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Cup Holder Pool (CHP)- 2017/18  2018/19  14 Entries (280 Pot)



Current Cup Holder:
NY Islanders (Heather)

2019 Champions

Next Game for the Cup: 

Teams in Play
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This Season
Owner's Career Record Teams All-Time Record (all owners)
Anaheim Matt (7)             20-11 3-7
Arizona Edward 0-1       0-1 0-2 0-2
Boston Tyson             0-0 0-0
Buffalo Tam-Tam (2)   0-1       0-1 3-3 2-2
Calgary Chad             2-4 0-0
Carolina Heather (4) 2-0 2-0 0-1   4-1 14-7 5-5
Colorado Joel             8-5 0-2
Columbus Shawn   1-1       1-1 9-9 3-4
Dallas Brendan             9-8 2-3
Edmonton Scott             5-5 0-3
Florida Matt (7)   0-1       0-1 20-11 0-5
Los Angeles Tam-Tam (2)             3-3 4-5
Minnesota Matt (7)             20-11 3-3
Montreal Marcel             0-1 0-1
Nashville Matt (7)             20-11 9-5
NY Islanders Heather (4) 2019 Champions 0-2, 2-0 2-0 2-0 2-1 8-3 14-7 8-3
Ottawa Tammy   0-1       0-1 0-4 0-4
Pittsburgh Heather (4)   2-0 0-1     2-1 14-7 11-6
San Jose Henry             6-5 6-5
St Louis Matt (7)   0-1       0-1 20-11 13-8
Tampa Bay Heather (4) 0-2, 0-0 0-2 14-7 8-5
Toronto Charlie   0-1       0-1 3-3 3-3
Vegas Ryan             2-5 2-5
Washington Matt (7)   2-0 0-1     2-1 20-11 10-5
Winnipeg Matt (7)             20-11 5-5



Current Available Expansion Teams: (6) (Listed is team and all-time record)

Chicago (0-2)

Detroit (3-4)

New Jersey (0-0)

NY Rangers (1-3)

Philadelphia (0-1)

Vancouver (0-0)


Waiting List for Expansion Teams:




Cup Holder Rules for 2018/19


1)  If you BEAT the Current Cup Holder, you are the NEW Cup Holder

2)  If you win a game for the Cup, you get a WIN, if you lose, you get a LOSS

3)  If it is your SECOND win in the same round (like winning a round in the NHL Playoffs, only needing just 2 wins instead of 4) you advance to the next round and your RECORD starts over at 0-0 for that round

4) If it is your SECOND loss in the same round, you are eliminated from the POOL and the person who beats you gets your team the rest of the pool.  After your SECOND LOSS, this team's record starts back at 0-0 in the round you are currently in for the new owner of the team.

5)  If any team wins all four rounds - which could only take 8 wins - they WIN the entire pool and the pool is over for the season, if not

6) There is a split pot.  Half the Winnings go to the team with the HIGHEST NUMBER OF WINS in the TOTAL COLUMN and the other half to the Cup Holder at the end of the regular season.   IMPORTANT NOTE:  Expansions teams records revert back to 0-0 in the Total Column (Team's Record This Season) if a team goes from the pool to expansion and back to the pool.

7) Starting at the start of the 2018/19 season (THIS SEASON) - the CUP HOLDER POOL is continuous thereafter.  At the start of every season all records revert to 0-0 to start the next season, but the Cup Winner starts as the Cup Holder to start the next season.  Entries from 2017/18 will have first option of keeping their teams to start the 2018/19 season only.  After the season starts, if you are knocked out you may choose to re-enter in with an "Expansion team".  An Expansion team is an NHL team no one has at that moment, listed at the bottom of this page.  If you knock out another team, you will own more than one team, even keeping all the teams you own to start the next season after that (at just 20 for them all), however, if you knock out one of your own teams (which will happen for guys who own multiple teams) - that knocked out team then becomes an "Expansion team".  Using this method all teams are continuously shuffled to different people.  If all NHL teams are gone (from the expansion list) when you get knocked out you will go to the back of the list for those waiting to get an Expansion team if we are out of teams and the person at the front of the list gets the next available Expansion team if they want to re-enter which is FREE.  If there is an Expansion team available, you can select one, if not you have to wait for the next Expansion team to become available.   For the current season you may only re-enter an expansion team until March 1st after being knocked out.  No person knocked out may re-enter after the March 1st deadline.

8)  An Expansion team cannot play the "Next Game for the Cup", even if they would be the next team on the Current Cup Holders schedule.  This prevents a person just knocked out from just taking a team next on the Current Cup Holders schedule.  Important Note - All expansions teams revert to 0-0 in Round #1 and the Total Column, even if they had previously been in the pool early in that same season (IE - Lost to the same team owner and thus became an expansion team).

9)  Anyone who is listed below may start with their same team for this season or swap it for an available expansion team and must decide by September 30th or that team becomes an expansion team.  Any new person joining must select an expansion team listed below by the entry Deadline September 30th.  Expansion teams are first come first serve.  All teams will not be posted until October 1st.



Games for the Cup this Season:

Thursday, November 21st, Pittsburgh (Matt) 3 vs. NY Islanders (Heather) 4

Tuesday, November 19th, NY Islanders (Heather) 5 vs. Pittsburgh (Matt) 4

Saturday, November 16th, Toronto (Charlie) 1 vs. Pittsburgh (Matt) 6

Thursday, November 7th, Pittsburgh (Matt) 4 vs NY Islanders (Heather) 3

Tuesday, November 5th, Ottawa (Tammy) 1 vs NY Islanders (Heather) 4

Saturday, November 2nd, Buffalo (Tam-Tam) 0 vs NY Islanders (Heather) 1

Friday, November 1st, Tampa Bay (Joel) 2 vs NY Islanders (Heather) 5

Friday, October 25th, Ottawa (Tammy) 2 vs NY Islanders (Heather) 4

Thursday, October 24th, Arizona (Edward) 2 vs NY Islanders (Heather) 4

Saturday, October 19th, NY Islanders (Heather) 3 vs. Columbus (Shawn) 2

Saturday, October 12th, Columbus (Shawn) 3 vs Carolina (Heather) 2

Friday, October 11th, NY Islanders  (Brendan) 2 vs Carolina (Heather) 5

Tuesday, October 8th, Florida (Matt) 3 vs Carolina (Heather) 6

Sunday, October 6th, Tampa Bay (Joel) 3 vs Carolina (Heather) 4

Saturday, October 5th, Carolina (Heather) 3 vs Washington (Matt) 2

Friday, October 4th, NY Islanders (Brendan) 1 vs Washington (Matt) 2

Wednesday, October 2nd, Washington (Matt) 3 vs. St Louis (Matt) 2



Past Cup Holder Champions 

2019/20 - NY Islanders (Heather) Finished 8-3

2018/19 - St Louis (Matt) Finished 8-3

2017/18 - Winnipeg (Scott) Finished 3-3