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NHLP Cup Threat Ratings For 2012/13
(After 37 of 48 Games Completed - 77% of the NHL Season)  About the CTR and How It Works

NHL Power Rankings at This CTR Ranking
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 NHLP Cup Threat Rating (CTR) - Continuously Updated
Ranked CTR - Rating
(Previous High - Low)
Team GM
1 2198 (H - 2263L 1011) Scott
The best NHLP team has 17 points to work with to improve and any trade will be playoff for playoff as all 7 players are 1 and 2 seeded NHL teams.  Needs to get healthy with Letang, Bolland and Kane all having red crosses, but only Letang's is beyond day to day.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Likely just tweak his playoff team however he sees fit.
2 1756 (L - 852) Marcel
The best team the Eastern Conference is in Glen's Division.  GM Marcel has 21 points to work with but will need that to unload Tavares and Hornqvist if Marcel isn't convinced the Islanders will walk right into the playoffs.  They just may, but with a team this good, is that a risk he wants to take?  His low number is Kelser, a huge potential playoff player, so that isn't a player heading to the minors.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Tavares and Hornqvist are 51 points.  Marcel could flex to the minors for two playoff players or trade in the league and be set.  Cup hopes are riding on the right move because this is the second best team in the entire NHLP.
3 1712 (L - 771) Marcel
GM Marcel has two of the three best NHLP teams, including the best team in the West Conference.  The Attack have 37 points and it depends how Marcel uses them will determine if this team can be the best playoff team of the West or not.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Marcel can trade before the meeting or 'Attack' the minors.  Ladd, Eriksson and Clarkson are all targets to be moved, some 75 points.  If GM's don't scoop those points up they can all comfortably be dropped because Marcel can afford to drop points to the minors other teams cannot.  In the end if Alaska doesn't have 7 playoff players - big time fail!
4 1652 (L - 1192) Tyson
Two of the top 5 NHLP teams are from Jr's Division.  Crosby's horrible injury has made things interesting, not that Cleveland won't be taking down a playoff spot, but they won't be buyers in doing so either.  GM Tyson must leave enough room to ensure he is in safely if Crosby isn't coming back until the playoffs, which seems the earliest he would return.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Pietrangelo and Clowe are fringe.  If both go out, Cleveland faces a penalty, enough to drop them out of the NHLP playoffs, something Tyson likely won't risk. 
5 1595 (H - 1814, L - 908) Scott
Will get Kelser back for the stretch run, but may be without Bergeron until the playoffs, meaning no gain as Kesler will only replace the loss of Bergy.  Is as good of playoff team as Cleveland (Tyson) with Crosby and better if Tyson is without Sid.  Bergeron has had 4 concussions, but the fact they classified it as "Moderate" has go give GM Scott hope of his return at some point this season.  You are a first place team, why rush him back until the playoffs?  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Visnovsky will move to the Minors, maybe with who comes in the Kelser deal if Scott feels he can't get in as is.
6 1594 (L - 767) Chad
A full team of 7 playoff players and 9 points to work with if improvements can be made.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Maybe a tinker.
7 1541 (H - 1573, L - 1118) Joel
Has Hossa, Keith and Subban, top players from top seeds.  Is the top rated team in Leo's Division, but the third best in the Central so far.  A high scoring team with a ton of points to improve, but a lot of question marks.  Nash, Del Zotto, and Steen all should be playoff players, but no one is betting a lot of money just yet that is going to happen.  A huge win from the Rangers over the Pens in the first of back to back really looked good, but the way the Rangers have played, they may lose the second half of the two-game series 6-2.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Tlusty is 26 points that can be turned into something and will likely have to be packaged.
8 1437 (L - 166) Joel
The best team in Ray's Division and the NHLP's best Wild built team.  Jumped on Lupul before anyone else and it may be the move of the year.  An incredibly high scoring team and a few points to work with.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Needs to have St Louis in for Steen and McDonald, or automatically faces penalties.  With Whitney not getting traded there is already 16 points to the minors.  Will likely make a move or the 'Wild' run may never occur for GM Joel.
