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NHLP Cup Threat Ratings For 2011/12
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 NHLP Cup Threat Rating (CTR) - Continuously Updated
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Team GM
1 1842 (H - 2096, L - 417) Jr

Have you ever wondered how GM Jr puts together this type of team?  Thanks to the GM pages we can go back and find out.  The best the NHLP has.  This team has both Sedins, something Jr has done before in Dallas, just two years ago, then having Henrik, Henrik and Daniel here on the same team, only to lose out in the Semi-Finals.  The three did however score 26 first round points between them, something Jr will be hoping they can repeat, Henrik 8 and Daniel 10 in round one.  This team has players on the top four Western Conference teams, but got a terrible first round matchup in the NHL - Detroit and Nashville, which will automatically leave the team weaker in the second round, while other NHLP teams will get 7 players through.  Jr must lose either Zetterberg and Lidstrom or Radulov and Weber by the second round.  Meeting San Fran (Scott) isn't a good match up either, one of the few teams that can score enough in the first round to take this team out.  The only round to stop Dallas might be the first round, because after that, a Vancouver run, with both Sedins, will likely allow Jr to become the first GM in league history to win a third team Cup.  It can happen and we wouldn't bet against it.
2 1763 (H - 1795, L - 668) Charlie

Things could all just fall right into place for this team.  A favorite in round one and looking like a team that will be hard to beat after that, as long as the Pens or the Wings are still playing.  May meet Halifax (Shawn) in round two, least the CTR is calling it already, so Charlie will have as good a chance as he ever has had to go to the finals this season.  Losing his Pens and his Wings will end things immediately, but betting against Sid the Kid isn't ever a wise bet.
3 1720 (H - 1751, L - 770) Scott

"He makes that trade, you win the Cup" said GM Marcel to GM Scott at the NHLP Trading Deadline.  GM Scott, becoming very giddy and laughing very hard, got out a reply to GM Marcel, "Stop it, I'm gonna cum in my pants."  Yes, that was the real conversation, even if a bit descriptive, after it appeared GM Charlie might trade Callahan to GM Scott for Marleau and Marcel was realizing the team the Oil would be left with.  Soon after, the NHLP's final deal of the season was completed and the Oil moved into the serious threat category, with the NHLP's best Rangers built team.  The irony of it all is now the two GM's, Marcel and Scott, meet in the first round where each GM's best opportunity to win it all, means getting by the other right off the bat.  The difference between Marleau and Callahan's scoring in round one will not likely make the difference, but if the Oil get through, they could get stronger in their attempt to become the first to three team Cups and five GM Cups.  If that happens, we don't ever think GM Scott will be able to get those pants clean! 
4 1665 (H - 1900, L - 516)  Marcel

The season ends with a great team and a good shot at a second Cup in Florida.  Not the best matchups in the first round, but with 6 Eastern Conference guys on 5 different teams, it would have been impossible to have no one match up.  Outside of the Rangers making the Finals, Marcel will have to have Nashville there, to have 2 players playing if he makes it that far.  Too many East may work against him in all likelihood but is strong enough and could easily go to the finals. 
5 1580 (H - 1582, L - 588) Andrew

Will breeze through the first round of the NHLP playoffs and if St Louis and Pittsburgh come along for the ride, who knows how far the team can go.  It appears the Whalers will likely play the Flyer in the second round, so if the top seeds win, this could truly be a 'Whale' of a playoffs.  Andrew has been low key all season, but let us say it for him now, this is a great opportunity to become the first GM in league history to win 5 Cups.  It is Andrew's best shot this season and if it happens, the Penguins will play a big roll.
6 1553 (H - 1574, L - 662) Tyson

