel) - Goes to North
Cleveland (Tyson) - Goes to North

South Division

Boston (Ryan) - Stays in South
Dallas (Jr) - Stays in South
San Fran (Scott) - Stays in South
Toronto (Chad) - Goes to South
Florida (Marcel) - Goes to South
Cincinnati (Matt) - Goes to South

Atlantic Division
Pittsburgh (Chad) - Stays in Atlantic
NY Rangers (Charlie) - Stays in Atlantic
Halifax (Shawn) - Stays in Atlantic
Montreal (Marcel) - Goes to Atlantic
Carolina  - Barrie Island (Joel) - Goes to Atlantic
Philadelphia (Scott) - Goes to Atlantic

East Division

Memphis (Jr) - Stays in East
NY Islanders (Ryan) - Stays in East
Atlantic City (?) - Stays in East
Hartford (Andrew) - Goes to East
Hamilton (Tyson) - Goes to East
Quebec (Matt) - Goes to East

Pacific Division

Seattle (Shawn) - Stays in Pacific
Calgary (Jr) - Stays in Pacific
Portland (?) - Stays in Pacific
Phoenix (Charlie) - Goes to Pacific
Indianapolis (Matt) - Goes to Pacific
Vancouver (Joel) - Goes to Pacific

West Division

Los Angeles (Andrew) - Stays in West
Alaska (Marcel) - Stays in West
Edmonton (Scott) - Stays in West
Colorado (Chad) - Goes to West
Green Bay (Ryan) - Goes to West
St Louis (Tyson) - Goes to West




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