9 1424 (L - 618) Chad
Three of the top ten CTR best teams are from Glen's Division in the East, and the top two best NHLP teams are from the East (Philly and Montreal).  Although this team is good, they likely cannot stay this high as they have so much rating based on their 38 points over 5th.  GM Chad must turn that into value or he simply did a terrible job with his potential.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Hall likely gets traded in a HUGE NHLP Blockbuster.  Why would Chad take the risk on Edmonton making it with 38 points to work with?  Give another GM and NHLP team that risk for their top playoff players.  Now, after saying that, a great risk Edmonton is (for another GM to take)(for another GM to take) as they can't lose right now.  Chad still has issues with Stepan and Hagelin, if the Rangers don't make it, that is an 18 point penalty if everyone else is in, which clearly Fisher isn't.  Gaborik is a huge question mark, as Columbus would still be a miracle to make it even though he greatly improves a sore spot for them, offence.   This is another team that could take anything they want from the NHLP minors in a classic bully style beat down, and thus set a playoff team.  Again, if Chad doesn't turn those points and these players into playoff players, he failed miserably in his run for his third Cup.
10 1358 (H - 1622, L - 316) Joel
A great team from the first GM to have all three teams rated, and all in the top ten.  Carolina has room to improve and they all will be needed with two Capitals Backstrom and Green.  They are in and are rated and may have the third seed, but can Joel risk keeping them both and the Caps miss the playoffs in the final week if they decide to become the first half caps?  That would be a 13 point penalty!  Seems content on keep Martin, who is a question make first round player.  A zero in his spot for round one will be something his competition is quite happy about but a zero in the second round of the playoffs by his replacement is the potential cost of replacing him.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Likely moving the Caps, letting another team chance them making it.  Martin likely is moved to the minors if GM Joel feels he won't be back for the start of the playoffs.
11 1355 (L - 317) Tyson
A new season high CTR from the Defending NHLP Champions.  Morrow traded to Pittsburgh helps, giving the team 7 playoff players.  Has Krejci to build around.  Needs to stay ahead of the charging Rangers and catch one team, likely GM Mark in front.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Martin will likely be gone, meaning maybe Morrow is the asset that is traded to get a spot.
12 1305 (L - 111) Vinnie
Ribeiro wasn't traded, but Morrow and Jokinen both went to Pittsburgh.  Two out of three ain't bad.  This team has 19 points to improve with.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  If Washington wins their NHL Division, only one Wheeler must be traded to be penalty free.  If Winnipeg wins it, no penalties as is.  Vinnie has enough points to move so he should be able to buy a 7 player playoff team and anything less than that might be his downfall.  This is the 12th best team in the NHLP, you have to make it better!
13 1260 (H - 1500, L - 767)  Tyson
The 4th best team in the West, but only the third best in Norm's Division.  Toews, Saad and Stalberg mean a Chicago run to the Cup could mean GM Tyson wins on all three his teams in just 4 years.  St Louis would then be the first NHLP team to three Championships.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Not a lot of room to work with and a big time bad situation in Semin.  Expect a 2-2 trade but finding a team who can take on such a high scoring non playoff player won't be easy.
14 1226 (H - 1811, L - 628) Matt
GM Matt has enough to grab a playoff spot with only a question mark from Kane.  Has a very solid team of decent players on top seeds.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  The longer he keeps Kane the harder if may become to trade him and compete if and when the two teams below in the Division come up to meet him.  Can easily go playoff for playoff at any time as Ryder, Richards, Selanne and Saad are all highly in demand but giving these guys away for not full value in return would be an very weak GM move.
15 1195 (H - 1288, L - 699) Andrew
A sensational move grabbing Lupul for nothing.  Hartford is 8 points out and GM Andrew must grab a spot with a team this good.  Has all kinds of scoring and assets to move one for one.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Sharp may be the big move that secures Andrew a spot and the teams above are frozen knowing he can do it at any moment.  If they come down first, Andrew would surely rather keep his team and improve his playoff chances.  So game on!!!
16 1190 (H - 1441, L- 613) Ryan
Rounding out the sweet 16.  Just 6 points to work with and a non playoff player to move, GM Ryan will likely be working the minors to avoid a serious penalty from one of his two Flamers.  Has top assets Ryder and Ryan to build around.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Having 7 playoff players and trading up is likely better than going in with 6 and being an easy first round target. 