GM Tyson will be looking for his second Cup in his first three seasons, both right here in Cleveland.  Almost as good a team as there is in the league, let alone the strong Central Conference where 3 of the top 6 teams reside.  Malkin is arguable the best in the NHL and the MVP of the NHLP.  Can make a run for the Cup with any of Pittsburgh, Philly, Boston or a match up with St Louis, so this is one hell of a great opportunity.  What isn't great is having to get through GM Andrew's Chicago entry who can easily win their first round series.  This is how winners build them, strong with many options.  There isn't much else Tyson could have done and he has a shot for Cleveland to win it all again.
7 1539 (H - 1541, L - 419) Marcel

The only thing that might stand between this team and an NHLP Championship is the Edmonton Oil (Scott).  A great team in Alaska, with a terrible first round match up.  No Western Conference team would have been worse according to the CTR (St Louis, Tyson, is also expected to get 28).  Winning round one with the favorites following suit, gives GM Marcel 7 second round players, in what could than be a match up with Los Angeles (Andrew), who if the favorites all won, would also have 7 players in round two.  It won't be easy for Marcel, not as easy as his first Cup was, but where'd the fun in that be anyhow?
8 1502 (H - 1643, L - 564) Michael & Ray

One of the very best teams in the NHLP.  Just a good balance of scoring, that will be needed and than some, if they are to win in round one, where they have an unfavorable matchup with GM Andrew's Kings.  Will have a good second round team if they can get out of round one, so a nice job of putting it together.  Solid season overall from GM's Mike & Ray.
9 1369 (H - 1615, L - 516) Scott

Good thing this team can't score!  The Flyer played themselves right into 8th and a dream first round match up with the banged up Habs (Marcel).  Round one is looking like easy pickings, even for this weak scoring squad, and then the Flyer can maybe ride a Canucks wave into the later NHLP rounds.  As usual, everything will have to fall into place, like a NHL Flyers win in round one over the Pens.  If the Flyer do get into the second round, it is looking like a date with Hartford (Andrew) in what could be a tough battle with a hot streak on the line.  What streak is that you wonder?  GM Scott has beaten GM Andrew the last 7 times they have met in the NHLP playoffs.  It is looking like both GM's chances for a fifth Cup may go through each other.
10 1344 (H - 1776, L - 700) Tyson

We love the Blues.  GM Tyson is a good GM and we give him credit when it is due.  The gift first round match up, will put the Blues in the second round against likely Edmonton (Scott) or Green Bay (Ryan).  Tyson needs a Flyers first round win and a long run might be all that is needed to win it all after that, with the best Flyers team in the NHLP.
11 1249 (H - 1283, L - 240) Ryan

A strong team for GM Ryan, but the Central has a few of them, including 3 better.  A perfect first round matchup against an easily beatable Ottawa team of Mike and Ray.  Outside of Ottawa in the NHL finals, to have a two player final will need to match up East and West, which is very possible, with the team Ryan put together here.  Ryan has never won a Cup, but he has been close too many times for his liking and although not likely to win it all, this team could get him close again.
12 1200 (L - 436) Scott

A season high CTR at the right time for GM Scott.  The RPM Line - Ray, Patrick and Marian, can score.  That is a good thing for Scott, as he will need every point he can get in round one against the CTR best, Dallas (Jr), who is also predicted to get 30.  Outside a Chicago run, a two player match up will likely be required if Scott makes history here in San Fran.  It isn't his greatest work, but a nice salvage of sorts, from a season that look headed no where going into the Trading Deadline, to a potential high scoring team, that could be on the verge of knocking out the CTR #1.
13 1195  (L - 754) Tyson

Hitmen hit high, a CTR season high to end things on the season.  A nice, well rounded team that draws a horrible first round match up.  You know someone has to get to play the good teams early and someone had to meet the NY Rangers (Charlie) in round one.  Hamilton is a big underdog, with a big opportunity to make something memorable happen.  Will likely be banking on Pittsburgh if something great does happens, just not in round one, where Charlie's pens, Crosby and Kunitz, have a 16-9 point advantage, everything that Hamilton is expected to lose by right there.  So four straight Pens games in round one is what Tyson may cheer for and who knows what the Hitmen could do after that!
14 1136 (L - 924) Andrew

