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2022/23 - NHLP's 32nd Season & Playoff Highlights


 Scorings Up - November Was Big Point Month

NHLP teams were scoring at a high clip in November.  Across the league there were two Big Team Weeks, a Big Team Night and a Big GM Night.  On top of all this, GM Scott had 112 points in San Fran, which is quite an amazing feat, but not officially recognized by the NHLP Yearbook.  For teams to have official Big Team Months, a team cannot have a Waiver.  The Yearbook went back and double checked Dallas (Jr) Big Team Month in December of 2011, as seen here are the Transactiosn for that month.  Dallas did have a November 5th Waiver, dropping Kane for Parenteau in a 1-1.  That would be a good move for in December Parenteau had 16 points for Dallas who ended with 102.  Last April GM Marcel went to 121 in April without aid of a Waiver.  GM Charlie's Rangers had 99 with a Waiver and GM Joel had 98 in Barrie Island, the highest scoring team without a Waiver in November.  Many teams don't pick up players who score on Waiver nights, but some Waivers are for that purpose only, the reasons Waiver nights get excluded from everything.  The leagues slowest scoring team, Vancouver of Joel's had 46 points while carrying Landeskog.  The news just got worse with Letang on the same roster. In other NHLP news there are 6 more Waivers before the New Year, with GM Chad up on another injury riddled roster on the 1st.  Four players of the Pen's seven are out. Hartman has no penalty if dropped while Konecny is a 12 who has missed 6 games, meaning a minus 3 or 16 to the Minors.  Barkov and Reilly are also hurt and penalties if dropped.   




GM's Total Transactions After #505
  Actual -2700-505  AJ 0 225
 Andrew 0 225
Scoreboard  Bryce 0 225
Schedules  Chad 0 225
Injuries  Charlie 0 225
Transactions  Joel 0 225
NHLP Injuries  Jr 0 225
Sides  Marcel 0 225
Drafts  Matt 0 225
Champions  Ryan 0 225


   Scott 0 225
2018/19 Season  Shawn 0 225
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