17 1181 (L - 733) Shawn
It is very possible we see a blockbuster here.  If the rest of the teams in the Division above the Wolverines don't want to come down and join New Orleans, GM Shawn really has little choice but to make a big, Big, BIG move.  Henrik Sedin or Neal could move and those are big named players.  You can't miss the NHLP Deadline, already 6 out of a playoff spot, and just eat those guys.  Certainly saving them makes a hell of a lot more sense, meaning someone else goes for the needed points.  Shawn has to be working it hard to make it happen.  The only way that doesn't happen, will be someone eases Shawn's anxiety and comes down from above, making themselves better in the process.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Likely will move Chara, or a Hamilton ahead of the meeting in a playoff for playoff.  Oshie (when is he back) and Del Zotto both could easily be in or out, but Shawn likely has to save both if he can't get a deal done.  Could take on a non playoff, but that weakens hope for a Cup run.  Seems a logical team for a huge deal that simply removes all doubt.
18 1169 (H - 1636, L - 930) Chad
Even with Malkin and Dupuis this team is only the third best in the Division and only the 5th best in the Central Conference.  The good news is Gagner may be a playoff player, but the cost might be Stewart, Tarasenko and Berglund if Edmonton knocks St Louis out for a final Western Conference playoff spot.  Best case for GM Chad is they both make it and Detroit is out, something very real.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Expect Gagner to move with Versteeg, 37 for 2 players and Toronto is up 15 points on 5th, so Chad can give points to the minors or in the league.  Taking a chance on this deal will be a good move for many GM's who could then use Versteeg's low numbers to the minors with a higher scoring player and keep Gagner.  Then again, maybe Chad keeps Gagner if Edmonton keeps going like they are.
19 1167 (H - 1788, L - 572) Andrew
Will have to work for a playoff spot along with the entire Division.  Thornton is looking like he will lead the team but not a lot of room to improve.  Jokinen going to the Penguins at the NHL Deadline was a blessing but he is likely a movable part in securing a playoff spot.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Perron is a question mark and Andrew don't bank on question marks.  St Louis did improve for their stretch run, but Edmonton is charging hard.  Andrew isn't facing a penalty, but will want 7 playoff players, so Perron could be moved just to be safe.
20 1084 (H - 1210, L - 604) Charlie
GM Charlie has 4 Leafs and 3 Sharks.  That equals 7 playoff players even though only a single point up on 5th.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Keeping a playoff spot.
21 1074 (L - 845) Andrew
(CTR Last Rating - GM Andrew has 100 non playoff points here in Los Angeles.  We'd say he has some work to do!)

Done work!!!  Now he has 7 playoff players and is in a playoff spot.  NICE!  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Keeping a playoff postition.
22 1069 (L - 432)  Marcel
A seasons high CTR thanks to Iginla going from zero to hero, a non playoff to the number one cup contender after a flurry of moves by the Pens.  Marcel has no room to move in Jr's Division and must gain points in any deal or he won't be in the NHLP playoffs.  Not helping, he also has the lowest scoring team in the Division.  He has said, Iginla will be the 'get in the playoffs free card' and is already shopping Iggy.  That deal will trigger the entire Division to making counter moves, where no teams are safe because of injuries.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Little is a question mark, but Marcel does not appear to be facing any penalties.  A playoff for playoff deal likely gets Marcel in and Iginla is enough to easily do that.  Sometimes the moves you don't make are the best moves you make.  Keeping Iginla may be the best move Marcel can do, but how can he still get in?
23 1046 (H - 1062, L - 732) Mark
Is in one of the worst shapes with question mark Moulson, non playoffs Benn and Hodgson and only 12 points to work with.  If Moulson gets in GM Mark only needs to move a 25 point Benn or 29 point Hodgson for a 6 player team.  Six player playoff teams are nothing to be proud of, but for a first year GM, least he'd be in to get to taste the NHLP playoffs.  If Moulson is also non playoffs, he must move 54 points from two players just to avoid a penalty.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Kassian will play in huge here.  His low number is needed in some way, so he will be gone.  Mark must set a playoff team or penalty out so he has no choice but to trade. 
24 1043 (L - -40) Matt
GM Matt has risen the Rage from the depths of the dead.  He got off his 4 Flyers, just when the Flyers look like they could actually maybe make the playoffs now.  Don't matter to Matt, he is now on the Wild Wagon, a safer ride.  Cullen, Setoguchi and Bouchard and a 6 point cushion over 5th give Cinci hope.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Would appear penalty free if either Kane or Clarkson get in but Washington and the Islanders are charging very hard.  Likely a little tweak is all that remains here.