Middle of the pack all season and with three Coyotes and three Preds, things end along with those NHL teams.  Is a favorite in round one by the slimmest of margins and with 6 players on 2 teams, man games will factor in.  Likely not going to happen, winning it all that is, if Nashville doesn't go to the finals, but aren't half the predictions saying it is the Preds year anyhow? 
15 1048 (H - 1889, L - 826) Joel

Is down to a 6 player on 4 player series with GM Ryan in Green Bay, after the Stalberg's cancel.  Not good odds, but GM Joel is only a three point underdog with some high scorers who could have big rounds.  Neal and Hartnell must do amazing things or the long season we felt GM Joel had, will be complete.  Likely needs a Pens run which is more likely to occur than this Canucks team winning in round one.
16 1045 (H - 1191, L - 455) Ryan

Led by Crosby's replacements, Elias and Weiss, isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but those guys are the first round scoring GM Ryan will need to be able to let his "other" top seeds make things interesting.  A favorite in a scary first round match up, the Knights will need everything, and we mean everything, going their way to make anything fun happen in the 2012 playoffs.  A New Jersey run could just be that very thing.
17 1024 (H - 1109, L - 427) Chad

After all was said and done GM Chad grabbed a playoff spot and has a few top seeded players that will have to run as a group, Pittsburgh and St Louis, for this team to make any noise.  A serious underdog in round one, just a year after having the NHLP Cup ripped out of his hand by a game seven, 1-0 score, between Tampa Bay and Boston.  If Tampa won that game, Chad wins a Cup in Toronto. Chad would love to go back to the finals this year and change last years result, but with this team, this year, in this Conference, that would be like asking the team that beat Chad out in the finals last year to do it again - last year.  They couldn't if they tried and this year, Chad won't either!
18 1017 (H - 1324, L - 338) Shawn

A heaven sent first round matchup for a mediocre team.  As good a Blues built team as there is, but not a lot of support, unless the NHL sees a few lower seeds move on.  Will likely win round one and play the winner of the Rangers (Charlie) and Hitmen (Tyson) series, and if it was Charlie without his Wings, Shawn might actually be a favorite even with Crosby still playing.  Least there would be hope.  With the first round match up being such a good one, Shawn may just ride the Blues.
19 1016 (H - 1158, L - 441) Marcel

When GM Marcel took a chance on Horton, we loved the move.  It is the kind of move first place teams often take.  Holding on to Horton at the Trading Deadline, when in first, with question marks in Benn and Ovechkin, now we aren't too sure Marcel did a good job of building the team.  Likely out in round one with the terrible news, Horton is not returning.  Marcel can't be happy here, even if ecstatic about his season overall.  Not ever does a GM build three first place teams, but 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the CTR, is where it likely matters more.
20 929 (H - 1330, L - 740) Andrew

GM Andrew will likely need some upsets in the NHL, like Ottawa or Washington winning round one.  Andrew doesn't have a huge Cup threat here in Chicago, but he can win round one, where he is a one point underdog against Cleveland (Tyson).  This team can score, but if the NHL top seeds win, would only have a second round of Erat and Edler.  Two players was all it took last season from round two on to win it all, but that wasn't anything we will likely see again for another 10 years, so without Ottawa, it is likely at best case, two and out in Chicago.
21 911 (H - 1565, L - 40) Joel

It looks like a playoff pounding is in store in round one, and it is the Hurricane that will take this beating, instead of the other way around.  Not a big scoring team and a 9 point CTR underdog, something not often overcame in years gone by.  Clarkson may be the quietest 30 goal scorer in the NHL, but will need to be one of the loudest playoff scorers, or it will be over before it begins.  After the first round, with the Devils and Rangers still playing, things would at least get interesting after that for Joel who is still looking for Cup one.
22 853 (H - 1351) Michael & Ray

Finishing with a season low CTR, and now a serious underdog in round one after losing Eriksson, the Co-owning GM's will likely be out early again in Ottawa this season.  If a miracle does occur, riding Detroit and Boston at the same time, will make this team deadly as rounds go by, but according to the Conference and the CTR, we probably won't be talking much about this team any more this season.
23 827 (H - 1222, L - 666) Jr

GM Jr had the worst possible outcome, both Buffalo and Dallas missed the playoffs.  It won't be a long playoffs here in Memphis, so GM Jr has to hope it works for him in Dallas this season because the Machine is about to be Destroyers.
24 400 (H - 1232, L - 224) Jr

Calgary got in!!!  Odds however, are extremely high that GM Jr will NOT be facing himself in the finals this season.  Good thing for him it only takes ONE team!
Teams below this line missed the playoffs
25 1155 (H - 1235, L - 548) Michael & Ray

It still baffles us they buried Sequin, Chara, and Fisher.  This is a much better team than many that are in the NHLP playoffs.  I guess that is why they have been one of the top GM's over the past three years, even their non playoff teams are better than some GM's are doing.
26 1099 (H - 1538, L - 877) Charlie

Havlat really hurt.  Everything else has already been said too many times.
27 1081 (H - 1082, L - 111) Chad

GM Chad gave it his all and fell short by 4 points and a couple more nights.  The team was smoking hot to end things but a 7 man playoff team has to watch clearly much weaker teams in the playoffs.
28 1038 (H - 1141, L - 116) Ryan

Wasn't enough to get in but a great comeback nonetheless.  A nice CTR for a team not in the playoffs.
29 862 (H - 1619, L - 493) Charlie

The Toews injury killed any potential there was and GM Charlie will take the best Chicago built team with him.  It was a long season for GM Charlie on many fronts and the CTR was often very hard on him, but there is no denying he has built some seriously strong teams, according to the CTR, over the past three season and we expect him back and doing it again next year in Miami.
30 769 (H - 1063L - 697) Shawn

GM Shawn will have to regroup as it wasn't his best season.  He gave it all he had here but it just wasn't good from the start.
31 610 (H - 948, L- 225) Joel

A very disappointing season here for GM Joel.  We don't think we will see one of his teams this bad for a while.  We are use to seeing his name, at least once, near the top of the CTR.  Maybe he should have brought Las Vegas back?  Maybe he will?
32 597 (H - 1016) Chad

Chad will admit it was bad.  Would he agree the only thing worse was his car playing this year?
33 596 (H - 660, L - 279) Shawn

There wasn't much more anyone could have done here this season.  It was a bad season that never did get going in the proper direction.  GM Shawn will bounce back here, little doubt about it.
34 556 (H - 1010, L - 454) Matt

2012/13 - Start your list!!!!
35 394 (H - 958) Matt

GM Matt's worst season will hopefully be a learning one on many fronts.  Unloading high scoring non playoff players in the Waivers early on is a great way to build a great team.  A good way to kill any team is hanging onto those same players too long which was the case here in Indy.
36 318 (H - 1298) Matt

It just seemed like every move GM Matt made this season was bad.  This isn't who we know Matt can be, we've seen the strong teams he has made.  We'll chalk this one up to that horrible season for a GM who is clearly much better than this.

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2 Scott 10679 1187 4289 (1st) 2005 (8th)* 4385 (5th)
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4 Andrew 9987 1110 3645 (5th) 1858 (9th) 4484 (4th)
5 Shawn 5317 1063 2382 (11th) 2935 (2nd)^ ---
6 Tyson 9496 1055 4092 (3rd) 2115 (6th) 3289 (9th)*
7 Joel 9389 1043 2569 (10th) 2817 (3rd) 4003 (8th)
8 Jr 9053 1006 3069 (8th)^ 1029 (10th) 4955 (1st)
9 Ryan 8809 979 3332 (7th) 641 (12th) 4836 (2nd)
10 Matt 8413 935 1268 (12th) 2538 (4th) 4607 (3rd)^
11 Chad 7946 883 2702 (9th) 2102 (7th) 3142 (10th)
12 Marcel 7390 821 4220 (2nd) 790 (11th) 2380 (11th)
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