25 1007 (L - 362) Mark
Jagr going to the Bruins helps but Stamkos is a killer.  High scoring non playoff players go to the Minors in Waivers.  Don't keep them, don't acquire them.  No team has ever won with their top scorer a non playoff guy and this time of year, when you haven't dropped them to the Minors with a Waiver to build a killer team, no one else wants them and they are extremely hard to move.  GM Mark decided to keep him and now with only 12 points up on 5th to work with odds are looking more likely Stamkos gets eat.  That is a sure way to kill a season and teams with their highest scoring guy being non playoffs don't win NHLP Championships (Ya I repeated it on purpose - so note it and live by it).  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Stamkos is a non playoff and maybe Stepan, Callahan and Zajac could follow.  Getting just 6 playoff players will be work but maybe he already has that many which means a possible trade for Stamkos could now exist, even if not easy to pull off.
26 988 (H - 1229, L - 842) Shawn
Won the right to use the last Waiver of the season and jumped on the NY Islanders Boyes and Nielsen.  YIKES!!!  If the Islanders can come back and get in, this team has a full 7 playoff players.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Maybe a playoff for playoff to keep the heat on the pack in front as he only needs to beat one of them for a spot it would appear.
27 904 (L - 7)  Charlie

(Last CTR said - It is so hard to imagine being this late in the season and not one playoff player.  Three Flyers, Two Stars and a Pred and Coyote.  A coming Waiver too...)


GM Charlie went from that above to Jagr, Fransen, Markov, Horton, Byfuglien, Little and Hagelin.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Seriously?  That is fucking sensational!!!  That is how it is done.  There is a job to complete however, because all that work the NHLP Rangers are still 8 points out of the playoffs with potential penalties facing three teams (Atlantic City, Vin, New Jersey, Mark and NY Islanders, Ryan) above in the Division.  The teams in front can set teams if they are aggressive enough, meaning Charlie's hope likely rests in a huge deal.  Well, with this group that is not too hard to accomplish.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  A huge trade to secure a spot.  Must be concerned with Byfuglien, Little and Hagelin, as two of them must be in or face penalties.

28 851 (H - 1082) Matt
A lot of work will be required to get into the playoffs.  Got great news with Roy traded to Vancouver but non playoff players Giroux and Doan and injured Michalek means work to do.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  May have to go Doan and Michalek, 31 for 2 and eat Giroux (or hope the Flyers flat out shock everyone and make it in the NHL playoffs).
29 827 (H - 831, L - 326) Ryan
Only the Surf (Charlie) are rated lower in Jr's Division, enough though Boston is in second place.  They have 10 points to work with and Booth out for the season.  It is unlikely both Moulson and Henrique miss, but with Parenteau out for sure, if either the Islanders or Devils missed, Ryan will likely penalty out.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Moulson, Parenteau, Henrique and Booth will be the players in play here with the Bruins not really being able to give very many at all and eating one of them just shows weakness on Ryan's part.
30 759 (H - 1193, L - 367) Ryan
The good news is Skinner can be moved.  That bad news is Staal likely won't be near as easy.  The Hurricanes have went from a solid playoff team to one of the worst teams in the NHL.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Keeping a spot and trading Skinner.
31 707 (H - 711, L - 298) Vinnie
Ovechkin is looking more like he will be on a playoff team, then are these Strip.  GM Vinnie is 11 points out, chasing some good teams.  A smaller move prior to the Deadline could give Vinnie a hope of grabbing a playoff spot, but that will likely mean Washington will have to make it in, seemingly a safer bet by the day.  Otherwise Vinnie needs 6 other playoff players, something that won't be easy with Legwand's non playoff 21.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Legwand and Bieska's low is 29 for 2, doable to the minors.  Then Vin still has Ovechkin and Stewart, one will have to make it to avoid a penalty.  After all that, is still 11 out, so likely as is, will need a deal for more points to serious contend for a spot.
32 650 (H - 1248, L - 393) Shawn
There appears little hope of making a playoff team if GM Shawn takes on another non playoff player.  He must move up playoff for playoff before the meeting or is likely gone.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Needs points, meaning assets like Tarasenko, Richards and Seabrook may need to move playoff for playoff ahead of the meeting.  Those players can be had, but St Louis and the Rangers aren't selling playoff tickets just yet either.  They likely are worth the risk for a non playoff player but Shawn needs playoff players.  But hell, if LA can win from the 8th seed, why can't St Louis?  The closer he can get to 4th, he can freeze the other teams from improving and maybe cause a sprint for a spot over the final two weeks.
33 598 (H - 1118, L - 375) Mark
In first place, 25 points up on 5th in Leo's Division, but the worst rated team in the Division and the 4th worst rated team in the entire NHLP.  Does not have a player on a home starting playoff team and although 5 players are rated GM Mark's 3 Devils, or Jet or Cap might miss.  They likely all cannot make it, although possible.  All this and still 42 points from Weber and Legwand that must be moved.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Ottawa must be one of the most aggressive NHLP teams at the deadline and not back down on the bidding for playoff players from the Minors if Mark isn't going to move points prior.  You can't waste 25 points and penalty out.  You must turn them into playoff players, meaning dropping 30 points to the Minors for playoff players if that is what it takes.
34 310 (H - 388, L - 90) Charlie
All 6 teams in the Jr's Division are not only worthy of a playoff spot, but they can't afford to miss at any cost.  GM Charlie went all or nothing on Detroit and it is too late to change now.  He'd have to trade 3 of them to avoid a penalty if they miss, so that won't happen.  Odds are they are in, but with each loss they suffer right now, doubt will seriously set in as St Louis and Edmonton are charging.  If Charlie gets in with Detroit he has other issues, moving Josi at least once or twice and Johansson is rated for the first time all season this rating but will have to remain that way.  After all that, he has to grab one of the top 4 spots and no other team in the Division is going to just lay down and hand that spot over.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  The 3 J's, Johansson, Josi and Josi are 3 players averaging 16 points that will need Charlie's attention without being able to fall in the NHLP Standings.
35 153 (H - 853) Vinnie
Believe it or not GM Vinnie doesn't have the worst team in the NHLP.  Looking at this team we find that really, really fucking hard to believe.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Portland is 41 points back, so how much can they get for Spezza?  His low number has got to mean a shit load of points in a deal, but can Vinnie get 20 for him?  Don't laugh, Spezza might get 7 first round points.  The drawback is even in a bunch of one for one trades this team isn't stocked full of to-die-for-assets outside of Spezza who still has no return date.
36 118 (H - 1183) Scott
If grabbing the bull by the horns didn't work, there comes a time a GM must grab the bull by the tail, to clearly see what's in front of him.  Anyone who isn't confused by this doesn't understand the situation.  NHLP Trading Deadline:  Latching onto the team no one else thinks even stands a remote chance of making it and then, holding on for dear life!

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The CTR "GM Top Performer" Award
Rank GM 3 Year
Total Ave. 2011/12 (3) 2010/11 (2) 2009/10 (4)
1 Charlie 11052 1228 3724 (4th) 2963 (1st) 4365 (7th)
2 Scott 10679 1187 4289 (1st) 2005 (8th)* 4385 (5th)
3 Mike & Ray 10118 1124 3510 (6th) 2235 (5th) 4373 (6th)
4 Andrew 9987 1110 3645 (5th) 1858 (9th) 4484 (4th)
5 Shawn 5317 1063 2382 (11th) 2935 (2nd)^ ---
6 Tyson 9496 1055 4092 (3rd)* 2115 (6th) 3289 (9th)*
7 Joel 9389 1043 2569 (10th) 2817 (3rd) 4003 (8th)
8 Jr 9053 1006 3069 (8th)^ 1029 (10th) 4955 (1st)
9 Ryan 8809 979 3332 (7th) 641 (12th) 4836 (2nd)
10 Matt 8413 935 1268 (12th) 2538 (4th) 4607 (3rd)^
11 Chad 7946 883 2702 (9th) 2102 (7th) 3142 (10th)
12 Marcel 7390 821 4220 (2nd) 790 (11th) 2380 (11th)
*Won Cup
^Top Ranked Team
Total Ave. - Last three NHLP seasons, average CTR per team
Rank - Best performing GM, per team for the past three NHLP seasons

CTR - GM Top Performer of the Year Award
20122/13 - ?
2011/12 - GM Scott
2010/11 - GM Charlie
2009/10 - GM Jr

Prior Years - TBD